One Minute Reviews: Vacation Film Fest

On my recent vacation I watched a whole bunch of movies in a really short period of time.  And because I have an outlet in which to express my shit (aka this website blog) I will now review them very quickly for you, the unsuspecting reader.

The Artist
A silent movie about a silent movie star.  Saw it at the Edina theater.  Almost didn't have to pay.  The ticket both was closed down, instead directing people to the concessions to purchase tickets.  There were lots of folks, so I could have just walked right by.  But I really wanted popcorn, and I figured they would think it's really strange that a dude is just buying P-corn and no movie ticket.  Anyway, it is a really good film, and not at all boring like I was worried that it would be.  Plus the main chick really turned me on.  Someone said it's probably because you couldn't hear her talk.

30 Seconds or Less
I was intrigued by a funny cast that includes that one guy from Parks & Rec, that one guy with the mullet from that one HBO show, that was also in some other movies and is good friends with James Franco, and the guy from Adventure Land and Zombie Land, that was also the main dude in the Social Network.  The latter of which has a corny line in this movie about not having Facebook because he's "off the grid" or something.  It is a fairly stupid flick, but has some good cheap laughs.  Got it from the Redbox, which is basically like losing money if you don't rent something.

Also Redboxed at the same time as 30 Secs.  A intelligent MMA movie about two brothers who have not seen each other in ages because of some old-school family shit that eventually have to fight each other in the main event.  That's not a spoiler; it's pretty much given away from the cover image.  Even if you hate MMA--which you shouldn't, cuz it's the sweetest science ever (besides hoops)--you'll like this movie.  And if you don't, it's because you secretly hate good movies.

Young Adult
The new movie from the former local practitioner of bad fashion, Diablo Cody.  It's like Juno, if she sorta grew up and got a writing gig.  Normally I don't really like C-Ther, but she was pretty good in this movie.  Highly identifiable for numerous people for numerous reasons.  That one kind of fat guy that may or may not be from Minnesota was in it too.  Saw it Southdale, where I did not buy any concessions, but I did indeed have laughs at all the people that would oh-and-ahh whenever a Mpls landmark/landscape came on the screen.  Don't be a shithead that hates 'Blo-co cuz she went for it and got kinda famous and you didn't; go see this movie.

The Art of Getting By
I've been known to say "give me coming-of-age or give me death" from time to time.  Death can fuck itself in the ass for all I care.  Coming-of-age is what you get with this film.  Really enjoyed this Redbox sleeper flick.  Not sleeper like, it's so boring you fall asleep, but sleeper like, nobody probably knows about it unless they go to the Redbox.  Well, I didn't anyway.  Rite-of-passage would also be an accurate description.  Loved the main character--apathetic awkward trouble-maker dude with a nice wool coat.

Win Win
Another heartwarming jam.  Also Redboxed with both the above and below-mentioned discs.  That one dude--the heavier-set, more famous one--from the movie about guys that like wine, that had a cover that was green, and that you can see in the used DVD section all the time now...Sideways, I think(?)...stars in this one.  He's a high school wrestling coach and a father and an overall good guy that makes a poor decision here and there.  One of which is not adopting a troubled young man that is also a really great wrestler.  Nope, that was a good decision, and is the basic premise of the movie.  You'll probably like this unless you hate emotions.  I'm kind of middle-of-the-road myself when in comes to emotions, but I liked this movie.

Fright Night
The remake, not the OG (which I just watched for free on On Demand back in October), starring Anton Yelchin--the kid that played Charlie Bartlett and the kid who gets killed in Alpha Dog and Chekov (sp?) in the Star Trek remake.  The GF thinks it's better than the OG, but I fell asleep on this shit.  I do however remember that Mr. Yelchin has some really nice abs.  Other than that it was just a lot of really loud noise that kept waking me up.

Our Idiot Brother
Redbox FTW, FTW.  Thats fuck the world, for the win, btw.  This is a g to the reat movie, believe me.  It's seriously hindered by it's name.  It should be called Our Brother Ned or Brothers Know Best or something.  And don't be fooled--like I was--that because it has Paul Rudd in it and they only show the one-liners in the previews/adds that it's a comedy.  Well, it is funny, but it's also like, really good.  I don't know maybe I was sentimental cuz of the holidays and shit, but it sort of touched me in a strange way.  Then again it could be the really sweet--literally and figuratively--carmel cheesecake ice cream I was eating while watching it.



