HDD Radio #74: New Zine, '90s Punk, New Hip-Hop, and More

We just released issue no.17 of Soda Killers Magazine. It's fresh. Go to hotdogdayz.bigcartel.com to get yourself a copy.

No Age – Impossible Bouquet
L7 – Nonexistent Patricia
Trash Talk – Birth Plague Die
Can – Doko E, part 1
Irreversible Entanglements – Enough
Apollo Brown & Planet Asia – Deep in the Casket
Gensu Dean & Wise Intelligent – Damn
DJ Format & Abdominal – Dirt
Insight & Damu – You Couldn’t See Me
Foul Mouth Jerk & Gus Cutty – Fuck That Noise
Starvin B – Who Am I
Sean Price – Negus (feat MF Doom & Ike Eyez)
Sean Price – Rap Professor
My Bloody Valentine – Touched
My Bloody Valentine – Loomer
Nine Inch Nails – Eraser
No Use For A Name – It Won’t Happen Again
Pennywise – Kodiak
The Offspring – Demons




Soda Killers Magazine #17 OUT NOW~!

Featuring Chicago duo Bad Mechanics, dungeon synth artist Erang, pro-wrestling photographer Wayne McCarty, '93 'Til Infinity: a survey '90s pop culture, WrestleMania III, comic books, NBA basketball cards, record stores of yesteryear, action and horror films, punk & hardcore 7''s, rap and metal cassette tapes, noise CD-Rs, non-fiction, poetry, and more.

With contributions from Luke Sick, Brando Hargen, Robert Newsome, Sal Petersen, and Nathan G. O'Brien.

40 pages, half-size, cut 'n' paste, photocopied in black & white w/some color. 



HDD Radio #73: Nathan's Back, Noise CD-Rs, Punk, Hardcore, Post-Punk, and More

Hey Y'all! I'm back.

Check it out, I spin some noise, punk, hardcore, post-punk, EDM, and more. I also brag a little about some things that I'm either good at or mostly good at. Then I thank some people.



The Corn/Monkey Genetic Splice – Frog
The End it Biteth Like an Adder – Lottery Ticket
Clell Miller’s Corpse – No Witnesses
Evil Hippee – Wizardrum Circles
Young Slaya – Funky Fresh Dope
Fried Egg – Side by Side
Daudyflin – Turblettir
Rakta – Rodeados Pela Beleza
Upside – Nati Per Soffrire
Os Replicantes – Surfista Calhorda
Non Band – Duncan Dancing
Cabaret Voltaire – Walls of Kyoto (live)
Juares – Hindernis Und Folge
Keita Sano – Leave the Floor
DMarc Cantu – No Control
Evil Hippee – Satanic Dub




HDD Radio #72: Luke Sick's "Reinvent the Word Explode" Mix

What'up headz?!

Guest selector Luke Sick takes command of the HDD Enterprise this time around, spinning a selection of rare NYC hip-hop tracks. Luke is the emcee in rap groups Sacred Hoop, Grand Invincible, and Grand Killa Con. In addition he runs the small-batch record and tape label Megakut Records, and publishes the inimitable Bay Area rap zine Let's Side. He's @megakutrecords on Instagram.

Behold Luke Sick's HDD Radio exclusive mix: Reinvent the World Explode... 


Brand Nubian – Live Stage Banter
Nas - Mobb Deep Freestyle
G-Dane – Coolest of the Cool
Beatnuts – Sandwiches (Original Version)
Roc Marciano – The Prophecy
Grand Puba – Lickshot
Footprints – Pelan
Foul Godz – New Life
Lord Ishawn & the Bronx Outlaws – The Kid's Got It Goin’ On
Reef Hustle – You'll See
Karim Jamal – Pelon Rising
Style Skillz – Fake Cats
Crime Lords – Tons of Paper
Crime Lords – Criminal Thoughts
Norfside Heroes – Hang Wit Us
Widow Prizum – Danger
Brain Dead – A Soldier's Story


Twitter / Instagram


HDD Radio #71: Guest Host Nathan Paoletta, Chicago Stuff, Spooky Stuff, and More

Happy Halloween you costumed creeps!

Nathan Paoletta is our guest host for this extra spooky edition of HotDogDayz Radio. Nathan lives in Chicago, where he designs cool, unique tabletop role-playing games. He's also the co-host of Two Hundred A Day, a podcast dedicated entirely to the The Rockford Files. It's great. Check out NDP Design at ndpdesign.com. You can listen to Two Hundred A Day on iTunes and wherever else podcasts are available. He's @ndpaoletta on Twitter.

Nathan spins eclectic sets of hip-hop, industrial, goth, and more; most tainted with creepy crawly Autumn eeriness. Check it out!


Nnamdi Ogbannaya – iVyTRA
Jean Deaux – Birthday Suit, part. 2
Mick Jenkins – Healer (feat Jean Deaux)
Noname – Casket Pretty
Fisherspooner – Emerge
Ego Likness – Burn Witch Burn
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Kooler Than Jesus
Jenny Hval – Female Vampire
Dawnbringer – One-Eyed Sister
Rosy Finch – Hyde Formula
The Mountain Goats – Werewolf Gimmick
Bauhaus – Rose Garden Funeral of Sores
The Decemberists – Shankill Butchers
Freestyle Fellowship – When the Sun Took a Day Off and the Moon Stood Still


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HDD Radio #70: Guest Host Jim Gies, Japanese Punk, Chicago Punk, and More

What's up freaks?!?!

Is it already time for another episode of the best radio show on the internet? Yes, yes it is.

This time we turn things over to Jim Gies. Jim lives in Chicago, where he plays in bands Boilerman and Rash (among others), writes for Bandcamp Daily, and runs the label and distro Hip Kid Records. He's @jim_gies on Twitter. Hip Kid Records can be found at http://hipkidrecords.blogspot.com/

Jim has just returned from Japan, and he brought along some records the he picked up on his trip. In addition he spins some records from his homeland, and an assortment of odds 'n' ends. Check it out!


