HDD Radio #58: Punk, Hardcore, Metal & More

Behold the power of music - punk, hardcore, metal, and more. Hope this helps lift your spirits a little. Do what you can to remain as positive as possible. Keep on fighting for what's right, and forever punch Nazis in the face.


Unknown - ???
Archie Whitewater – Country to the City
Bang – Keep On
Christian Death – Desperate Hell
Beherit – Witchcraft
Possessed – Pentagram
Anti-Cimex – Daughters of Pride
Anti-System – Government Lies
Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death – Final List
Impulse Manslaughter – Crimes
White Pigs – New Life
Corrupted Morals- Mr. Liberty (demo)
Infest – Sick-O
Neurosis – United Sheep
Deviated Instinct – Mechanical Extinction
Joy Division – Decades (live)



Open Call: Zine Writers Needed

Hi Fam,
Have you ever wanted to be an illustrious fanzine writer? Good news: I run a cool mag and I'm looking for people like you.

First of all, big thanks to everyone that contributed to issue no.13 of Soda Killers. Your copies have been mailed out and your PayPal flooded with straight cash homie. If you don't receive anything by 1/11/17 let me know. The issue is out now and can be attained through the link below. Please spread the word by mouth, on social media, or whatever.


And with that, the call for submissions for issue no.14 is now open!

Soda Killers is a punk, rap, and graffiti zine. Although it's not limited to just that. I'm looking for people to share their stories/reviews/musings about (IBNLT) punk, rap, graffiti, music, art, metal, youth, hardcore, wrestling, hoops, film, comics, crime, general mischief, etc.

Here are the descriptions of the last three issues to give you an idea:


I'm going to be at Chicago Zine Fest May 6, 2017, so I'd like to have issue no.14 wrapped up by mid-April.

All contributors will receive modest compensation and a handful of copies. If you have an idea or know of anyone I should reach out to, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email me: thee.n.o.b(at)gmail(dot)com.