Top 5 Songs Under 30 Seconds

The Descendents - "Weinerschnitzel"
An excerpt from The Set List: Top 5 Songs Under 30 Seconds
by Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

In 1981 The Decendents steamrolled punk rock angst and childish humor into a SoCal pinner doobie and hot-boxed it with disenfranchised teenagers everywhere. Perhaps no song in history quickly, yet accurately sums up youthful suburban boredom as well as “Weinershchnitzel” does. The Fat EP—which clocks in roughly as long as it takes to hot-box an actual pinner doobie (four and half minutes...so I'm told) features other short but awesome songs like “My Dad Sucks”’ and “I like Food.” But “Weinerschnitzel” is not only the quickest; it’s the greatest—glorious in its simplicity. “Welcome to Der Weiner Schnitzel. May I take your order please? Yeah, I want two large Cokes, two large fries, chilli-cheese dog, large Dr. Pepper, Super Deluxe with cheese and tomato! You want Bill sperm with that? NO!" Ten seconds later you’re asking yourself three questions: A) Why is everyone yelling? B) Is it over? And C) Wait, did he really just say “Bill sperm?”

See what else made the list after the jump.


Record Review: Nightgaun-Absurdity of Meaning 7"

Nightgaun-Abusurdity of Meaning 7" (Primitive Future)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

There are a number of adjectives that would accurately describe Tempe, AZ’s Nightgaun—noisy, filthy, retching, etc.—but perhaps none more fitting than “raw.” Continuing the chiropteran-themed imagery first displayed on their impressive self-titled 7” debut, the cover art for Absurdity of Meaning— a crude depiction of a bat being stabbed through the sternum with a switchblade—provides a strong indication of the frantic assault within.  ...read full review after the jump.


Record Review: Condominium-Warm Home

Condominium-Warm Home (self-released)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

The title of Twin Cities trio Condominium’s latest is quite misleading. Warm Home is not the record you put on for an evening in front of the fire place with hot chocolate and a novella. This is anything but comforting. Instead, imagine the following scenario: The clock strikes 2AM just as the pot cookie you ate between your first and second 40oz.—that latter of which is now entering the dreaded swill stage—is rapidly taking control of your mind, body, and for all intensive purposes, soul. (Those of you who like to keep your edges straight, can play along too: Take a minute to eat a carrot, slap yourself in the face a few times, do ten pushups; and join the rest of us when you’re good and ready.) You’ve grown tired of worrying about the music being too loud for the neighbors, and quite frankly, in your current state of fucked-upness, you could care less. Plus you’ve been listening to old-school rap for the duration of eighty ounces of malt liquor, and now you’re in the mood for something abrasive. It’s time to rage up in this bitch! Drop the needle on Warm Home. ...read the rest of the review here.


One Minute Reviews: Tragedy-The Story of Queensbridge

One Minute Reviews
By Nathan G. O'Brien exclusively for HotDogDayz

Tragedy-The Story of Queensbridge
Finally got around to watching Tragedy Khadafi's documentary The Story of Queensbridge.  Honestly didn't hear about it 'til way after it was out, and that was still like two years ago that I wrote myself a note to check it.  So it was a long time commin'.  I recommend  any hip-hop head who hasn't seen it, do so immediately.  I could on and on about how insightful it is and all that, but you can YouTube it or Vimeo it or whatevs yourself.  Afterwards, I quickly iTunes'd Capone-n-Noreaga's War Report, which I probably hadn't heard in 13-14 years.  Those Capone-in-prison phone calls are on some real ish.  And the record is straight hip-hop, up and down--banging just as hard today as it did in '97.  Can't argue with the $7.99 price tag either.  Then I decided to Google Map "Queensbridge housing" to see where all these classic cats like Trag, Mobb Deep, CNN, and Nas come from.  The "reviews" are hilarious.  Dimeblock gave it five stars, "liked" it and says, "Dimeblock is the illist!"  Meanwhile, nicole (who doesn't capitalize her name) "dislikes" it with one star, and--representing fans of racism and poor grammar alike--says, and I quote, "There's a lot of blacks I hate it they constantly fights and gonna shots."  It  might surprise you to know she didn't actually use a period at the end of the sentence.  I took the liberty of adding that for her.  OK, enough for now.  You're going to go watch The Story of Queensbridge now, and I'm going to roll one, crack a forty, and listen to "Illegal Life." 