Teengenerate - Right Now
Nightmare - Sense of Worth
The Stalin - カタログ (GO GO LP, 2nd Song, Side A)
Ging Nang Boyz - あいどんわなだい (2009 12" EP, Side A)
Sawpit - Standards
Thin Lizzy - Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)
C.H.E.W. - Still Stuck
Bhopal Stiffs - One Track Head
Jesus Lizard - Mouthbreather
The Bug - Oh, Brother!
Intifada - FLA
Articles of Faith - Buy This War
The Arrivals - Frontline
Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man
Post Teens - Got a Problem
Nurse - The Anchor
Merkit - Paycheck Mercenary
Kriegshog - Love Blood
Paintbox - Cry of the Sheeps
Fleetwood Mac - The Chain


Twitter & Instagram: @OMG_NOB


Open Call: Zine Writers

Hey Friends!
Extra big thanks to everyone that helped out with issue no.16 of Soda Killers. It can be attained through the link below. Please spread the word by mouth, on social media, or whatever.


And as one chapter closes a new one opens: The call for submissions for issue no.17 is now open!

I'm looking for people to share their stories/reviews/musings about punk, rap, graffiti, music, art, metal, youth, hardcore, wrestling, hoops, film, comics, crime, general mischief, etc. If you've been keeping up with recent issues, you know we've really broadened our horizons and trying to fit all that into the previous four sentences would be doing it an injustice. Basically, I'm open to most types of ideas.

Here are the descriptions of some older issues to give you an idea:

Issue no.15
Issue no.14
Issue no.13
Issue no.12
Issue no.11

All contributors will receive modest compensation and a handful of copies. If you have an idea or know of anyone I should reach out to, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email me: thee.n.o.b(at)gmail(dot)com. Soft deadline is 12/01/17.



HDD Radio #69: Guest Host My Little Brother, All-Seattle Summer Wrapup

What's up Jabronis?!?!

Finally HotDogDayz Radio has come BACK... to Seattle... or something.  The show continues on without me, as I'm still knee deep in real life and will likely be for a while yet. So I called upon my little brother to help out for this episode. With summer coming to it's official end, RO'B takes to the airwaves to spin some sets inspired by the various block parties he attended in Seattle over the past few months.

 It's a fun show. Check it out!

Don't Talk to the Cops - Murderburger (feat OC Notes & Rachel Ratner)
Tha Fabulous Downey Brothers – The Bottom
Tha Fabulous Downey Brothers – My Career (Live)
Mudhoney – Touch Me I'm Sick (remastered)
DoNormaal – Adja (prod Brakebill)
Dude York – Paralyzed
La Luz – Call Me in the Day
La Luz – Dump Face
YourYoungBody – Scabbed Over
So Pitted – Get Out of My Room
So Pitted – Chop Down That Tree
Sturgill Simpson - In Bloom


@OMG_NOB / @omg_nob


Soda Killers Magazine #16 OUT NOW~!

Featuring the seedy underbelly of multi-plex movie theaters, the mental compromise of selling out, '90s emo reclamation, White Wolf Games and the World of Darkness, Paul Baloff's reincarnation as an alcoholic gym teacher, ghetto livin', rap and metal cassette tapes, noise CD-Rs, collage, psychedelic art, and more.

With contributions from Sal Petersen, Rory Creedon-Carey, Carl Alessi, Brando Hargen, Muscle Palace Eric, SJC, Michael Francis, Food Fortunata, and Nathan G. O'Brien.

40 pages, half-size, cut 'n' paste, photocopied in black & white w/some color.


HDD Radio #68: Guest Host Brando Hargen, Powerviolence, Hip-Hop, Metal, Oddities, and More

What's up creeps?!

Yo, so I'm like, sooo busy right now that I desperately needed some people to take over the show for a bit. I'll be back eventually, but for the next few episodes we'll have some guest sound selectas steering the ship. There's some very cool shit lined up, trust me. And with that...

Brando Hargen steps in with some unique sets of far-out sounds that will both pique and torture your eardrums - fastcore, grind, powerviolence, metal, hip-hop, electro, and, ah, other stuff.

Brando is a Pacific Northwest-dwelling anti-socialite by way of Long Beach, CA. He specializes in loud noises and humor pertaining to sweaty muscle men. Send your hot dog-related questions to him on Twitter @xenodistortion.

7,000 Dying Rats – Altar of Goat Skulls
Society of Friends – Damage III
R.A.M.B.O. – Jobstoppers
No Le$$ – Ruff and Tumble
The Koreatown Oddity – Transmission Blast (feat J-Swift & DJ Yugi)
Kompound – Flies
Paradise – Clepto (feat BigBear)
Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans – Tsugaru Jongara Bushi (Shin Bushi)
The Seatbelts – Time To Know ~ Be Waltz
Jaga Jazzist – Animal Chin
Estradasphere – Smuggled Mutation
Keelhaul – Everything's a Napkin
Cocksure – Razor Invader
Plack Blague – Boyz Club
Miss Violetta Beauregarde – Sesso Illustrato Per Silvestrin
Lycanthrophy – The Morning After
Failed Species – Questions
Intensive Care – Scopophilia


@OMG_NOB / @omg_nob



I really wanted to have this picture of Kim Gordon and Sun-Ra on a shirt. But making just one shirt is no fun, so I decided maybe a couple other people might want one too.

So here's a new T-shirt. Screen-printed. Basic Gildan - 100% cotton, medium weight, tear-away tag. 

It costs $10. Cheap, right?

Sizes: S-XL (If you need a different size contact thee.n.o.b@gmail.com.)

Starts shipping late September 2017. International shipping may fluctuate.


UPDATE: Pre-order is closed, but I have a few extras each of size. GET ONE HERE.


HDD Radio #67: Robert Newsome of Atomic Elbow Fanzine, Killer Hardcore, and More

For only the fourth time ever, and the first time in probably three or four years we have a guest on the show! We have a discussion with Robert Newsome of The Atomic Elbow Professional Wrestling Fanzine. We talk about wrestling and fanzines and wrestling fanzines and music and, really, a whole bunch of other stuff. Then Robert spins some of his current favorite hardcore records. A fun show! Check out theatomicelbow.bigcartel.com.

