Radio Update

Mic check (tap, tap) is this thing on? I can't imagine anybody still checks out a blogger site in the year 2023 but in case you do... 

Those of you that were subscribed to the HotDogDayz Radio feed may have noticed it's dead as of today (07/01/2023). That was intentional. I kept the feed available for a couple years after closing the HDD Radio show so that people could dig into the archives, as well as be alerted when new one-off radio shows were posted. I never asked listeners for donations or to subscribe to a Patreon or anything like that. The funds to pay for the hosting service came from zine sales and/or out of my own pocket. I was very fortunate to be able to keep it going for as long as I did. And even more fortunate that there were so many people that listened to it. However, financially, it doesn't make sense to keep the feed afloat any longer so I decided to end it. 

Unfortunately this means that all 144 episodes of HotDogDayz Radio, the podcast I did with Robert Newsome Relatin' Dudes To Jazz, and various one-offs are now unavailable.  I may investigate moving them to Internet Archive at some point, but for now they only live on my hard drive. I hope you were able to download the stuff you wanted. If there's something that you wish you had saved, let me know and I'll get it to you. I really appreciate anyone that took the time to listen, and especially those of you that would reach out to me and/or support me through the purchase of zines, tapes, merch, etc. It means
the world.

I'm toying with the idea of starting up another radio program but will only be able to use outlets that don't require RSS feeds or paid hosting; something that I can upload to directly. Going forward I'll be posting non-podcastable one-off shows and/or mixtapes to my SoundCloud and Mixcloud. I'm hoping to have new semi-regular programing soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime I'll be uploading some old mixtapes just for the heck of it (the first three are up now). 

Jah Bless!

Nathan G


Metal Tapes OUT NOW~!

A hair metal fanzine for everyone... 

Soda Killers Magazine Omnibus, Vol.2: METAL TAPES 

A collection of every hair metal cassette review from the first 30 issues of Soda Killers Magazine. A few thrash and hard rock tape reviews as well. Gently cleaned up and edited to improve the overall flow as a collected works. In addition there are some previously published show reviews and one brand new piece exclusive to this zine: the author's hair metal journal 

Heavy metal discovery, sexual exploration, denim 'n' leather dirtbags, Aqua Net & eyeliner, small town heshers, and more