I know; not really a review, but I bet it only took a minute to read.  Let's call it even.


Record Review: Action Bronson & Statik Selektah-Well Done

Action Bronson & Statik Selektah-Well Done (DCide)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

Individually it has already been a busy year for both of these East Coast cats. Well Done marks the third release of 2011 for the culinary chemist-turned-rapper Action Bronson—following the the Bon Appetite…Bitch! mixtape and the impressive Dr. Lecter album—and the fifth for producer/DJ extraordinaire Statik Selektah, who dropped collabo joints with Freeway, Freddie Gibbs, and Freddie Foxxx, as well as an ambitious solo record, Population Control.

Well Done starts off a little suspect, thanks to a very ill-advised and misplaced homophobic slur (by an unidentified hype man) between the first and second verse of “Respect the Mustache.” (Seriously, who cleared that?)  ...continue reading review after the jump.


One Minute Reviews: Action Bronson-Dr. Lecter

One Minute Reviews
By Nathan G. O'Brien exclusively for HotDogDayz

Action Bronson-Dr. Lecter
I must admit I'm late as hell on Action Bronson.  I don't recall exactly the first time I heard about him, but I didn't check it for reals until I read that Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire considers him a contemporary.  Action has since quickly become one of my favorite MCs.  While his cadence is oddly familiar to that of a one Ghostface Killa, skills-wize I would argue that he is actually superior. He moves effortlessly through a variety (albeit a small scope) of subject matter (some of which, just happen to be my favorite things)--pro-wrestling, weed-smoking, sports, the streets, and food.  Hella, hella food.  Dude makes me straight hungry.  I highly recommend Dr. Lecter...unless you're on a diet.  On "Ronnie Coleman" he addresses his obvious (over) eating disorder, "Lock the refrigerator/there's no controlling me/steak and chocolate got their motherfucking hold on me."  And he's got punchlines galore.  Example: "Never mess with the blanco/and that's word to O.J.'s Bronco."  Producer Tommy Mass--who is known mostly for his work with hipster-hoppers Team Facelift--created a backdrop consisting primarily of breakbeat loops.  It's a very 90's New York vibe going on here.  Usually I don't like it when rappers release multiple records in a year but I'm looking forward to seeing how this holds against Bronson's upcoming collabo album with Statik Selektah later this month.  (Ed Note: it drops tomorrow!)


Record Review: Pete Rock & Smif n Wessun-Monumental

Pete Rock & Smif-n-Wessun-Monumental (Duckdown)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

Monumental is, in a larger sense, a tribute to a true craft. Hip-hop has existed in some form or another for nearly forty years now. But the era that true heads speak most fondly of is the mid ‘80s to the mid ‘90s. The Golden Age, if you will, was perhaps the most important time in the development of hip-hop. The ‘80s were about exploration and diversity, and the ‘90s…well, shit just got hard. Sure hip-hop has made strong moves in terms of popularity in the ‘00s and the ‘00-teens, but the focus has shifted from being skill-driven to more personality-driven. So it’s exciting when an album like Monumental comes along that celebrates the original aesthetic of hip-hop laid forth in those early years.  ...Read entire review after the jump.


One Minute Reviews: Black Monolith-Demo EP

One Minute Reviews
By Nathan G. O'Brien exclusively for HotDogDayz

Black Monolith-Demo EP
The tags on Black Monolith's Bandcamp page say "black metal, crust, d-beat, hardcore, California."  Which, aside from California (because there is really no way of telling that by listening to them) and the not capitalizing of the D in D-beat, is exactly how I would have described them.  I mean, they are not black metal in a kill-your-friend-and-wear-a-necklace-made-of-parts-of-his-skull way, nor are they crust in a adopt-a-dog-and-force-him-into-living-a-life-of-train-hopping-and-not-being-fed way, but they are incorporating all of said tagged genres. And it's pretty rad how they shift between them within' a single song.  The first track "Abandon Heart" is raging D-beat hardcore until exactly half-way through, at which point it switches to black metal-esque guitar shredding.  For fans of Wolfbrigade, Tragedy, Skitysystem, etc., as well as blackened crust like Martyrdod or Dodsdomd.  Available for free download.           