Limp Wrist – Façade
Freedom – Anti-Poison
Unified Right – Power Struggle
Misled Youth – Your Life
Line of Sight – No Need
Corrective Measure – Right Direction
Blistered – The Poison of Self-Confinement
Drug Control – Because of You
Arms Race – Empty Creed
Violence to Fade – Insult to Injury
Fury –Death Yellows Life and Reason
Pure Disgust  – White Silence
Coke Bust – Fuck Bar Culture
Limp Wrist – Wrap Yourselves in Me



HDD Radio #66: Audio Ephemera, Hair Metal, New Punk/HC, and More

Hey! Episodes no.66! That's only 600 away from episode no.666! Worth celebrating, don't you think? Sit back and enjoy some '80s movie snippets, glam metal cassettes, new punk & hardcore records, and more. Thanks for listening!

Alice Cooper – I Am the Future
Alex Gibson – Punk Parade
Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood
Blondie - Telephone
Bang Tango – Someone Like You
Black ‘N Blue – One For the Money
Smashed Gladys – Lick it into Shape
Tora Tora – Guilty
Twisted Sister – Out of the Streets
Una Bestia Incontrolable – Estic Buit Per Dins
Mutual Jerk – He’s Harmless
Sarcasm – Drainpipe
Sievehead – Set the Tone In
Anxiety – Lizard Lads Under a Rock
Impalers – Technology
Krimewatch – Peach Generation



Seeking Submissions: Open Call for Zine Writers

Hey Pals,
First of all, big thanks to everyone that helped out with issue no.15 of Soda Killers. The issue is out now and can be attained through the link below. Please spread the word by mouth, on social media, or whatever.


And with that, the call for submissions for issue no.16 is now open!

Soda Killers is a punk, rap, and graffiti zine. Although it's not limited to just that. I'm looking for people to share their stories/reviews/musings about punk, rap, graffiti, music, art, metal, youth, hardcore, wrestling, hoops, film, comics, crime, general mischief, etc.

Here are the descriptions of some older issues to give you an idea:


To keep up with the quarterly schedule, turnaround is going to have to be quick on this one. I'm going to be tabling at Twin Cities Zine Fest on Saturday, September 30, 2017, so I'd like to have all submissions for issue no.16 in by September 8, 2017. That means it's go time!

All contributors will receive modest compensation and a handful of copies. If you have an idea or know of anyone I should reach out to, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email me: thee.n.o.b(at)gmail(dot)com.



HDD Radio #65: Rap Demos, HC Demos, and More

Soda Killers Magazine no.15 is out now. Check out www.hotdogdayz.bigcartel.com.


John Coltrane – Acknowledgement (live) (excerpt)
Q-Tip – Native Tongue (ATCQ demo)
John Coltrane – Acknowledgement (live) (excerpt)
De La Soul – Sho Nuff (demo)
Pete Rock – Rather Unique (AZ instrumental)
Natural Elements – Do Your Thing (demo)
Jeru the Damaja – God of Rhyming (demo)
Tabla Beat Science – Ap Ket Baras (live ’02)
Los Nativos – Tierra (feat Mario Morales)
Massive Attack – Everywhen
Sly & Robbie – Bad Girls Dub (Black Uhuru instrumental)
Los Nativos – Elements (Dubplate Lookout)
Sonic Youth – Making the Nature Scene
DNA – ???
Venom P. Stinger – Precious
Negative Approach – Excavate (live ’83)
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers – Frustration II
Gutter Knife – Take Back
Full Contact – Still Here
Clear Focus – Not Like You
Fence Cutter – Recoil



Soda Killers Magazine #15 OUT NOW~!

Featuring mall memories, rap and metal cassette tapes, noise CD-Rs, old comic books, emo reclamation, travel journals, and more.

With contributions from Michael Francis, Jim Gies, SJC, Dan Nelson, Peter Faecke, and Nathan G. O'Brien.

40 pages, half-size, cut 'n' paste, photocopied in black & white.


HDD Radio #64

Whoa, has one month of summer already gone by? That's total bullshit, am I right? Well, here to ease the pain is another episode of HotDogDayz Radio. A little all-over-the-place, but that's to be expected now isn't it? OK, enough with the questions. Just check it out!

Tracklist and links below...

Mother Love Bone – Man of Golden Words
Claw Hammer – Sundown
AC/DC – Let Me Put My Love into You
Side By Side – You’re Only Young Once
Side By Side – Living a Lie
Spazz  - Death Rivals of Shaolin
The Pist – Destroy Society
Big Drill Car – Mag Wheels
Down By Law – Straw
Meat Puppets – Eyeball
Helmet – Street Cab
Official Spill- Level 15 (DJ Eons One Remix)
L’Roneous – The World According to Gurp (DJ Eons One Remix)
Tricky – Tear My Eyes Out
Bloody Monk Consortium – Red Tags
DJ Eons One – Eggnog Benz Instrumental (Grand Killa Con)
Ice Cube – Who’s the Mack?
Kool Keith – Mack Trucks
Fat Joe – Still Real




HDD Radio #63: Hey, We're Back!

Yo, we're back on the air! Two months since our last show, we've taken care of the technical difficulties that took us out of the game for a min. So let's all celebrate with some radical music you can most def bug out to.

Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim – Kalaari Suite (Jazzman)
DJ Sotofett – Version
Last Waltz – Tunnel Snakes (Red Axex & Naduve Remix)
General Ludd – C
Xinobi & Lazarusman – See Me
Edith Massey – Punks, Get Off the Grass
DJ Spanish Fly – A.B.C.D.E.F.G. (Don’t Fuck With Me)
DJ Zirk – 2 Thick
DJ Paul – Sweet Robbery
Lady Bee – Junts We Choke (feat Skinny Pimp & Lil Gun)
Buckshot – Ridin’ Steamer (Born 2 Lose) (feat Criminal Manne & Primo)


Twitter: @OMG_NOB Instagram: @omg_nob


Open Call: Zine Writers Wanted

Hey Pals,
First of all, big thanks to everyone that helped out with issue no.14 of Soda Killers. Your copies have been mailed out and your PayPal flooded with straight cash homie. If you don't receive anything by 5/12/17 let me know. The issue is out now and can be attained through the link below. Please spread the word by mouth, on social media, or whatever.


And with that, the call for submissions for issue no.15 is now open!

Soda Killers is a punk, rap, and graffiti zine. Although it's not limited to just that. I'm looking for people to share their stories/reviews/musings about (IBNLT) punk, rap, graffiti, music, art, metal, youth, hardcore, wrestling, hoops, film, comics, crime, general mischief, etc.

