Scene Report: Midwest Hell Fest~Day 2

Midwest Hell Fest Wrapup-Day 2
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

(Midwest Hell Fest Wrapup-Day 1 here.)

Despite intermittent sleep, I wake up feeling fairly well rested.  If memory serves correctly, I’m somewhere deep within the confines of enemy territory—Wisconsin.  Sports rivalries aside, I’m happy to be here.  For one, there’s a punk festival happening a couple blocks away, and secondly, there is cold pizza and bread sticks for breakfast within arm’s reach.  Memory of how the food got here and why it's for the most part untouched is somewhat foggy.  ...Continue reading here.



Record Review: Ground Sloth-Demo

Ground Sloth-Demo (self-released)
By Nathan G. O'Brien exclusively for HotDogDayz.

From the colonial landscape of Williamsburg, WA—“the birthplace of the American Dream,” so the tagline goes—hail Ground Sloth. This outfit is comprised of four young gents who found each other while working as DJs for the college radio station at nearby William & Mary. Ground Sloth has only been playing shows around Williamsburg for about three months now, but that has not deterred them from unleashing to the world (via the Internet) this four-song demo of clamorous metal-punk.

The first track, “9-11 Hot Wings”—which gets my vote for Best Song Title of the Year—can best be described as a gloomy romp through the tortured mind of a soldier high on psychotropic drugs. Of course I could be totally wrong about the subject matter because, fact is, the vocals are largely unintelligible. It makes no difference to me though, as actual lyrical content usually matters little, provided it’s not singing the praises of Michelle Bachman or arguing for the recompense of slavery. I can assure you they are neither or anything as equally revolting. It’s probably anti-war or, about getting stoned…or, an anti-war song about getting stoned. Let’s move on, shall we?

Song two—“Right to Self-Destruct” starts off, well, appropriately—“Don’t deny my right to self-destruct!” Lyrically, it doesn’t take long to figure this one out. Whereas the previous song had sludge-stoner-metal affections, reminiscent of High On Fire or Eyehategod, this song is more in the vein of raw noise punk that’s become quite popular of late—like a slightly less chaotic Nerveskade. To anyone familiar with his work ska-crust ragers Diskast or the highly underappreciated Clean Girls, bass player, Josh Makela’s patented high-pitched vocals are easily recognizable on this one. Mid–song there is a nice mosh breakdown that lasts exactly six seconds before effortlessly transitioning into a speed metal spot that is equally as short. Believe me, it’s, like, totally rad. Put your keg cups in the air!

“Drug Haze” shows Ground Sloth flexing their hardcore punk rock chops. Again, the noise elements are present though. It’s like Murder Disco X and Raw Nerve met at a house party, smoked up, and slammed out some tracks in the bathroom or kitchen or some other place that sounds like the inside of a PBR tallboy.

“The Last Unicorn” is appropriately placed at the end of this demo, as it captures all the best moments of the previous three songs in one masterful doom-infected juncture, which may or may not be a tribute the 1982 animated feature of the same name.

Overall, the quality of the recording is what you’d expect of a demo—raw and lacking a few of the fine-tuning adjustments that usually happen once something gets laid to vinyl. I get a boner for demos, so I think it’s perfect. I would love to see this come out on a cassette. However, I think we’ll be lucky if we see any more Ground Sloth output at all. At present, the drummer, Erik plans to move to Seattle at the end of the summer and there is a good chance Josh will be leaving for NYC. So catch them while you can in the next few months—they are booking shows around Williamsburg and Richmond, VA and Washington DC.

If you’re still not sold on Ground Sloth, you no-doubt will be after you hear how Josh explains them—“We just hang out, smoke weed, drink, talk about girls, and occasionally bang out a hardcore breakdown and write a song around it.”

Now if that isn’t living the American Dream, I don’t know what is.

Stream or download here.