One Minute Reviews: DJ Quik-The Book of David

One Minute Reviews
By Nathan G. O'Brien exclusively for HotDogDayz

DJ Quik-The Book of David
This is the umpteenth release by veteran Westcoast MC and producer DJ Quik. Aside from his underwhelming '09 collabo with Kurupt, I am not familiar with anything he's done since his debut Quik is the Name. That was back when I was a Northwoods wigga obsessed with anything coming out of Compton with a Raiders or Kings cap and a large rope chain.  (Arabian Prince, anyone?)  That being said, he sounds pretty much like I remember him.  His production is super slick G-funk, heavy on keys and bass; and his voice still sounds like an eager youngin'.  Detroit rapper Gift turns in nice guest spots on both "Luv of my Life" and "Hydromatic."  Ice Cube shows up on "Boogie Till You Conk Out", which is nice simply because it is Cube and Quik together in 2011.  "Across the Map", featuring Bizzy Bone and one of the reigning kings of guest-spot appearances-Bun B, is far and away the best song on the album.  It has a heavy synth buzz, over which the Trill OG spits, "I'm rollin' with the homie DJ Quik, and if you don't like that you can suck my DJ dick."  At a whopping seventeen songs, David is way too ambitious. You can easily weed it down to six or seven good ones that you would actually put on your iPod.


One Minute Reviews: Quelle Chris-The S.O.N. Demo EP

One Minute Reviews
By Nathan G. O'Brien exclusively for HotDogDayz

Quelle Chris-the S.O.N. Demo EP
Quelle Chris is new-ish MC and producer out of the Motor City.  He dropped this EP free via the Internet last month.  While other QC stuff is pretty hot, the majority of this is mediocre at best.  Both on the mic and behind the boards, this is primitive stuff.  Oftentimes that's a good thing, but here it just comes off like as a lackluster effort.  His flow on this release is sort of like a poor man's version of his fellow D-town MC and frequent collaborator Danny Brown.  That being said, the track "Shitting On Niggas" is one of the illist two and a half minutes I've heard all year.  The low-end buzz is hard as hell, and I can't get the hook out of my head--"Shittin' on niggas, it's the son."  If anything, it is worth the download just for this song alone.  Expect a full-length later this month.


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Record Review: Get Rad-Choose Your Own Adventure 7"

Get Rad-Choose Your Own Adventure 7" (Halo of Flies)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

...Being made of concrete would be kind of be the opposite of rad though, which is weird because rad is kind of exactly what these guys want you to get. I mean it would be cool if you got in a fight or something. Your opponent would have to be made of jackhammer or ten years of bad weather to fuck you up. But if you wanted to cuddle with your sweetie, it would probably be really uncomfortable for them. And as much as fighting rules, cuddling is like, a million times better.  ...read entire review after the jump!


Scene Report: Anthrax and Testament live at First Ave

Anthrax, Testament, and Death Angel live, First Avenue, Mpls, MN, 10/16/11

You know sometimes rock stars can really be little bitches.  Such was the case this past Sunday evening when Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante threw a sound check hissy fit that resulted in a forty minute start delay.  All because his kit was off by a matter of what could only be the smallest unit of measurement ever invented.  Listen up band dudes; the audience doesn't give a flying fuck if shit doesn't sound/feel/look good to you up there on that big, big stage.  It's all about us, the $30+ ticket price-paying audience down here.  And what we want is for it to be loud, fast, and in our face.  Now you might like to tell yourself that the reason you're a stickler for perfection is because you want us to be receiving the best possible product as a customer, but we all know that's total bullshit.  You're being an asshole because you're a "musician" now or whatever and you care about "subtle nuances" and shit.  Well we don't.  We didn't come to see Dream Theater, we came to see some fucking thrash.  But I digress...