Here are the descriptions of some older issues to give you an idea:


To keep up with the quarterly schedule, turnaround is going to have to be quick on this one. I'm planning to table at the Extreme Noise Flea Market June 17, 2017, so I'd like to have issue no.15 wrapped up by June 10, 2017. That means it's go time!

All contributors will receive modest compensation and a handful of copies. If you have an idea or know of anyone I should reach out to, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email me: thee.n.o.b(at)gmail(dot)com.



Soda Killers Magazine #14 OUT NOW~!

Featuring Chicago black metal hard art bike punks Cracked Vessel, '60s/'70s Cali radicals Pamoja Vencermos, graffiti flicks, Nike sneakers, Olympic lifting, Diana Taurasi vs Lindsay Whalen, NBA tough guys, Sassy Magazine, record & tape reviews, and more. 

With contributions from Luke Sick, Sam Reiss, Muscle Palace Eric, Robert Newsome, Risu Belochka, Knight Harsher Joseph, and Nathan G. O'Brien. 

40 pages, half size, cut 'n' paste, photocopied in black & white. Every order comes with extra stuff. International shipping rates may fluctuate.


New Mixtape, HDD Swag OUT NOW~!

Hey Y'all,
HDD Mix, no.7 (pictured above) will be available at Chicago Zine Fest 2017. 90 mins of sounds to soothe, confuse, and fuck up your ears, dubbed from vinyl and cassette. J-card unfolds to pinup of clip art sniped from '80s sci-fi & fantasy zines. Any left after the fest will go up on hotdogdayz.bigcartel.com.

In case you missed it, I got all this other stuff to get rid of too...

HDD Mix, no.6. Originally sold at Milwaukee Zine Fest 2016. 90 mins of deep cuts dubbed from fairly obscure '80s and '90s rap tapes. PayPal $5 to thee.n.o.b (at) gmail.

HDD Mix, no.5. Originally sold at Twin Cities Zine Fest 2016. 90 mins of jams from across the spectrum, dubbed from selections from my vinyl library. PayPal $5 to thee.n.o.b (at) gmail. (Check out some of my other mixtapes here.)

Here's some newish buttons. They usually get randomly tossed in with any orders from the store. If you want a certain one, please specify...

And here's some mini-zines, which also get tossed in randomly. Again, if you want something specific, let me know...


Record Review: S.H.I.T. - i 7"

S.H.I.T. - i 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Punk, 2017)
By Nathan G. O'Brien for Scene Point Blank

After making some waves around ye olden DIY hardcore scene circa 2014, these Toronto-ians took a little hiatus from recorded output (sans a couple live tapes). But now they’re back to kick of 2017 with this quick, four-song ripper. The titles of which all start with the letter I – “Insidiation”, "Incorporation”, “Information”, and “Individuation.”

The aura of leather jacket-clad arrogance that I’ve always appreciated is still intact, but they’ve evolved a bit. I mean, inasmuch as punk will allow while still being, you know, punk. They’ve integrated longer instrumental parts and scaled back on the snot-infused vocalization in favor of a smidgeon of decipherability. On the subject of the vocals, they’re kind of buried in the mix, giving off that demo tape vibe that this particular reviewer is quite fond of. Musicality-wise, it’s still that buzzing, noisy crux that we go gaga for but with a little wiggle room for each player to flex their chops.

While I’m of the belief that punk is best served via shorter releases, I’d really like to see where these guys will take things if they ever decide to go the seven-to-10 song 12” route. If the small flourishes of arty improvisation here are any indication, it would be what we in the business call, “killer.”

Originally posted here.


Record Review: Odio Absoluto LP

Rata Negra - Oido Absoluto LP (La Vida Es En Mus Discos Punk, 2017)
By Nathan G. O'Brien for Scene Point Blank

This is some killer punk out of Madrid, Spain on that throwback tip. If you had told me this was some recently excavated ‘80s gem getting the reissue treatment I’d have no reason not to believe you. Even the band photo used on the cover—which itself looks like it was clipped from an old photocopied zine kicking around your dad’s attic—looks like three loonies making the scene in ’82 or something.

Alluring, moody melodies float atop post-punk-informed instrumentation. A lot of stuff like has gained traction of over the last five years or so, and for good reason. The vocalist is the glue that ties this trio together. Her delivery isn’t abrasive, rather tuneful, but in a way that is still undeniably punk. This reminds a little of that that La Misma record from a couple years back (also on La Vida, go figure), albeit less aggressive.

There’s a handful of quick, to-the-point numbers here, but the longer songs—those that surpass the 2:00 minute mark—where they allow themselves some wiggle room, are the standouts. See “Por No Estar Sola” and “Viviremos Eternamente” for example. The latter of which makes me think of the Nic Cage movie Valley Girl, but for reasons that aren’t quite clear.

Originally posted here.


HDD Radio #62: Weekendz Mixtape

I'm back to close out the month of March with a new mix of hand-clappin', body-rockin', disco-breakin', post-punk'n, reggae dub'n jammers. Hardcore weekenders report for duty!

Check out the store at hotdogdayz.bigcartel.com to pick up one my fancy new T-shirts and some zines.

If you're going to be in Seattle next week for What We Like Fest, holler at me.

Twitter & Instagram are both @OMG_NOB. Email is thee.n.o.b(at)gmail(dot)com.


T.S. Monk – Bon Bon Vie
Steve Arrington – Nobody Can Be You
Brother to Brother – Chance With You
Status IV – You Aint Really Down
Will To Power – Dreamin’
Unknown Artist – You’re Being Recorded
Grauzone – Eisbar
Dojoji – Quincunx
Kazino – Binary
Foot & Mouth – I Want My Mommy
Bim Sherman – Lovers Leap
Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Psychedelic Reggae
Nakt – Acid Sleng



Circle That A-HDD T-Shirt AVAILABLE NOW~!

I have a disorder that makes me point fun at the things I believe in and care deeply about. Sometimes that disorder manifests itself in the form of convoluted art. Sometimes that art makes its way onto a sticker or a button that I give away for free. Other times that art makes its way onto a tote bag or a tee shirt that I try to trick people into buying from me. It's dumb fun.

Here's a T-shirt. It's your basic Gildan - 100% cotton, medium weight, tear-away tag. Sizes: S-XL.

It costs $10. You can handle that right?



