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a day late and a dollar short...again

Dear Fellow Minnesota Vikings Fans,

First and foremost, Chin Up!

I plopped down onto the couch after dam near wearing a hole in the floor from pacing back in forth in front of the TV (for the entire game, I might add,) said to the gf "Oh well, it's not life and death. It's just a game." She smiled that kind of smile she does when she knows I'm miserable but attempting to stay admirable in defeat. (Like when I find myself begrudgingly attending one her friend's weddings.)

I continued "Well, what a season; what a season, huh?" She smiled again; that same smile and said "Yes, it has been a lot of fun. And it is just a game. I love that you are able to realize that." Then I cracked another Dos Equis.

Oh, did I mention I was watching the game in my villa in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico?! And it was only my first vacation day of sun, surf and spirits. It made the semi-regularly Vikings NFC Championship loss a bit more bearable.  My Dad says he's been trying to forget about the Vikings for the last 33 years.  At the very least, I was able to forget about it for a week.  

The biggest story in Mexico was (and is) that of futbol star Salvador Cabanas being shot in the head by a (possibly) rabid fan/Mexican mafia man because, in short, presumably "he hasn't scored enough goals lately."

On the plane ride home yesterday I was thinking about the fact that as Vikings fans, apparently we're just not afforded that moment--that one shining moment, if you will--when we drop to our knees, shed a tear and realize that, yes, our team is going to the Superbowl. That moment may elude us, possibly, forever.

When I got home a had an email from my brother telling of his experience, watching the game in Bellingham, WA.

I've come to terms with the loss. Hell, I'm not sure if I could even take getting to the superbowl. Losing the NFC championship just felt comfortable. NOT! I hope Favre comes back to finish the job. I watched the game with my buddy (a MN native) and his 3yr old. After explianing to his son that the Vikings had just lost the NFC championship, my buddy added "Get used to it". To which his son replied, "Oh well". So I'm taking it like a kid this year, Oh well. "Can we play now?" I do feel bad for Favre, dad, and all the true fans (me) though.  Next year...

As us fans, "true" or not, know, the wins and losses of the Vikings are certainly akin to that of an emotional roller coaster. The doubtful Get-used-to-it(s) and optimistic next-year(s) both, are natural defense mechanisms, to protect us from riding said rollercoaster. It's ok to get worked up about it but it's definitely easier if you don't.  After all, what can we, as fans (albeit, cynical fans) do? As my mother says, "It's all up to the players on the field."**  And It's just a game.

At least it's not life and death.

Vikings fan for life, eternally waiting for that one shining moment-BNB

ps-A little bit of advice--next year, if the Vikes are looking good early on, do yourself a favor and book a tropical vaca for during the NFC Championship game.  You just might thank me.

** I like to snarkily add, "...and sometimes the refs." But that's mostly in referecne to basketball and, more specifically, pertaining to large market teams advancing in the play-offs, and even more specifically, pertaining to Kobe Bryant advancing in the play-offs, and even more specific than that, pertaining to David Stern sucking Kobe Bryant's dick. (I wonder, Mr. Stern, does Kobe's pre-cum taste any different from that of, oh say, Michael Jordan?)


Hova? More like NOva.

I must be getting old because I just don't get what the big deal is with Jay-Z anymore.  And that Empire State of Mind song makes me want to puke. 

Dear Jay-Z,
Please go the fuck away now.  And take that manufactured skank Beyonce' with you.  Mmk thx.


i know a place

January Fest III-Night 1, Cognitive Dissonance, False, El-Ahrairah, Mutagen, Thrash Compactor, Terrordactyls, Bedlam Theater, Mpls, MN, 1/15/10.

the up and commers. 

on some next gen ishnit.

up the kidz.

the punx too.


Black Flowers From the Future

Jay Reatard passing away has hit me hard. And I know what you're thinking-"it's not like you knew him"-and of course you're correct; I didn't.  No, it's more about romanticizing lost youth and punk rock and making the most of your life and shit like that.  The last thing I want is to turn someone else's tragedy into being about me.  After all, with the news of his death, 'the blogosphere', as they call it, is already overflowing with "The first time I heard of Jay Reatard..." and "I remember my first encounter with Jay Reatard was..." stories.  But, you know what, I can't help it...

My first memory of Jay Reatard is from the late 90's.  While paging through Maximum Rock-n-Roll or Flipside or some other zine, I came across an ad for Teenage Hate.   It caught my eye because I thought it was strange that they spelled 'retard' with an extra a.  But it wasn't until probably seven years later that I actually heard a Reatards song.  I was instantly blown away.  Ferocious is the word that comes to mind. I've been a Jay fan ever since.

His death comes at a weird time for me.  I had a birthday not all that long ago.  Hence, I've already been doing a lot of thinking-perhaps obsessing-about the aforementioned 'loss of youth' and punk and so on. 