Death Angel
Aside from the lead singer Rob Osegueda's lengthy dreads, they were pretty unimpressive.  In fact they kind of sucked.  Which hurts to admit, seeing as how I rocked Frolic Through the Park on the regular back in like, '88.  But then again, not totally surprising, considering the only remaining guys from that lineup are Osegueda and guitarist Rob Cavestany.  The latter of which, I hadn't seen in roughly eighteen years--back when he and Frolic-era bandmates (sans Osegueda) were in a band called The Organization.  Their tour with Muzza Chunka made a stop at the Mirage Nightclub in south Mpls.  So in retrospect, I guess that's kinda cool.

Not only does Chuck Billy have one of the goofiest names in heavy metal, he has a redonkulous habit of playing air guitar on his microphone stand.  And it's not just any old microphone stand.  It's a customized half mic stand that lights up in different colors throughout the set.  I normally get really annoyed by lead singers who play air guitar but that fact that Testament rips so damn hard, kind of cancels out the ridiculousness.  These guys played a long time and it was loud and just perfect.  They did a career-spanning set that included some of their fan favorite stuff from The Ritual and "Do or Die" from their excellent first album The Legacy, as well as some songs from the upcoming record The Dark Roots of Earth.  Which I am now looking forward to with great anticipation.  They almost stole the show.  Almost.

After seeing Anthrax a few years ago on the Spreading the Disease reunion tour, I knew there was no way--should I be in the vicinity--that I was ever going to miss a Joey Belladonna-fronted version of Anthrax again.  So I was psyched, to say the least, to hear the news that Belladonna had once again rejoined with his old bandmates to not only tour, but record an album.  And that album--Worship Music--turned out to be one of the year's best records in any genre, let alone heavy metal.  The same can be said for this tour.  As a live act, Anthrax is one of the year's best to come through.  Aside from Benante's apparent crabbiness, the crew looked to be enjoying themselves just as much as us thrashers in the audience.  Lead axe Rob Caggiano--who produced Worship Music--isn't much for showmanship but he really rips.  He mostly just stands there, wide-legged, with a smug look on his face like, "Yeah, I'm really fucking good, and I'm in Anthrax.  You should probably suck my dick now."  Bassist Frank Bello is quite possibly the most excited man to ever play in a thrash band.  He moves about the stage with ferocity of a guy half his age, all while grinning ear-to-ear.  Belladonna makes full use of the entire stage as well.  He looks to be fully rejuvenated in his return to the band.  On more than one occasion he mentioned being a diehard Vinkings fan.  In typical Minnesota fashion, this news was met a less than desirable reaction.  I mean, we did just lose to the Bears a mear hour before so I'm not sure what he was expecting.  Of course, Scott Ian did his signature bald-guy headbang throughout the entirety of the show.  All the guys wore matching shirts, which was kind of laughable, but whatevs.  They're Anthrax; they can do whatever they want.  And what they wanted to do was thrash our faces off.  A task in which they succeeded.  The ratio of old songs to new was about 60% old, 40% new.  Despite several pleading cries from the audience they did not play "I'm the Man."  Clearly, that shit is too goofy for the Anthrax that exists today.


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Record Review: The Cool Kids-When Fish Ride Bicycles

The Cool Kids-When Fish Ride Bicycles (Green Label Sound)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank*

The funny thing about the Cool Kids is that even though they rely heavily on throwback overtones, sometimes they sound ironically out of date.  Not out of date as in fifteen years, but like, as in two years.  For example, a joint like “GMC”, with its standard CK minimalist approach,  comes off like the soundtrack to a 2009 YouTube jerkin’ video...their most successful attempt at genre-bending happens on “Boomin.’”  The track is ripe with catchy synths reminiscent of early Minneapolis funk pioneers like The Time, Mazarati, Tamara and other Prince-related players. 
...click here for full review.

*Orginally published in The Soda Killers zine, availble worldwide now!
Email andersdinero@yahoo.com or bnb@hotdogdayz.com for more info.


