HDD Radio #4: Art Crawl

This episode is a weird one.  We headed down to the St. Paul Spring Art Crawl and rounded up a handful of artists to sit down and chat about their respective crafts.  Well, at least that was the idea.  Instead what happened is; we all drank a bunch of ‘90s nostalgia beers like Killian’s Red and Rolling Rock and the conversation turned to questionable dating advice, classic rock, and briefly, RuPaul.  We were only able to salvage some of the audio (which is probably for the best) but on the upside, it was a great excuse to play a bunch of arty shit. 

DJ Dicksuck - Arrrt
Black Face - I Want To Kill You
Condominium - Why Be Something You’re Not?
Condominium - I Don’t Hate Any Of You
Raw Nerve - Dating Problems
Raw Nerve - Ill of the Dead
Raw Nerve - Nervous Habits
Sonic Youth - In the Kingdom #19
Black Humor - Kill Them
Migraine - Blood
Migraine - Black Bile
Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death - No Hope Here
Butthole Surfers - Pittsburgh to Lebanon
Pissed Jeans - Spent
Free Kitten - John Stark’s Blues
DNA - Not Moving
Crass - Nineteen Eighty Bore
The Dead Milkmen - You’ll Dance To Anything
Beastie Boys - Cooky Puss

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The Soda Killers issue #2 OUT NOW~!

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HDD Radio #3: Raaaaap

Back again for the very third time, it's HotDogDayz Radio~!  This time around a mysterious man with a soothing NPR-esque drawl takes over the airwaves in the very late/early hours of the evening/morning, after imbibing some beverages, to spin what turns out to be an all hip-hop show.  Sets include: Early '80s rap, '11 rap (x2), and some new rap from the last 4 months.
Super Lover Cee & Cassanova Rud - Girls I Got 'Em Locked
Fat Boys - Stick 'Em
The Treacherous Three - The Body Rock
Intelligent Hoodlum - The Super Kids (live at Hip Hop USA)
Action Bronson & Statik Selektah - Stick Up
Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun - Fire
Evidence - It Wasn't Me
The Away Team - Bad News (feat King Mez & Blue Raspberry)
Quelle Chris - Shittin' on Niggas
Black & Brown - Zap
Random Axe - The Hex
KRS-One - All Day
Gangrene - Flame Thrower
Big K.R.I.T. - 1986
Action Bronson - Ron Simmons.

A new issue of our mostly music zine, The Soda Killers is out today!  Ask us how you can get your well-manicured little hands on one.

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HDD Radio #2: Dirty Biker

In 5, 4, 3, 2 (1)...Aaaaaad we're back! Wow, was that ever quick. In this episode we sit down with longtime friend and co-conspirator Jason, on location at his upstart motorcycle shop in downtown Minneapolis called Dirty Biker. We try to be serious for like, a second before things go off script. The script we didn't have, that is. We do our best to make it work for you, but in the end we just end up telling inside jokes and snickering at our ridiculous selves. We also played a bunch of jams, coming from all over the place. Sets include: movie soundtrack rap from the late '80s and early '90s, gunk punk, metal, and some random stuff thrown in.

Hookers (pre-Murder City Devils) - Broken Glass
GG Allin & The Murder Junkies - Be My Fuckin' Whore
Dwarves - Is There Anybody Out There?
Compton's Most Wanted - Growin' Up in the Hood
UGK - Pocket Full of Stones
Ice T - Colors
Speedealer - Drink Me Dead
Bad Wizard - Hurricane
Zeke - Arkansas Man
High on Fire -  Bloody Knuckles
Vallenfyre - Ravenous Whore
Gravediggaz - Nowhere to Run
Cloak & Dagger - New Year's Resolution
Ministry - Thieves
Psychadelic Furs - Sister Europe.

Check out www.DirtyBikerMpls.com for all your motorcycle needs.

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HDD Radio #1

I casually mentioned this was coming in the comment section a week or so back, and, well, surprise!: here it is...