HDD Radio #61: Punk, Psych, Grind, Noise, and More

Here's a new episode of HotDogDayz Radio. I spin all the rad tunes you've come to expect and even answer some reader mail. Check it out! And if you feel like it, tell your friends.


Azna de L’Ader – Zalouma
Hibushibire – Trepanation Breakdown
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers – Furious Party
Priests – JJ
Pissed Jeans – I’m a Man
Priests – No Big Bang
Codek – Tim Toum
DJ Python - Cuidado
The Odes – Love is Like a Violence
Pissed Jeans – Activia
Deny The Cross – Gutter Kiss
Deny The Cross – Teens in the Graveyard
Garabato – Unknown (live 2/26/14)
Social Drift – Unknown
Morte Lenta – Live at Pajucara Anti-Fest 2013 (full set)
Social Drift – Unknown
Uroshitma – Unknown
Porkos Leprosos – Ciclo Comsumista / Divino Trapaceou
Social Drift – Unknown Porraloka – (Drugs)
Garabato – Unknown (live 2/26/14)
Social Drift – Unknown



HDD Radio #60: Psychedelia, Hip-Hop, and More

Good morning! It's an unusually early edition of HotDogDayz Radio this time around. Of course that doesn't matter to you because you can listen to this anytime you want. This show is comprised of two hefty sets: '70s psychedelia and hip-hop. Sprinkles of other stuff in there too. Hope you enjoy it. As always, anything you can do to help spread the word is appreciated. Find me on Twitter and Instagram at @omg_nob. Email me at thee.n.o.b(at)gmail. Buy zines at hotdogdayz.bigcartel.com. Thanks!

The Grodeck Whipperjenny – Inside or Outside
The Grodeck Whipperjenny – Evidence For the Existence of the Unconscious
Paternoster – The Pope is Wrong
Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family – Trouble Maker
German Oak – Raid Over Doesseldorf
Jakki The Motamouth – Underground Address
Afu-Ra – The Body of the Life Force
Afu-Ra – D&D Soundclash (feat Coco Brovaz)
Jakki The Motamouth – Radiofriendly
Jakki The Motamouth – Positive Rap
O.G. Style – Playing it Cool
MC Pooh – Sex, Money & Murder
Above The Law – Freedom of Speech



HDD Radio #59: Punk, Hardcore, Rap, Demos, and More

Oh look at that, a brand new episode of everybody's favorite professionally recorded old-timey radio show. There's some funky numbers, some jazzy numbers, some West African psychedelic numbers, some weirdo numbers, some punky numbers, some hip-hop numbers, and a number of other numbers. It's very, very professional. And old-timey. Check out the radio show that no less than three WFMU jocks have cited as inspiration. And that's no lie... not that I'd brag about such a thing.


Brand New Heavies – People Get Ready (remix)
Jazz Crusaders – Impressions
Azna de L’Ader – Samedi Soir
Nosebleed – My Rules
Zsa Zsa Sapien – Madame Kollantai
Mutada Pintado – Red Zone
Run the Jewels – Legend Has It
Discourse – Zoo (feat Raven)
Horror City – Big Time Rush (demo)
King Sun – Mr. Policeman (demo)
Mr. Live & Tony Bones – Hold Me Back (feat Prince Po) (demo)
Discourse – Hey Mang (feat Flu)
Rabid Minds – Don’t Worry
Dryland – Mosslord
Bib – Piece of Mind
Blank Spell – Nervous Language
Blank Spell – Dance



HDD Radio #58: Punk, Hardcore, Metal & More

Behold the power of music - punk, hardcore, metal, and more. Hope this helps lift your spirits a little. Do what you can to remain as positive as possible. Keep on fighting for what's right, and forever punch Nazis in the face.


Unknown - ???
Archie Whitewater – Country to the City
Bang – Keep On
Christian Death – Desperate Hell
Beherit – Witchcraft
Possessed – Pentagram
Anti-Cimex – Daughters of Pride
Anti-System – Government Lies
Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death – Final List
Impulse Manslaughter – Crimes
White Pigs – New Life
Corrupted Morals- Mr. Liberty (demo)
Infest – Sick-O
Neurosis – United Sheep
Deviated Instinct – Mechanical Extinction
Joy Division – Decades (live)



Open Call: Zine Writers Needed

Hi Fam,
Have you ever wanted to be an illustrious fanzine writer? Good news: I run a cool mag and I'm looking for people like you.

First of all, big thanks to everyone that contributed to issue no.13 of Soda Killers. Your copies have been mailed out and your PayPal flooded with straight cash homie. If you don't receive anything by 1/11/17 let me know. The issue is out now and can be attained through the link below. Please spread the word by mouth, on social media, or whatever.


And with that, the call for submissions for issue no.14 is now open!

Soda Killers is a punk, rap, and graffiti zine. Although it's not limited to just that. I'm looking for people to share their stories/reviews/musings about (IBNLT) punk, rap, graffiti, music, art, metal, youth, hardcore, wrestling, hoops, film, comics, crime, general mischief, etc.

Here are the descriptions of the last three issues to give you an idea:


I'm going to be at Chicago Zine Fest May 6, 2017, so I'd like to have issue no.14 wrapped up by mid-April.

All contributors will receive modest compensation and a handful of copies. If you have an idea or know of anyone I should reach out to, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email me: thee.n.o.b(at)gmail(dot)com.



HDD Radio #57: 2016 Punk & Hardcore, '90s Chicago Thrash Demos, Minneapolis Favorites, Etc.

Happy New Year. Here's a new episode of HotDogDayz Radio. Pick up a copy of my new zine Soda Killers Magazine no.13 here.


The B-52’s – Butterbean
Tad – Crane’s Café
Seaweed – Sit in Glass
Les Savy Fav – Blackouts on Thursday
Pandemix – Conceptual Fuck
Denim & Leather – Passioned Fruit
Unruly Boys – Unruly Stomp/Red with Rage
Whipping Post – Pull the Cord
Xylitol – Shit Buffet
Sick Head – Human Host
Race Car – I.S.S. is for Me
Leather Jacuzzi – Don’t Touch Me (I’m a Punk)
The Acrylics – He Wants a Baby
Holder’s Scar – Runt
Fried Egg – Eggshells
Arise – Turned to Stone
Enchanter – Progressive Entrapment
Funeral Nation – Visions of Hypocrisy
Stygian – Hope Not War
The Replacements – Kids Don’t Follow
Soul Asylum – Sometime to Return
Husker Du – Hate Paper Doll
Husker Du – Ice Cold Ice
Soul Asylum – Cartoon
The Replacements – Color Me Impressed



Soda Killers Magazine #13 OUT NOW~!