Record Review: Anthrax-Worship Music

Anthrax-Worship Music (Megaforce/Nuclear Blast)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank*

One of the high points of the album is “Judas Priest.”  While it’s unclear if this is actually a tribute to Rob Halford and co., it most certainly is an ode to heavy metal...If while listening to this song you don’t plant one foot forward, bend at the knee until your back leg is straight, then proceed to bang your head and play air-guitar, I will personally come to your house, confiscate your Metal Card, and revoke your club membership on the spot.  ...read full review after the jump.

*Orginally published in The Soda Killers zine, available worldwide now!  Email andersdinero@yahoo.com or bnb@hotdogdayz.com


Scene Report: Swans live at First Avenue

Swans live, First Avenue, Mpls, MN, 9/20/11
I had nearly forgotten Swans were in town until I noticed the dark cloud lingering above Minneapolis. Yeah right. I bought my ticket like, three months ago and I’ve been waiting with baited breath ever since. I don’t follow Michael Gira as closely as I follow say, Nick Cave, but I’m still a pretty big fan. Heck, most people I talked to as I was excitedly bubbling about the show the days preceding it had never even heard of these guys.

I went out for dinner with my crew and we kept cracking jokes about how we should sit in silence and order our food burnt, just to get in the proper mood. One girl even asked us if we were gonna commit suicide during the show or wait until afterwards. Oh how we laughed.

We get to First Ave in time to catch the last couple songs of the opening act, Sir Richard Bishop. I don’t know anything about him, but he was really good at playing his guitar really fast. I was slightly disappointed that the place wasn’t packed, but I do prefer when there’s room to walk around without getting elbowed in the face. We settled on the stage left side of the balcony and waited patiently with our bombers of Heineken.

The show began with a single drone. The band members took the stage one by one, each adding something to the sonic landscape. It was grating, repetitive, and slow as shit. We had heard that there was a 30 minute song on the setlist, I was pretty sure that this was it. Finally, after about 25 minutes, Michael Gira makes his glorious entrance. He took the role of conductor, with his back to the audience, and led the noise for what felt like forever. I was enjoying it, but I was praying that they’d start playing a song soon. I remember scurrying to the bathroom (I’m totally a one beer/one pee sort of drinker) and continually keeping my eye on the stage lest I miss something ACUTALLY HAPPEN.

I don’t really remember the details of the rest of the show. I totally let the percussive, rhythmic, atonal sounds wash over me. I usually wear earplugs at First Ave shows because they are so damn loud, but I didn’t wanna miss out on a single decibel of this one. Gira’s voice is incredibly powerful, yet still so soothing and comforting. His baritone vocals rang out through the room and hung in the air like a thick fog. Either that, or they actually did turn off the ventilation systems, as was rumored, in an attempt to make the audience as hot and uncomfortable as possible.

What I’ll remember forever is what happened after the show. I was hanging around the merch table, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a big white cowboy hat go past. I knew it was him and I got totally star struck. I saw him approach the merch table and start signing autographs and stuff. There weren’t a whole lot of people milling about, so I caught his attention and just shook his hand and said thank you. I was happy. But then, my girlfriend started taking a picture with him and I was like, oh damn, I better get in on this. But I got shy. She came bounding back to me like an excited puppy and was like, “Oh my god, he said he’d come talk to me later, but that he wanted to talk to everybody first.”

I was just as excited as she was. We make our way outside for a cigarette, and then he shows up right behind us again. She’s totally in love by this point. It was pretty hilarious actually. But he was really sweet. Way sweeter than I was expecting, judging by his incredibly dark creative output. I don’t remember what we talked about. I was mostly giggling by how thick my friend was laying it on. I think she totally lost him when she put on her sexy voice and said, “I’ve read all your books.” But he was very patient and totally put up with our drunk asses. I even invited him back to my place. I knew he’d say no, but you can’t blame me for trying. He actually seemed like he kinda wanted to come party with some crazy young girls. Or he’s a very good actor. So we said our good byes and went on our way. I really hope he didn’t notice how we were skipping off singing “We just hung out with Michael Gira! We just hung out with Michael Gira!” like a couple of pubescent Justin Bieber fans.

At the end of the day, it was an incredible show. It was definitely the best time I’ve had at a First Ave show ever. Now I just gotta wait for him to take Angels of Light on a tour again.

