Record Review: Criaturas-Aranas en el Corazon

Criaturas-Aranas en el Corazon (Lengua Armada Discos)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

Austin, TX—wich recently shed its longstanding slogan “The Live Music Capital of the World” in favor of the less desirable “The Place Where Ben Weasel Punched That Chick”—is home to a relatively new five piece hardcore band called Criaturas.  As is usually the case with incestuous genres such as punk, Criaturas shares its members with other bands...  Continue reading here.



It's been over a year since the first issue of HotDogDayz came out. We did release two little teasers slash offspring last year--Restore the Power and If You Stink At Getting Ladies, Call Me (both out of print)--but now the mothership has landed once again.So without further adieu... 

Finally HDD has come back to...  Ahhh, yeah, uhm, well we're not that good at speeches, so like, here's the HDD zine, part deux...

Cover-to-cover HotDogDayz #2 is 32 pages of art, photography, collage, found items, and more--bullet belts, Crass font, graffiti, James Franco, vomit, etc. Gritty black & white with a full-color centerfold. HDD is a non-profit venture. The sales from each issue are donated to a charitable cause. If you'd like to purchase a copy, you can do so by clicking on the Paypal link below or emailing thee.n.o.b@gmail.com or bnb@hotdogdayz.com. Include a name and an address. Suggested donation is $5 ppd. However, any amount under/over $5 is greatly appreciated.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. Update: Next issue due Summer '11We mean it, man!


Record Store Day Wrap -Up (Late Slip)

Loren G and I braved the masses of commerce last Saturday for Record Store Day.  At Extreme Noise we inhaled complimentary veggie dogs and crammed into the back room to see short loud sets by Frozen Teens and the always awesome Condominium.  Live at the crack of noon!  Then we went over to Fifth Element where we stood in line with all the white kids from the burbs.  I'm pretty sure we looked like dads.  Having hit the two of the four major food groups--punk rock and hip-hop--and fulfilling our duty as retailers, we called it quits. 

Aberrant/Unholy Grave-split7"
Against Empire/Holokaust-Threat To Existence-split 7"
Atmosphere-The Family Sign-CD
Blueprint-Adventures in Counter Culture-CD
Death Wish Kids-There's Nothing In School…-7"
Lord Green-Last Demo Ever-Cassette Tape
Maximum RockNRoll Magazine-#336 May 2011
Opt//Out-Demo 2010-Cassette Tape
Party Fowl-s/t-7" 45
Poliskitzo-s/t-Cassette Tape
Rayos X-Sufrimiento-Cassette Tape
Semi.Official-The Anti-Album-LP
Tear It Up-Taking You Down With Me-CD
Vacuum-Demo-Cassette Tape

CONDOMINIUM, Extreme Noise, Mpls, MN, 4/16/11


Record Review: Victims-A Dissident

VICTIMS-A Dissident (Deathwish Inc., Tank Crimes, La Familia) 
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

You know how after your favorite bands have been around for a while they eventually make that back-to-our-roots kind of record that reminds you of the fire they once had?  Well this is one of the records that happen before that one.  Existing well past the decade mark, Stockholm,  Sweden’s Victims have been called many things—punk, hardcore, thrash,  d-beat, crust, metal, and…well, you get the picture.  With the release of their fifth full-length album, A Dissident, one could make an argument for the addition of another genre to the list: Pop.

As anyone who has had the pleasure of witnessing Victims play live can tell you, they bring an aural onslaught capable of transforming any dance floor into a whirlwind of flailing bodies and flung beer...  Continue reading here.