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Three Fun But Kind Of Assholish Ways To Spice Up Your Life

A girlfriend of mine Facebooked me the other day, telling me how bored she is with her life.  She said feels like she's in a rut and could really use some help getting out of it.   She asked meconfirmed know-it-all and Internet-advice-giverif I had any suggestions to shake things up a bit.  I'm always up for a challenge!  I told her, "First, get off Facebook, and secondly, try any of the following 'three fun but kind of assholish ways to spice up your life'"...  

Be Staunchly Anti-Something For No Reason Whatsoever
Pick a couple of things, decide not to like them, and then tell everyone. But be very careful not to have any specific reasons for the-not-liking-of said things. The point is not to have a valid argument for why you’re anti—it’s to be anti for no good reason. Also, an important key to being anti is to use The Anti®—that is, actually saying the words “I am anti-(something.)” Like, “I’m anti-Art-A-Whirl.” Save the “I just don’t like Art-A-Whirl” and “I’m not really into Art-A-Whirl” for the follow up to The Anti®. Inevitably you will be asked why you’re anti. Just reply something like, “Eh, no reason. I’m just anti-Art-A-Whirl.” (I’m actually anti-Art-A-Whirl myself. So I can tell you from experience that using The Anti® on someone who is pro-Art-A-Whirl will drive them crazy. Especially when you have no logic for why you’re anti, which is the point I’m trying to make here. I have several friends that have work in Art-A-Whirl, I’m an artist myself, I don’t mind hipsters, and I don’t really have anything against Nordeast*, yet I’m anti-Art-A-Whirl. No reason, I just am.) But be forewarned, when using The Anti® there is a strong chance a casual conversation will take an ugly turn. Be careful not to get caught up in this, lest you make bold statements that you will have no evidence to back up. Be ardent in your anti but be smart—you’re just anti. That is all.

Write Graffiti
I’m not talking about pieces or burners or even throw-ups—that’s for artists. I’m talking something the everyman can do—carelessly scrawled tags. Think of something that would intrigue, confuse and/or make you laugh if you saw it written somewhere that it’s not supposed to be, and then start writing it somewhere it’s not supposed to be. Don’t hit up private property like, cars, small businesses, or where people live and shit—that shits fucked up ya’ll. Do hit up public restrooms, dumpsters, bus shelters, electrical boxes, discarded appliances and mattresses, etc. I have a mini panic attack every time I see “Take Your Secrets to the Grave.” What the fuck is that? You know that chick could probably use therapy. Get a Markal B and exercise your own demons. Instead of writing “Fuck You” or “Eat Shit,” use the wrong vowel like a little kid would do and write “Fack You” or Eat Shat”—the more stupid, humorous and/or nonsensical the better. Some of my favorite tags of the last decade here in the TC are the Krink’d "At Symbol"—“@” and the crudely etched “Lick Nuts.” I mean, how funny is that? Think about that person giggling to themselves every time they write that shit. That could be you.

Consistently Be a Dick to an Undeserving Person 
You should always have at least one person in your life that you can be a dick to on a regular basis. It can be anyone really, and for any reason. Now, just so we are clear; I’m not talking about bullying or making people cry or some bullshit like that— nor am I talking about going out of your way to ruin someone’s life. Keep it simple and light. Find someone you think it would be fun to pull some dick moves on and commit to it. I started my current job amidst a tumultuous time in the company—there were lots of ill feelings and a high turnover rate. The music industry is like women—everyone secretly hates everyone else. So that didn’t help much either. Several people held FNG status against me and therefore would not give me the time of day.  And I’m literally one of the nicest people you could ever have the pleasure of working alongside of. Anyway, eventually people realized I’m a co-workers wet dream and they all came around. But I decided there was one guy that I was going to consistently be a dick to. (Not because he was an exceptional asshole that I couldn’t forgive or anything like that—in fact, I don’t even really recall him being any different than the other guys that wouldn’t talk to me. If I had to pick a reason, I suppose it would be that he still sports a ‘90s alt haircut.) I chose this guy pretty much at random. And the way in which I am a dick to him is simple; I pretend he doesn’t exist. The rules to this dick game are easy: I never recognize his presenceI don’t look at him, and under no circumstances whatsoever, do I ever, ever, EVER speak to him. My favorites are group settings in the break room, where I will talk to everyone but him, never acknowledging his company or his contribution to the discussion. I also have several opportunities to ice him outside of work, as we live in the same neighborhood and ride the same train. On multiple occasions he’s tried to say hello, but not once have I returned as much as a curt nod. You see, I’m not fucking up this guy’s shit—he’s not going to commit suicide or walk into a school and kill a bunch of kids because or anything because I won't say hi to him. But I guarantee he thinks I’m a dick.   