I'm  Faster Than My Shadow

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Record Review: The 4onthefloor-4x4

The 4onthefloor-4x4(independent)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

There is a type of rock & roll that is very, well, American—thunderous, hard-driving, electrified rhythm and blues with greasy guitars. Music that evokes a variety of American imagery—an oversized, gas-guzzling pickup truck covered in mud barrels down a gravel road; the driver—sporting a camouflaged hat and a farmer’s tan—rides shotgun with a six pack of beer and an actual shotgun. Or a group of bearded, pot-bellied men on a mid-summer motorcycle run up Route 66—nights spent drinking whiskey and slapping waitresses on the butt in roadhouse bars; mornings at the truck stop, refueling with large plates of biscuits and gravy and pots of black coffee. And my favorite; a couple of heshers working on a rundown car in front of their trailer house—a girl with bad tattoos and Daisy Dukes sits on the steps a few feet away, smoking cigs and hollering out unwarranted advice. You know; hog farmin’, flame-print skull caps, muscle cars, sleeveless tees, choppers, double cheese burgers, leather bikinis, manual transmissions, and suckin’ on chili dogs outside of the Tasty Freeze—the good ‘ole U.S. of A.  ...read entire review after the jump.


Record Review: Iceage-New Brigade

Iceage-New Brigade (What's Your Rupture?)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

Like any self-respecting, ego-inflated music snob, I hate it when a good band gets huge. And these guys are totally capable blowing the F up.

Iceage pits gothic-tinged post-punk against discordant no-wave with angular hardcore attributes tossed in for good measure. (If you didn’t hate me by now, that sentence should do it for ya.) ...read entire review after the jump. 


Scene Report: The Dwarves Live at the Triple Rock Social Club

The Dwarves live, Triple Rock Social Club, Mpls, MN, 8/18/11
When Dwarves lead singer Blag Dahlia told the audience at the 3-Rock tonight that, "Rock legends stand among you" I thought to myself, Okay, so he knows the Dirty Biker and I are here, but who else is he talking about?  No, srsly.  After 25 years of pounding laughable statements like, "the Dwarves are the greatest rock & roll band in the world" into the heads of gunk punkers and sleazebags the world over, Blag Jesus' over-inflated ego might actually be justifiable.  Not just because of his relentless dedication to tall tales, bold statements, and songs about sodomy, but because their latest release, The Dwarves Are Born Again (and I know I've been saying this about a lot of records lately) is one of the better albums to come out this year.  And they are backing that up with a great live show, even in the absence of (for the third time in the TC in a row, I might add) the mysterious axe-wielding luchador known as Hewhocannotbenamed.  Also missing was bass player Nick Oliveri AKA Rex Everything.  He's got a good excuse though; he's too busy having standoffs with police and shit.  The set was a mix of classic jams from albums like Sugar Fix, Thank Heaven For Little Girls and The Dwarves Are Good Looking and a healthy dose of stuff from Born Again.  To my surprise and delight they even played a couple from The Dwarves Come Clean, including "There Better Be Women"--a song in which, Blag The Ripper professes, "I don't party with just anyone.  There better be women."  In the bar after the show we would learn that is not just something he wrote a song about.  He had no interest whatsoever in speaking with the dudes that would approach him, but he worked hard, and I do mean hard, at picking up the chicks...young chicks.  In particular, a quartet of crusty bicycle babes sitting next to the Dirty Biker and I.  Anyway, the show was good but I was kind of hoping for some violence.  Not the kind where anyone gets seriously hurt or anything; but you know, maybe some pushing and shoving, someone gets a bloody nose, someone gets thrown out, some broken glass, etc.  In between conversations with our new friend--an energetic barber shop owner from Lakeville--and trying to navigate the drink-getting pecking order of the bar staff, we had good laughs at the expense of the lead singer of Nashville Pussy.  Let me tell you, that dude is pathetic.  Kind of like his band.  Kind of like the opposite of the Dwarves.  Then we drunkenly stumbled down the block to the Cabooze, where we snuck in for the last song of George Clinton and P-Funk.  My gawd, what a bunch of snoozefest going there.  Pretty much exactly like the opposite of the Dwarves.