Featuring Minneapolis punk band Fucking, Appalachian black metal act Twilight Fauna, '90s Chicago thrash demo tapes, ageing out of youth culture, hamburgers, graffiti slaps, and more.

With contributions from Jim Gies, Michael Francis, Shaun Dean, and Nathan G. O'Brien.

40 pages, half size, cut 'n' paste, photocopied in black & white. FIRST 20 ORDERS GET FULL COLOR. COLOR IS SOLD OUT


The Best Hip-Hop of 2016

Timeless Truth pic stolen from www.timelesstruthnyc.com

When I sat down to write this intro I started thinking about what I was going to say, and I was like, "hold up, haven't I written basically the same thing every year?" The answer is yes. So this year I'm just going to copy and paste last year's intro because aint nothin' changed ya'll...

I'm not going to lie, when it comes to rap music, I'm getting old. Don't get me wrong, I'm not stuck in the past—I keep up on the new shit—but variance-wise, I'm not exactly trying to expand my horizons anymore. I prefer the type of rap that doesn't stray far from the original blueprint; birthed in the late '70s, developed throughout the '80s, and damn-near perfected in the '90s. That is: dope beats, hard rhymes, and cuts. I've said it before and I'll say it again: call me a grumpy curmudgeon if you must, but do so knowing that are very few things that I'm as passionate about as rap music. My approach to hip-hop is the same as that of a big man holding down the lane on a basketball court: Don't Bring That Weak Shit In Here. So, with that, here's my favorite rap music from the past 12 months.

Not a numerical list, rather alphabetical. Rankings are bullshit. Fight with me about it on Twitter.
-Nathan G. O'Brien

A Tribe Called Quest - We Got it From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service (Epic)
Yo, this is so ill I might even go back and listen to The Love Movement again. Ha, naw man, I won't be doing that anytime soon. But holy shit, how great is this record? I like to joke around a lot but on the inside I'm an emotional dude with a lot of feelings, and this one brings tears to my eyes every single time I listen to it. I took my son to the Electric Fetus the day this came out on CD. Nearly everyone in the store—even like, 60-year-old women—had a copy in their hands; a testament to Tribe's legacy as a brand you can trust. We put it on in the car and drove around the whole city listening to it in entirety. And let me tell you, the tears were rollin'. The first track "The Space Program" is classic Tribe, and brings back a ton of memories. (I saw them three times back in the day: on Lollapalooza, at Smokin' Grooves, and opening for the Beasties on the Hello Nasty tour. In addition, they were the background music during some key moments in my history. I've too many Tribe-soundtracked memories to list here.) Even though it's Phife's versus that I love the most on here, I like how obvious it is that Q-Tip orchestrated the whole thing. Word has it he was like, "Yo, if we're going to do this record, you're all coming to my place in Jersey and we're doing it together." So they were all in one place, rather than Dropboxing rhymes to each other as is all to common these days. It's one of the most cohesive rap records to drop in a long while. And, yo, did you catch that Prince-type ish Tip does on "Solid Wall of Sound?" I don't normally fucks with singing in my rap music but that's dope.

Bloody Monk Consortium - The Awakening (Self-Released)
Luke Sick hipped me to these cats. This is monster guerrilla-style rap out of San Jose that's (sort of) shrouded in (a bit of) mystery (for me personally). (Basically, I've held off on learning too much about them because I like vibe I get and I don't want anything ruining that.) Labal-S and Leeroy Destroy are the only two emcees but they rap in way that brings to mind larger crew classics like the Boot Camp Click or Da Lench Mob. Production comes from a handful of dudes, but there's continuity in it in that they all seem dedicated to hard-ass drums. It's on that take-no-prisoners cipher tip. I just wanna rock baggy sweats and bucket hats and drive around in a Jeep, bumping this on cassette, while smoking Dutch Masters like it's '95 up in this bitch.

Czarface - A Fistful of Peril (Silver Age)
When these guys dropped their first album back in 2013 I hadn't really been feeling 7L & Esoteric in a long time, but my curiosity was piqued by the comic book imagery, the promise of pro-wrestling references, and interest in new Inspectah Deck material. Over the course of three raw-as-fuck boom-bap albums they've turned me into a believer. The drums are hard and the sub is deep; a ginormous sound complimented by dexterous emceeing and turntablism.

D.I.T.C. - D.I.T.C. Studios (Self-Released)
When I was a kid Diggin' In The Crates always seemed elusive to me. I mean, yeah, production-wise they were responsible for a ton of the stuff I was listening to. I was always cognizant of the name, but also kind of confused as to who they were. Information just wasn't as available as it is now. We had to rely on magazines like Rap Pages or The Source and catching videos on Yo! MTV Raps. Even then, at least for a kid growing up in the woods, a crew like D.I.T.C. wasn't as readily available for consumption as the bigger names. So I had to catch up on stuff like Word... Life, Funky Technician, Runaway Slave, and Stunts, Blunts, and Hip-Hop after the fact. These days I'm a full-fledged D.I.T.C. nerd, so when this new crew album dropped I was all over it.

D.I.T.C. - Sessions (Self-Released)
See above, except this one is better.

Discourse - Megalomaniac (Crate Cartel)
As a respected rap music opinionator, my inbox is overrun with files of terrible hip-hop that get skimmed and deleted in a matter of minutes. Likewise my mailbox often exists solely as layover station for CD-Rs awaiting their rightful place in the garbage can. (Pro tip: send cassettes if you want to get noticed. Seriously, even if you just dub your CD-R onto cassette and fold the insert enough to fit inside a tape case you're greatly increasing your chances.) But every so often something like this lands on my desk that makes it all worthwhile. Discourse is a producer/deejay from Australia that makes music heavily influenced by the '90s East Coast sound. This is his debut album. As someone who looks back fondly on the days of deejay mixed tapes, I'm a sucker for a good producer album like this. And this one is exceptionally cool due to his eclectic selection of emcees. You'll find Tragedy Khadafi, Starvin B, and AG alongside some international flavor from the likes of Lazy Grey, Ramson Badbonez, and Raven.