Around Chirstmas, I anonomously gave this punker kid I know an envelope that "fell out of his backpack."  The envelope contained a gift certificate to Extreme Noise and the following note:

Don't ever change, man.  I mean go ahead and grow and learn and progress and all and of that shit but don't ever stop being punk.  And I don't mean stop 'looking' punk.  Fashion is fashion and it speaks nothing as to the person you are.  I mean don't stop 'being' punk.  In your head, in your heart, in your middle finger or wherever it matters most to you; just don't stop being punk.  You're the future of this shit.  And when you're an old punk and you find some kid that is the future of this shit, you grab them and tell them that they are the future of this shit.  Happy Holidays.

A couple days later my Mother gave me a birthday card that asked the following question:

How old would you be if age wasn't a number?

Jay Reatard was 15 when he made his first demo.  He was 29 when he died.


TOTAL BUMMER! R.I.P Jay Reatard.

Seriously! FUCKING A!  Why?

^this one kills me.

teenage hate.

grown up, fucked up.

bedroom disasters.

not fucked enough.


Up The (Older) Kidz

Krang, Party By The Slice, Get Rad, In Defense, The Hexagon, Mpls, MN, 1/9/10

click each pic.  old(er) drunk faces.

dudes were called.  pit was slammed in...again.

pizza tacos.


Best of 2009: Music

On second thought, perhaps Raekwon's Cuban Linx 2 wouldn't be best album this year.  Seeing as how Kylesa put out Static Tensions and all.  And then there is Psyched To Die's Year One compliation.  Shows?  Shit, I saw Murder City Devils reunion four times this year...in four different cities (A bit excessive, to say the least.)  The last of which, was in Mpls and ended with just enough time to make it across downtown to the aforementioned Kylesa.  Which was the second time-this year-I'd hear them live (counting a sound check--heard, standing in the rain, across the street from the Fine Line)...but the first time I'd actually see them.  Speaking of shows on the same night at different venues: Cage and No Age.  No Cage, naturally.  Did it.  Anyway, fuck rankings; lets just do this A to Z...

Records, CDs, downloads, etc.
Bastard Sons of Bukowski/ Bring That Shit-split
Cage-Depart From Me…
Cage-I Hardly Knew You ep
Cave Singers-Welcome Joy
Coke Wolf-One ep
Condominium-Barricade b/w Big Plans 7"
Crocodiles-Summer of Hate
Dear Landlord-Dream Homes
Digital Leather-Warm Brother
Felt-Felt 3: Tribute to Rosie Perez
Jay Reatard-Watch Me Fall
King Khan & BBQ Show-Invisible Girl
Kylesa-Static Tensions
Loose Crew-Content By Volume
Modest Mouse-No One's First, And You're Next
Party Time High Five!/Terrordactyls-split
P.O.S.-Never Better
Psyched To Die-Year One
Raekwon-Only Built For Cuban Linx…Pt. II
Totally Harsh-demo

Shows, concerts, fests, etc.
Amebix-Triple Rock Social Club
Cage-Triple Rock Social Club
Dillinger Four-D4th of July-Triple Rock Social Club
Distortion Days Crust Fest-The Bedlam Theater
Dwarves-Triple Rock Social Club
Fucked Up-Triple Rock Social Club
Kylesa-Triple Rock Social Club, soundcheck Fine Line Music Club
Municiple Waste/Phobia-Triple Rock Social Club
Murder City Devils-The Showbox, Seattle, WA-The Roseland, Porland, OR-w/The Dead Milkmen, Congress Theater, Chicago, IL-First Avenue, Mpls, MN
No Age-501 Club
Skitkids-Triple Rock Social Club

Davis...Not Elvis (link)
Gimmie Noise 7" Review (link)

Old stuff on heavy rotation during '09
Black Flag-'82 Demos
Brother Reade-Rap Music
Butthole Surfers-everything between '84 and '88
Chain of Strength-The One Thing That Still Holds True
Cloak/Dagger-We Are
Cult Ritual-entire discography
Dios Mio-Prey to God 7"
Jay Reatard-Matador Singles '08
N.N.-s/t 7"
Needles-s/t 7"
Skitkids-Besoket Vid Krubban
Sonic Youth-Goo
The Bug-London Zoo
The Jam-Compact Snap
Just Ice-Back to the Old-School
The Replacements-everything between '81-'87
Tragatelo-s/t lp
V/A-Cleanse The Bacteria comp
Wolfpack (Wolfbrigade)-All Day Hell

 '09 Late pass (aka I want.)
Pissed Jeans-King of Jeans
Cloak/Dagger-Lost Art
Needles-Desastre 7"
La Coka Nostra-A Brand You Can Trust


zine two in production

in progress we regress.


class war.

#2 soon.

two copies of #1 left. last chance. make it happen.

Up The Kidz

In Defence, Get RadEclipse Records, St. Paul, MN, 1/9/10

click each pic.  sweaty fun faces

call more dudes.  slam in the pit. 

taco pizza.