*Ok, maybe I'm a little anti-Nordeast.

Memorial Wknd Metal & Motorcycle Show

TC peeps, if you're in town this Sunday check it out...

Dirty Biker Party
Bad Mountain
Wrath of the Girth
Break in the Storm
plus: djs, bikes, beer, bbq

Sunday, May 29th//Music 1-9pm//Free

Dirty Biker Motorcycle Shop
1117 Washington Ave S (next to Grumpy's)
Mpls, MN

Facebook RSVP

Send your stuff to: bnb@hotdogdayz.com

Hip-Hop in Seattle TONIGHT

Homies in the PNW, check out this show tonight...

EMZ Productionz Presents:
Grayskull (Rhymesayers Ent.) & Continental Soldiers
w/ Fly Moon Royalty

Continental Soldiers album release!

$8 Adv. | 8pm Doors | 21+

The Crocodile
2200 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA

Photo: Rafael O'Brien, Pine St. & Bellevue Ave., Seattle, WA, 5/27/11

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when it cums...

Rock-n-Roll Sex Party still in the works...


I thought we fixed this?

Eugene dropped his homework...

Found, Mpls, MN, 5/13/11



Record Review: Power-Death Haunts

Power-Death Haunts (Twelve Gauge Records)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

Having existed for roughly three years now, Bremerton, WA’s, Power have created somewhat of a rep for themselves in the Pacific Northwest. The aftermath of one particular incident resulted in half the band landing in jail—a demolished automobile left in their wake. And legend has it that Power set a dumpster on fire while Tacoma band, Sojourner, were filming a music video. All malignant actions aside, Power is most known for being the best hardcore act to come out of the area in recent times...  Continue reading here.


Warehouse District+Over North, Mid-Decade

Hammer & Sickle
 North Mpls, MN, Spring '05
Blast,Noise,River, Buik, Spie One, No Dumping
North Mpls, MN, Spring '05
Downtown Mpls, MN, Spring '05

Downtown Mpls, MN, Spring '05


My Baby, My Master

Super happy about getting the gf back. She has returned, thee smartest person I have ever known.

University of St. Thomas, St. Pl, MN, 5/21/11


RIP Randy "Macho Man" Savage

Tonight, when I crush my 1-rep max, I'll be doing if for you Macho. OOOOOOOHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEAH~!

"Randy Poffo, better known as Randy Savage, one of the top pro wrestling stars from the late 70s and a headliner throughout the 80s and 90s as probably the No. 2 star in WWF behind Hulk Hogan of the late 80s, passed away earlier today in an auto accident."

Source: Figure Four Weekly/Wrestling Observer.


Stevens, Mid-Decade

Ensue, 27, Sars, GKAE,bitch

GKAE Toy, Spelt, GKAE

All Pics: Stevens Community, Mpls, MN, Jan-Feb '05


Scene Report: Midwest Hell Fest~Day 1

Midwest Hell Fest Wrapup-Day 1
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

After losing a year of my life behind the wheel, I finally arrive at my destination: Kimberly, Wisconsin. Upon walking into the hotel—and I use this term loosely—lobby, I am happy to find a lovely old lady behind the counter chatting it up with a handful of punks.  Punks I can only assume are in town for the same reason I am—the first annual Midwest Hell Fest...  Continue reading here.