If there is one thing the Internet is in dire need of these days, it is another podcast. Well who are we to ignore the demands of the Internet?! And so it begins...the first ever episode of HotDogDayz Radio~! Expect some nervous chatter, a visit from The Soda Killers issue #2 cover girl, and a whole bunch of tuneage. Sets include: '80s punk-ish stuff, '77 punk, early '00s white boy rap beef, '90s rap, and demo cassettes of newer hardcore bands.
Sex Pistols - Bodies
Omega Tribe - ???
Christian Death - Spiritual Cramp
Joy Division - These Days (live)
Dead Boys - Caught With the Meat in Your Mouth
The Jam - In The City
The Stranglers - Ugly
Smut Peddlers - Smut Council
Cage - Suicidal Failure
High & Mighty - Artillery
Masta Ace - Acknowledge
Masta Ace - Slaughtahouse
Big L - Danger Zone
Company Flow - Definitive
Cold Lake - Boat Shoes
Hunting Party - Red Summer
No Power - Changing Grips.

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The Soda Killers #2 nearly finished

We're mid-assembly line on this shit, and as usual, it's going slower than you think it will when you map all this stuff out in your head. I tell you, there is a lot of work that goes into DIY zine-making on nearly every level. When it's done, all you can hope is that it is to your liking...and to those who are generous enough to purchase and/or trade for it. TSK #2 will be finished and available for both, come Wednesday! Holla if you wanna get into it.  Alright, now back to work. Anders, grab me a soda!


Scene Report: Record Store Day Wrapup

Record Store Day has come and gone once again. This afternoon I made my way over to Extreme Noise for the second year in row. Saw great live sets by Daylight Robbers from Chicago and thee best band in the TC right now, Condominium. Also, snagged six slabs of wax of my want list and a couple zines, AND somehow managed to resist the temptation to ingest a double veggie dog...I was close to caving in to the pressure though.  Decided to end on a high note and not go to any other places afterwards...other than to get dollar pastor tacos at La Taquiera Hacienda.  I won't tell you how many I had but let's just say, I spent five bucks.

Loot List: 
Black Humor-Love God, Love One Another-LP
Migraine-Four Humors-7"
Raw Nerve-Midnight-7"
V/A-Maximum RockNRoll presents Noise Ordinance-LP
Maximum RockNRoll #348 May-'12-zine
More Noise #8/Torturamierda #6-split zine


The Soda Killer Stomp Baby, Let's Go!

Well this fucker should be wrapped up by the end of the weekend. We would like to thank everyone that put in a pre-order. Anders is especially happy because that saved him a little cash, since he's  the one paying for all the printing photocopying.  If everything goes according plan, they will be in the mail on Monday.  As well, everyone else can snag them then too.  We'll post up all deets, don't you worry.  In the meantime, here is a pinup to put on your bedroom wall or inside your school locker, right between the A$AP Rocky cutouts and Blake Griffin posters...    


One Minute Reviews: The Sensitive Side-Demo

One Minute Reviews
By Nathan G. O'Brien exclusively for HotDogDayz

The Sensitive Side-Demo CD-R (self-released, 2011)
The Sensitive Side play snottified garage punk with a touch of ye olden ‘60s style Brit Invasion tossed in. Imagine The Reatards if they were mentored by Billy Childish and only allowed to listen to new wave records once a month. I’m thinking leather jackets, black hair, and bright colored—probably striped—tee shirts. The keyboards—while ear-piercing and amateurish—remind me a little of the Murder City Devils. With subject matter like friendless lost summers and reading on the toilet, it’s probably safe to assume these guys are teenagers. If not, then their adults capitalizing on the opportunity to act like teenagers that punk rock so graciously affords us. Being that this is a demo, it has an under-produced quality to it, which is actually quite enduring and is complimentary to the overall feel. With repeated plays, this has really grown on me, which is something I didn’t initially expect. I believe these are exactly the same songs on the Moon Kids 7” that came recently out on Vinyl Dog. I imagine rock-n-roll fans would be happy with either. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these guys getting signed to In The Red, Goner, or, like, HoZac or something. Yeah, definitely HoZac.


Record Review: Digital Leather-Modern Problems

Digital Leather-Modern Problems (FDH)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

On one hand, Modern Problems is an oddly appealing record, loosely rooted in ‘80s-esque new wave and goth. Amass with catchy hooks and trappings of what was once long ago referred to as “college rock,” it comfortably holds a place alongside the familiarity of Hughes’ movie soundtracks, Joy Division, and even the lo-fidelity alt-punk of early R.E.M.  Without knowing what the intention behind Modern Problems is, it makes it is difficult to perceive it in an easily understandable way. But then again, that’s precisely the type of thing that makes good art. ...Read entire review after jumping off the bridge.