DJ Skizz - Cruise Control (Different Worlds)
Skizz is a producer and turntablist known for his work behind the boards of heavyweights like Lil' Fame, Havoc, and Sean Price. Most recently he's been working as Your Old Droog's producer and tour deejay. Even though he's been in the game for nearly 15 years this is only his second album. Ya'll know I go bananas for that grimy shit. Which is why I almost didn't go for this when it came out, because the stupid cover art kept throwing me off. But I eventually went in on it based off the strength of his first album, B.Q.E. Boom-bap is the name of the game here. Evidence, Roc Marciano, Rapper Noyd, and Hus Kingpin take turns on the mic, as do many others.

Gensu Dean & Denmark Vessey - Whole Food (Mello Music Group)
Gensu's production—sometimes simplistic, sometimes soulful—set the mood as Vessey’s lyricism and off-kilter flow keep's you engaged throughout the entire album. I've seen a lot of early morning bike commutes with this one in the earbuds.

Ill Bill - Septagram (Uncle Howie)
Nearly 15 years have passed since The Future Is Now, the debut album by Non Phixion, which featured a grip of hip-hop’s most sought-after producers and some menacing and poignant lyricism, and the vehicle that placed Ill Bill immediately into the annals of underground hip-hop greatness. Ill Bill is back once more with the wallop and the score. Not as interpersonal as 2013's The Grimy Awards, but just as forceful and mean-mugged as ever. And this time Non Phixion compatriot Goretex is back in the fold.

Meyhem Lauren - Piatto D'Oro (mixtape)
This was a free download that preceded an "album" or whatever. I didn't really fuck with Precious Metals because it was was kinda wack, and then because it seemingly vanished. (Perhaps Meyhem realized he already put out his best stuff this year and pulled it back. Or maybe he wanted to rethink those Harry Fraud beats, I don't know.) But that doesn't matter because Piatto D'Oro is the superior product.

Planet Asia & DJ Concept - Seventy Nine (Coalmine)
I haven't checked in with Planet Asia since 2013 when he did the Durag Dynasty album and that dope Abrasions joint with Gensu Dean. So when I saw this was on Coalmine, I knew it would be worth my time 'cause they don't put out wack shit. (Do ya'll fuck with Coalmine records? If not, you should.) Concept's beats remind me of Apollo Brown, who reminds me of Pete Rock, and that's never a bad thing. Yo, there's an audio sample of a police shooting on here that's straight-up heartbreaking though. But if you like rap music that places emphasis on mic prowess rather than personality and marketability you'll love this.

Schoolboy Q - Blank Face (Top Dawg)
Yo, Schoolboy Q is T.D.E. I mean, let's not even fuck around here, Kendrick sucks now (he's at his best when he's guesting on other people's tracks) and like, does anybody know who else is even in the crew? What's weird is one of the things I always hated about 2Pac is the same thing I love about Schoolboy Q: he's a gangster with feelings.

Skepta - Konnichiwa (Boy Better Know)
I don't mess with grime as much as I did back in like, '03. But this Skepta joint is fresh.

Smoke DZA & Pete Rock - Don't Smoke Rock (Babygrande)
I haven't checked for Smoke DZA in a few years but when you put Pete Rock behind the boards you've got my attention.

Timeless Truth - Cold Wave (Different Worlds)
This is on that '90s Polo rugby shirts and goose down jackets tip. Gear up for icy expedition through five boroughs boom-bap nostalgia. One of my favorite rap groups in the last handful of years.

Warpath - Pure Butter (Daily Concept)
One of my favorite things about rap music is discovering new shit that sounds exactly like the old shit.


The Best Punk & Hardcore of 2016

Haram pic stolen from Cvlt Nation
What did we learn about punk & hardcore in 2016? Crust is dead. Post-punk and "slime punk" are on life support. And anyone still fucking with black metal probably needs their credentials checked. Basically in the year 2017 every hardcore band will decide to finally become the French Oi! band they've always wanted to be.

Look, we're talking about punk & hardcore here. You know the deal: it's loud, it's fast, it's angry. It's pissed off music for pissed off people. It can also be angular and atmospheric, or sound like unpolished pop music. I could try to describe exactly how each of these acts sound, but let's be real, writing more than two sentences each would take longer than it does to listen to one of their songs. And who wants to read 30 paragraphs about 30 bands that essentially all sound the same? So here's how it's gonna go: I'll state where the band is from, and then a few other words. You do the rest.

If I missed something, hit me up. I welcome the discourse. You can leave a comment if you want, but comments are like, so 2006. Take that shit to Twitter already.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out this list is alphabetical. Rankings are bullshit. Up the punks.
-Nathan G. O'Brien

Anxiety - Self-Titled LP (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Punk)
Glasgow, Scotland.
Claustrophobic, eerie, freakout art noise. Don't be surprised if every punk band in 2017 sounds like this.

Blazing Eye - Lonely Corpse 7" (La Vida Es En Muse Discos Punk)
Los Angeles, CA.
Sounds like what the scary monster from your childhood dreams looks like.

Blood Pressure - Need to Control LP (Beach Impediment)
Pittsburgh, PA.
Sometimes hardcore is stupid and derivative but that's also what's really great about it.

Boilerman - Feels Ways About Stuff LP (86'd Records)
Chicago, IL.
Good dudes, good band. Check out the interview did together in Maximum Rocknroll #399. Also ran in Soda Killers #11.

The Bug - Room 44 Sessions cassette (Not Normal Tapes)
Chicago, IL.
Noisy, arty, maybe trying to be more interesting than they are. Then again, aren't we all? Who knows, I'm cool with it either way.

Cracked Vessel - No Path LP (Hip Kid)
Chicago, IL.
Oh winter biking, get over here you beautiful animal. I want to hug you and slit your miserable throat at the same time.

Chroma - Cuerpos Dociles LP (Nada Nada Discos)
Barcelona, Spain.
Captivating, alluring, charming, ah, bewitching maybe even. Basically any word that means it is capable of capturing and holding your attention. Also post-punk.

Crazy Spirit - Third 7" (Toxic State)
New York, NY.
Singer either has snot dripping down the back of his throat or is possibly an alien that has escaped a secret government laboratory. Probably both. Sometimes called "mutant punk" but not by me.