Uptown, Mid-Decade

AKB, Viper, RR, 27

Deuce Seven (27) (Pringles Man)
All pics: Uptown Mpls,MN, Feb '05



Texas, March '05
left-Lubbock, right-Zephyr

Texas, March '05
clockwise from left-Zephyr, Lubbock, Llano, Lubbock


Only Assholes

Found, Mpls, MN, 5/5/11


Kodak Kidd, Casey Jones, and Duece Seven on the BNSF

To someone not interested in rail monikers, It's hard to explain why you feel the need to document every streak you see.  Or why you'd screech to a death defying stop on the Interstate to jump out and flick the train rolling by.  It's like a kid collecting comic books or Pokemon cards or something.  It's history, and if you don't capture it, it's like, "Shit!" A few minutes before I got these, I missed flicking not one but two Conrail Twittys because my camera was still in my bag. By the time I got it out, the train was gone. Bummer.  Anyway...

Nice to see the Kodak Kidd rolling through.  I don't know if it's just me, but it seems to be rare in these parts.  Thus far, Kodak Kidd has been more than generous in our correspondence--taking time to answer my pesky inquires.  When I asked him about this particular one, "Catching a ride with 27 on BNSF," this is what he had to say:

Well, if you're thinking we hopped/rode that train together, we didn't. The story is, I was in a rail yard late one night, probably 12-1 AM, and came upon the car, I remember the one, believe it was a green hopper of some sort. I saw 27's streak on the panel, and being an admirer of his stuff as well, I placed one of my monikers on it, and labeled it ''catching a ride.'' Basically meaning "getting up" on the same car; my moniker will ride along with 27's. "Casey Jones -All Aboard" is me as well. I started that moniker a few years ago. I don't do many of them, so they are somewhat rare. I started it because there are times when I'm streaking for hours and after doing a ton of film rolls etc., it's gets tiring. I wanted something that was different from the usual strokes of the Kodak Kidd, and that was a little quicker to execute. One day I just drew it, without thinking, and liked it. I refined it a little, and Casey Jones was born. There is actually a Casey Jones Flickr page I started, but rarely update. Here is the link for that page.
-The Kodak Kidd

Mpls, MN, April '11


Truck #1065

Found, Mpls, MN, 5/10/11
(click pics to enlarge)


Dear HDD, I Walk The Streets With The Creeps And The Freaks

Hi, it's me again

This one is for good 'ol J-U-S-E-S.  Well, I never was that good at spelling.  I never spelt nuttin' that well.  Shout outs to God, Christ, and teenage queers everywhere.  Treat me like a piece of meat and throw me back out on the street.  I'm a poet and I didn't even know it.  Anybody want a donut?

I do.

The Adolescents' "Kids of the Black Hole"...

Kids in a fast lane living for today.
No rules to abide by and no one to obey.
Sex, drugs and fun is their only thought and care.
Another swig of brew, another overnight affair.

I fuckin' love that song.  I wish I would have had a punk house to crash at when I was a kid.  I'm full of regrets and romanticism about a childhood that never existed.  Two normies in Dockers and tucked in polo shirts just walked by me.  Their conversation went like this...

"What was that song...from their first album?"

"'My Home Town'?"

"Yeah, that's it."

"That isn't a 'their' it's a 'his'...The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.  And it wasn't his first album.  It's from Born In The USA."

Yeah, born in the USA, huh.  Born Too Late.  Born Against.  Born To Lose.  Bourne Identity.  And to the republic for which it stands: one nation under God with plenty of tricks to turn.  Which reminds me... I have to go to work.  I leave you with two more photographs from the desert wasteland.  I call the first one "Coke Bust" and the second one "Cleft Palate." 
Sugar Dunk

Yuma, AZ, 4/21/11

Tolleson Union High School, Tolleson, AZ, 3/18/11
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Joi Jackson

Found Items, Mpls, MN, 5/9/11


Record Review: Beastie Boys-Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

Beastie Boys-Hot Sauce Committee Part Two (Capital Records)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

Long before it became acceptable for rappers to get by over-relying on Auto-Tune, the Beastie Boys were exercising a variety of vocal effects. That tradition continues in several instances on Hot Sauce. On “Tadlock’s Glasses”, when MCA humorously raps, “You’ve got a bagel in your pants and that’s a must/Plus I cuss and grab my nuts/Got a six finger ring that says ‘Excuse Our Dust’” his pack-a-day smokey drawl sounds like it’s been twisted into a pretzel and stuffed in a tin can. In other words, it’s the aural equivalent of huffing a whippet balloon underwater...  see entire review here.