Scene Report: Iceage Live at the Triple Rock Social Club

Iceage live, Triple Rock Social Club, Mpls, MN, 8/4/11
Iceage play 'core-tinged gothic post-punk and they doing it really fucking well.  Their debut album, New Brigade is one of the best records of the year so far.  If it's not on your summer playlist, add it like, now, because you will probably hate them next week when they get huge.  And who doesn't get off on playing the I-liked-them-back-when... game?  I love it.       

I'm always amazed that despite being the middle of summer here in the Midwest, there are still an astounding number of  people without at least some semblance of a tan.  Seriously, all it takes is to go outside for like, ten minutes once a week.  Other than that I don't really have any complaints.  Despite it being an 18+ show, judging from the amount of beers being drunk, I would say the majority of the folks in attendance were of the 21+ range.  Several older people as well.  Although going to rock shows and getting drunk is le statut supĂ©rieure of the young, it pleases me to see the old timers come out to play from time to time as well.

During the opening bands, it was easy to tell who Iceage were.  In fact, it's always easy to pick out the European rock dudes in the crowd.  They wear baggy sweatshirts over collared dress shirts, their pants are always too short for their lanky nonathletic build, and they have that swoopy-in-the-front haircut falling across their pasty faces.  Like a cross between Basketball Diaries-era Leo and made-for-TV artist, Miles Mendenhal.  So that's what the band looked like.  They are from Denmark, and you can tell. 

After their first song, "White Rune" which is also the opening track on their record, the lead singer Elias' guitar strap broke.  It appeared to be held on with athletic tape that was no longer working.  We were treated to a lengthy dose of feedback while the band worked feverishly to fix it.  In doing so, a string broke.  They went into the next song anyway, broken strap, string and all.  It was an almost-too-perfect moment, that, if I didn't know any better, I would have thought was planned.  It's the kind of thing "it" bands to that make them, well, "it." 

Initially I was surprised by the lack of the energy put forth by a band everyone from MRR to Vice to even the godawful, Onion is describing as "energetic."  That would change though, as eventually Elias ditched the guitar altogether and the rest of the band seemed to come to life.  The audience up front responded appropriately, as a smallish circle pit formed.  Unfortunately, it was all over too quickly.  Their set lasted all of 27 minutes.  Which is roughly 2 minutes longer than their record.  But it's not like they held anything back--they played pretty much every song they have.  I think everyone would have been happy if they would have just played the set over again as an encore.  In fact, New Brigade is one of the few records I will  listen to back-to-back so it would have been appropriate. 

Overall, Iceage is every bit good live as they are on record.  They very well may be "the next big thing."  And if they are, well...I saw them back when...


HDD reviewed by Randy Spaghetti

A little bit more press for Issue #2 of the zine, thanks to zine junkie Randy Spaghetti.  Check it out here:


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Record Review: Buck Gooter-Devil Worship

Buck Gooter-Devil Worship (Flannel Gurl Records)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

When I think of Devil worship I think of all the scary stuff from my youth. I think of serial killer Richard Ramirez. Also known as “The Night Stalker,” Ramirez is perhaps the most famous Devil worshiper of the era—famous for sporting AC/DC tee shirts, flashing the Devil horns while in handcuffs—a pentagram tattooed on his palm—and quotes like, “I love to kill people.” When I think of Devil worship, I think of King Diamond in Rip Magazine, Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan on the The Geraldo Rivera Show, and finding the remnants of Satanic ritual in the woods behind my house—a candlelit five-pointed star scrawled in ground, the mutilated carcass of a canine, and a forgotten weathered paperback copy of The Necronomicon. Yeah, good old Devil worship and I go way back. ...continue reading review here.


Scene Report: Art In The Streets at MOCA~Part 2: More Flicks

Part One: Bam!

Art In The Streets, Geffen Comtemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles, CA, 7/9/11

Steel reeling from this show.  Been having dizzy spells ever since.  It was a lot to take in at one time.  I lost a bunch of photos (47 to be exact) in the transfer from camera to storage space.  Good stuff too.  Oh well, I'm over it...sorta.  If New York gets their shit together, I'll go over there and check it out again.