Soda Killers Magazine #21 OUT NOW~!

Featuring an essay on punk rock in times of uncertainty, a profile of Death By Media Man’s Hank Pattison, a survey of life-changing jazz records, a Cannibal Corpse and Harm’s Way live report, haiku record reviews of Japanese punk, The Noodle Report pt.2, punk, metal, and rap record & tape reviews, poems, collage art, high school lyceums, secret at-work sex, conversation stealers, ‘80s karate-synth movies, learning about levees from Led Zeppelin, and more. 

With contributions from Scott Bryan, Michael Francis, Andy LaBar, Wells Tipley, Robert Newsome, and Nathan G. O’Brien. 

 40 pages, half-size, cut 'n' paste, photocopied in full-color. Comes w/extra goodies.



HDD Radio #99: Hardcore, Hip-Hop, and More

Back to cap off the year with some beats rhymes life and loud fast rules to please your ears. Check it out! Oh, and if you want a voicemail played on the upcoming 100th episode, leave one here: 612-440-7773.

Golden Smog – Pecan Pie
Murder City Devils – 364 Days
Sonic Youth – White Kross
Agnostic Front – Fuck All Authority
Agression – Intense Energy
Boston Strangler – If I Was You
Concealed Blade – The Cruiser
Omegas – Pandemonium Man
La Misma – Moradia
Diat – Schadenfreude
Haram – The Prophet
Eel – Always Never
Public Enemy - Kevorkian
Denmark Vessey – Halal Avacodo Toast
Awon & Phoniks – Time Continuum (cuts by DJ Fellbaum)
On Tilt – Vrse on Tilt
On Tilt – Mess on Tilt (feat DJ Recspin)
On Tilt – Keeps Paging Me
Stetsasonic – Talkin’ All That Jazz
Poor Righteous Teachers – Rock Dis Funky Joint
Special Interest – Young, Gifted, Black, in Leather
Stigmatism – Ego Maniac
Convenience – Adult Contemporary
Warthog – Death’s Hand
Cankro – Minha Cabeca Em Um Poco



Best of 2018

Best of 2018 (A to Z)

Acid Attack - Self-Titled LP (Radio Raheem) (reissue)
Against - Self-Titled LP (Radio Raheem) (reissue)
Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz - Mona Lisa (Mello Music Group)
Awon & Phoniks - The Actual Proof (Don't Sleep)
Blood Pressure - Surrounded LP (Beach Impediment)
C.H.E.W. - Feeding Frenzy LP (Iron Lung)
Cankro - Self-Titled 7" (Nada Nada Discos)
Chain Cult - Demo 2018 (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Punk)
Convenience - Stop Pretending 7" (Iron Lung)
Crimeapple & Big Ghost - Aguardiente (Daupe)
Da Buze Bruvaz - Niggativity (Grilchy Party)
Daniel Son & Futurewave - Pressure Cooker (Self-Released)
Dare - Self-Titled 7" (Reaper)
Daudyflin – Dauþiflin 7" (Iron Lung)
DJ Muggs & Roc Marciano - Kaos (Soul Assassins)
Evidence - Weather or Not (Rhymesayers Ent)
Geld - Perfect Texture LP (Iron Lung)
Geld - Soft Power 7" (Iron Lung)
Healer / Dank Goblins - split 7" (Warthog Speak)
Hellbent - Self-Titled LP (Radio Raheem) (reissue)
Hirs Collective - Friends.Lovers.Favorites LP (Get Better)
Khrysis & Elzhi - Jericho Jackson (Jamla)
Medacium - Decimating Titans CS (Redefining Darkness)
O.C. & PF Cuttin - Opium (PF Cuttin Music)
On Tilt - Drink Floyd CS (Megakut)
Onyx Collective - Lower East Suite Part Three LP (Big Dada)
Padkarosda - Visszatero Remalom LP (Bat Cave Productions)
Physique - Punk Life is Shit LP (Iron Lung)
Preening - Greastra Frisbee 7" (Ever/Never)
Primal Rite - Dirge of Escapism LP (Revelation)
Roht - Iðnsamfélagið Og Framtíð Þess LP (Iron Lung)
Special Interest - Spiraling 12" EP (Raw Sugar)
Stigmatism - Self-Titled 7" (Beach Impediment)
Summers Sons - Undertones EP (Melting Pot Music)
Tony Molina - Kill the Lights (Slumberland)
Violation Wound / Cliterati -split LP (Tank Crimes)
Warthog - Self-Titled 7" (Toxic State)


HDD Radio #98: '80s Rap Vinyl and One Spazz Song

Remember how on the last episode I started it off with a hip-hop joint and then played nothing but hard//fast//loud? Let's run it back, flip it, and reverse it...

Spazz - Zodiak
West Street Mob – Breakdancin’ Electric Boogie
Fat Boys – Yes, Yes, Y’all
UTFO – Bite It
Boogie Boys – Run It
Steady B – Get Physical
Skinny Boys – We’re Awesome
Davy D – Get Busy (feat DJ Hurricane)
Dana Dane – Delancey Street
Toddy Tee – I Need a Rolex
Low Profile – Think You Can Hang?
King Tee – Ko Rock Stuff
K9 Posse – It Gets No Deeper
Cool C – Watch Your Back (feat Mentally Gifted)
Special Ed – Ya Wish Ya Could
Twin Hype – Nothin’ Could Save Ya