Dear HDD, The Miserable Life Of A Companion Dog

Dear HotDogDayz,
Everyday I ride the bus I see this blind women and her seeing eye dog. Being blind surely sucks, but man, that dog is in hell. He always looks so miserable. She yells at him in front of everybody and he always has to wear that uncomfortable harness thing. He always looks at me with a face that says "Please kill this bitch and take me out to the desert so I can chase ground squirrels." It kills me and pretty much ruins my day every time. A poetic moment happened today as I was listening to Husker Du on my headphones and staring at this poor dog. It was the song "It's Not Funny Anymore" from Metal Circus...

Act like you want to act!
Be what you want to be!
Find out who you really are!
And don't pay any attention to me!

I think I might have to do something.

Also, it bums me out that I never got to see Husker Du.  I was only a child when they were on their final tour.  If I would have gotten to see them it could have totally changed my life, ya know.  Instead I'm left wondering what could have been.  Just like that sad dog on the bus. 

Thanks for letting me vent.  You're always asking for submissions, so here are some unrelated photos I've taken recently.  Well they are somewhat related in that they are depressing.  Mostly because I don't know a damn thing about photography.

AKA Sugar Dunk,  AKA 'Zona Dwella

Yuma, AZ, 5/4/11

Tolleson, AZ, 5/7/11

Dear Mr. Dunk,
I don't think you can call them seeing eye dogs anymore. Pretty sure that's the "oriental" of the guide dog world. Looks like you have photography figured out though, man. Keep doing what you're doing. And send us more stuff!  PS-Bummer about the dog but don't do anything stupid.

Send your stuff to bnb@hotdogdayz.com


RE: I'm So Uncool: More Things I Like...Or, Stuff That Gives Me A Boner-Which Is Kind Of Weird

Welcome to the fourth installment of our ongoing series, I'm So Uncool, where we discuss things we like that we're not supposed to, things we're supposed to like but don't, things we're not sure if were supposed to like but do anyway, and...well, you're not dumb, you get it.  Catch up here: Part 1, 2 and 3.  Anyone can play along.  In fact, we are officially issuing a challenge:  Send your list to RE: I'm So Uncool at thee.n.o.b@gmail.com and we'll post it here. 

Take it away, BNB...

                                                           Skinhead Style
For the purposes of this article Skinhead Style also includes that of Hard Mod, Smart Skin, Rude Boy, Suedehead and a handful of others that—unless you so badly craved inclusion in a subculture that you would go to great lengths to be identified as such by the intricate sartorial details of what is essentially a uniform—you could not possibly give a shit about. When it comes to punk rock, I prefer the extremities of d-beat/crust/thrash/skate-core etc. to the goofy “workin’ man” sing-alongs of today’s Street Punk. I mean, I certainly enjoy some of it—mostly stuff from the ‘70s and ‘80s; back when it was called “Oi!” (Nothing gets me over the mid-week hump more than playing Cock Sparrer’s Shock Troops or the ’81 comp A Country Fit For Heroes on the bike ride home from work.*) But for the most part skinhead rock is not really my thing. When it comes to fashion though, I have mad admiration for skinhead style. Aside from tucking in their tee shirts and short sleeves (Mormon door-knocker, anyone?) and bleached tie-dye jeans, skinheads have style dialed—Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, flight jackets, slim Levis, suspenders/braces, Doc Martens, Harrington jackets, v-neck sweaters, scally caps, the occasional fish-tail parka, etc. I get a boner for a sharp dressed man. Did I just say that? Well, then I may as well go ahead with this one…

Dykes Dykish Lesbians Dykish Lesbians and/or Tomboys
Having a hard time putting this one into words, so fuck it, I’m just going to C&P an IM convo I had with a friend about it…

5:16 PM BNB
I’m trying to write about why I’m attracted to dykes

5:16 PM Friend
you are?
I am not attracted to them, they kind of freak me out.