Deny The Cross - Alpha Ghoul LP (Tankcrimes)
Remember powerviolence? It's basically death metal, hardcore, and punk all at one time. And holy shit, is the production rich on this one. Posers need not apply.

Efialtis - Self-Titled 7" / Κολοσσιαίο Γυναικείο Κεφάλι 7"  (Static Shock / La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Punk)
London, UK.
Moody punk music for modern times. Sounds cold and warm at the same time, which isn't an easy thing to pull off. Would have preferred if these two 7"s were just one seven song 12" 45 RPM-er, but hey, whatevs.

Fried Egg - Delirium 7" (Negative Jazz)
Richmond, VA.
I feel like there's a lot of fried eggs stuff going in punk lately? Whether it's art work, song titles, or in this case, the name of the band. I used the question mark back there to signify that I'm not really sure, and as an invitation for you to weigh in if you'd like.

Fucking - Intimacy Issues 7" (Self-Released)
Minneapolis, MN.
Hateful and violent but tender and awkward. Just like the act of fucking. Also pro-littering. (Look for an interview soon in Maximum Rocknroll and/or Soda Killers.) #NukeEmAll

G.L.O.S.S. - Trans Day of Revenge 7" (Total Negativity / Nervous Nelly)
Olympia, WA.
The opening track is called "Give Violence a Chance", which is something I've been considering more and more lately.

Gag - America's Greatest Hits LP (Iron Lung)
Olympia, WA.
I have a fellow pretty liberal friend that lived in Olympia for a couple years but had to leave because, and I quote, "I couldn't stand that everywhere I went some 20 year-old college kid was trying to out-left me. It was like, 'Dude, I'm just trying to get a cup of coffee; I don't need to hear your freshman take on socialism.'"

Good Throb - Self-Titled 7" (La Vida Es En Mus Discos Punk)
London, UK.
There's a song on here called "The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock." So, like, what are you waiting for? Go get this, you idiot.

Haram - What Do You See? 7" (Toxic State)
New York, NY.
If nothing sounds like this, how can you describe it? Like this: The Future.

In School - Cement Fucker 7" (Thrilling Living)
New York, NY.
The guitar is weird. Subconsciously it takes over, even when the vocals and drums are more obliviously present. Like, you think you're really digging this awesome singer and the rhythm, but what's actually going on is you're being hypnotized by sneaky axe wankery.

Life Fucker -  Self-Titled 7" (Static Age)
Berlin, Germany.
Aside from some green-bottled beers, I still tend to associate Germany with very terrible things. But this record is the opposite of terrible. How much art can you take? Exactly this much. (I've used that line before, but nobody will notice.)

Lumpy & The Dumpers - Huff My Sack LP (La Vida Es En Mus Discos Punk)
St.Louis, MO.
Drink it in deep, slime-chuggers. This could be gross-out punk's defining, and perhaps final moment.

Marbled Eye - Demo cassette (Self-Released)
San Francisco/Oakland, CA.
Post-punk. The J-card art rules. Unlike this description.

Mommy - Songs About Children LP (Toxic State)
New York, NY.
Concept album about the terrible things that happen to kids. So depressing, so yucky, but holy shit, so good. Musically, it's very hard to describe. In a word: crazy. It feels strange to like a record about horrible stuff yet here I am.

NASA Space Universe - 70 AD LP (Feel It)
Richmond, VA.
What's funny about this is right when you're like, "OK, so this is another one of those mutant hardcore punk records", they throw some cool hook at you that seems totally out of place that makes you go, "Goddamn that's tight; pretty sure I like this a lot now."

Piss - Self-Titled 7" (Static Age)
Berlin, Germany.
To quote my good friend The Dark Horse, and completely out of context, "blood, shit, piss, and cum." So we've already have bands named S.H.I.T. and Piss. In 2017 I wanna hear records from Blood and Cum. And they better be as nasty as this.

Primetime - Going Places 7" (La Vida Es En Mus Discos Punk)
London, UK.
There's a part in Chris Jericho's first book where he talks about the language barrier in Japan and the funny stuff that another wrestler would ask him, such as, "You like rock 'n' roll sex music?"

Pure Disgust -  Self-Titled LP (Katorga Works)
Washington D.C.
This speaks to the current climate of fucked-up shit in this country, and the world in general. But you know what I think about a lot? Like way more than I should? The Mark Gonzales chair scene in Gummo. Why?

Rakta - III LP (Iron Lung)
São Paulo, Brazil.
This band tests the limits of what is considered punk and the results are truly awesome. The medley track "Filhas Do Fogo / Conjuracao Do Espelho" is easily the best song I've heard this year, of any genre.

Red Death - Deterrence 7" (Lockin' Out)
Washington D.C.
You know what would be cool, is if one of you would make me a mixtape of '80s thrash that doesn't include the Big Four.

Rixe - Les Nerfs A Vif 7" (La Vida Es En Mus Discos Punk)
Paris, France.
This is Oi! revival done exactly the right way. Don't be surprised if every punk band in 2017 that doesn't sound like Anxiety sounds this one.

Sick Head - Music Time cassette (Self-Released)
New York, NY.
I get so goddamned mad at myself sometimes. It's easy to pretend I'm the coolest guy ever but the reality is I'm a fucking wreck. And music like this feeds into my disease. Thanks for nothing, punk.

Silent Era - Self-Titled 7" (Square One Again)
Oakland, CA.
Ya' know, the '90s weren't so bad. I mean, I'm not going to start wearing baggy jeans again anytime soon, but some of those alt bands that had videos on MTV were actually pretty good. Like the Cranberries. They were decent, right?

Strutter - Self-Titled 7" (Beach Impediment)
Austin, TX.
Smash your head on the punk rock. Or if you're feeling up to it, puke your brains out on the punk rock.

Vaaska - Futuro Primitivo 7" (Beach Impediment)
Austin, TX.
A while back there was some great graffiti scratched into the stall door in the bathroom at my work. It said, "Hail Satan. Suck cock. Metal rules", and was accompanied by a crudely etched pentagram. I took a picture of it. I kind of want to make tee shirts of it but may settle on stickers or buttons. Or maybe nothing at all. What an incredible saying though, am I right?

So there, that's 30 of 'em. Here's the rest.