5:17 PM BNB
well, not total dykes
just dykish
dykish lesbians
like still cute

5:17 PM Friend
give me an example

5:17 PM BNB

5:18 PM Friend

5:18 PM BNB
ugh, hard to explain
now i think i have to change the heading
not mustache dykes

5:18 PM Friend
There was this person at the library conference I went to last Fri that I thought was a guy but it was a girl

5:18 PM BNB
yeah, no thanks
i like to know they are girls
and that they are not trying to be men
but if they are lesbians that’s ok
do you know what i mean?
short hair, running shoes, a little muscular but not too defined

5:20 PM Friend
I never knew you had a thing for that

5:22 PM BNB
i do
kind of like that girl that was on ANTM several "cycles" ago
but not like whatsername in that movie
you know the one

5:25 PM Friend

5:26 PM BNB
hilary swank?

5:26 PM Friend
Boys Don't Dry I think was the name of it

5:27 PM BNB
yeah, she's gross. I think she actually is a man.

5:27 PM Friend
yes, she does have a lot of masculine tendencies
I'm kind of pissed that she's won 2 Oscars

5:28 PM BNB
I would rather have sex with RuPual...when he dresses like a man.

5:28 PM Friend
He's been on Watch What Happens Live as a man a couple of times

5:29 PM BNB
that show is kind of gay
maybe i should just c&p this for my piece?

5:29 PM Friend
That would be boring

So, ah, yeah, sorry about that.  Let's continue, shall we...

Hippie Music Festivals
If you’re a young person (or an older person who’s not self-conscious about hanging out with young people) who likes drugs and easy hookups, there is perhaps no better place to indulge in both than a hippie music festival. Of course you’ll have to lower your standards a bit because we’re talking about dirty, mind-altered, camping sex here. Guys, you’re looking for the barefoot girl with a scab on her chin from taking an opium-induced digger the night before. Girls, the guy you would never talk to IRL—the one with the stinky beard and white guy dreads; he’s all yours. Once you’re at it, don’t get distracted trying to figure out which one of you it is that’s stinking up the tent. Neither of you have been able to properly wipe your ass since the honey buckets ran out of TP on Friday night. It’s both of you…and it doesn’t matter. All that matters is the mushrooms and E that brought you to this point. So feel the rhythm of the all-night bongo jam going on outside these nylon walls and just go with it… Sorry, think I had flashback right there. What I’m trying to say is this: If you set your ears to tune-out-this-gawd-awful-music mode and don’t mind being eye-raped by corduroy patch pants for a weekend, a hippie music festival can be really fun.

‘80s Glam Metal
Also known as Hair Metal, Cock Rock, Butt Rock, Sleaze Rock, Sleaze Metal, Swashbuckling Pirate Metal, and One Naked Chick Sucks Your Dick While You Shoot H Or Sniff Blow And Two Other Naked Chicks Dance In Front Of You Metal. If you’ve ever heard me DJ a party (AKA sat on my couch, drunk and stoned at 3AM, forced against your will to listen to my records) you’ve no doubt been subjected to my unique mix of crust punk, reggae and ‘80s GLAM METAL. Whether it’s my friend Cheeseman asking me why I dropped a bill on the Motley Crue/Poison/New York Dolls stadium tour, Doomgoblin wondering why I would risk ruining an otherwise stellar mixtape by putting Smashed Gladys on it, or my mother perplexed by the plethora of pin-ups on my bedroom wall featuring teased-hair lead singers who stuff their spandex’d crotch with tube socks and tennis balls, I give them the same answer: It’s because I love Rock & Roll and everything that it stands for—crashing expensive sports cars, trading venereal diseases with strippers, and drinking Jack straight from the bottle.  Bonermania!


*You know I just throw shit in here like this because I can’t get over how awesome I am, right?