Soda Killers Magazine #29 OUT NOW~!


Your favorite DIY zine back to close out 2021/kick off 2022 with a new issue. Featuring: 

An in-depth conversation with photographer Max Sidman (plus photos)

A heartfelt essay by Hardcore Jherri

Nathan G. O'Brien's record reviews, quips, poems, and people profiles (sometimes all one in the same)

FFO: punk, rap, hardcore, metal, bicycles, pirate radio, malt liquor memories, and more

24 pages, half-size, cut 'n' paste, photocopied in black & white, cover color may vary. Comes w/stickers and other stuff


Soda Killers Magazine #28 OUT NOW~!


SJC interviews Young Horse

Hardcore Jherri traverses the continued woes of junk collectin' during a pandemic in the latest addition of "Junkin' With Jherri"

Matthew Thompson of Fluke fanzine ruminates upon the positive life force and lasting effects of skateboarding

Nathan G. O'Brien interviews Skateboard (the band), Raw Rodgers (the skateboarder), and Abdominal (the rapper)

Essays, music reviews, book and zine reviews, film reviews, illustration, collage, punk, hardcore, hip-hop, heavy metal, graffiti, skateboarding, camping, and more

36 pages, half-size, cut 'n' paste, photocopied in black & white, cover color may vary. Comes w/stickers and other stuff



HDD Radio #143: Milk is Spillin'

This one is all over the place. But aren't they all.


Planet Pump – Chair to the Face (Haze)

Planet Pump – You Wouldn’t Last a Day (Cocaine Cowboy)

Haggus – Live at Obscene Extreme 2017

Unholy Grave – In Silence (Heresy)

Agenda – None For All

Larma – Matad Med Var Frihet

Mind Block – Bridge to Lunacy

Tower 7 – Endless Growth

Spy – Running Out of Space

Ratt – You Think You’re Tough

Twisted Sister – I’ve Had Enough

W.A.S.P. – Fistful of Diamonds

Kick Axe – Heavy Metal Shuffle

The Replacements – Asking Me Lies

Happy Mondays – Clap Your Hands

The B-52’s – Communicate

The Cure – Birdman Girl

Kurtis Blow – Rappin’ Blow

Run-D.M.C. – It’s Like That

LL Cool J – That’s a Lie

Eric B & Rakim – Paid in Full


HDD Radio #142: The Breakfast Flub

Loads of demo tapes, and some other stuff. Thanks for listening!


Reserving Dirtnaps – No Consent

True Vision – Foolproof

Tied Down – Nothing to Lose

Asid Bateri – Silent Spring

Wriggle – American Piss

Deep Creeps – Turd World

Narcoman – PTA

Javla – Modern Panic

1/4 Dead – Printing Press

Love Canal – Coward’s Blood

Deadmen – Fucking Coward

Sem Hastro – Slander Me

Public Image Ltd. – Low Life (Live in Paris, 1978)

Sonic Youth – Ringo/He’s on Fire/Florida Oil Drums/Westminster Chimes

Sonic Youth – Death to Our Friends (Live in Denver, 1986)

Velvet Underground – Venus in Furs

The Stranglers – Princess of the Streets

Black Devil – We Never Fly Away Again

Bacon Grease – What Do You Know

This Heat – Makeshift Swahali

Impotentie – T Stad Slaapt



HDD Radio #141: The Sky is a Sea of Darkness When There is No S.A.D. Lamp to Light the Way



Peter Tosh – African

Junior Byles – Demonstration

Dillinger – Freedom

Derrick Harriot – Iris (Means Music)

Horace Andy – In the Light

Owen Grey – Peace and Freedom

Decimals Band – Getto Dub

Keith Hudson – Torch of Freedom

Wackies – Jah Jah’s Call

Dangerdoom (Danger Mouse & MF Doom) – The Mask (feat Ghostface Killah)

Viktor Vaughn (MF Doom) – Dead Mouse

Viktor Vaughn (MF Doom) – Doper Skiller (feat Kool Keith)

GZA – Duel of the Iron Mic (feat Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa & Ol’ Dirty Bastard)

Ghostface Killah – Winter Warz (feat Raekwon, U-God, Masta Killa & Cappadonna)

Del the Funky Homosapien – Offspring (feat El-P)

El-P – Dr. Hellno and the Praying Mantus (feat Vast Aire)



HDD Radio #140: Earth, Sun, and Goon

Sonic mishmashing for breakfast. Eat Eat Eat.


Atrament – Plague Upheaval

Tragedy – The Grim Infinite

Skitsystem – Snutstat

Wolfpack – Shitsystem

Detractors – Fragments

Zhukov – Burn it Down

Straw Man Army – Operation Despair

Maufrais – Preferred Death

Ectoplasm – Tiny Heaven

Fuga – Hipocritas

Orden Mudial – Marginal

Perro de Prenda – Tema del Perro

Altar of Eden – Veil of Sanctuary

Soldier’s Disease – Dead Monuments

Muro – Doblegados

Muro – Infertil

Nimzo – Nu Kings

Eddou XL – Dope Style Doom Draft

DJ Rhettmatic – U Call Dis a Mixtape? Vol.4, Side A (excerpt)

The North Pole – Playa Like Me

Grand Invincible – Our Disturbance

7FA7 Mobb – Amer’s Mix (excerpt)

The North Pole – Stree Legal



HDD Radio #139: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Fallacy

 Who brought the chips?

Joe Henderson & Alice Coltrane – Air 
Spired That in the Sunset Rise – Portabittaclog 
Alice Coltrane – Battle at Armageddon 
Ultimate Spinach – Where You’re At 
Guided By Voices – Game of Pricks 
Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death – Demolition Man 
Alice Coltrane – Los Caballos 
Agony Bag – Feelmazumba 
Faze – Prison Planet 
NRRRV – A Man Is… 
Dame – Ersatz



HDD Radio #138: Pretty in Stink

 Happy New Year? You tell me.

Too Short – Ain’t Nothin’ but a Word to Me (feat Ice Cube) 
IAMPAUL – Blind Individuals 
Bacon Grease – I Want to Live in a Peaceful World 
Chiaroscuro – Encore et Toujours 
Helter Skater – You Rolled Fakie Out of Love 
Skateboard – 7 
Positive Abuse – Force Fed 
Mind Block – Grinding the Surface 
Syndrome 81 – Tu Ne Me Dois Rien 
Tchernobyl – Vengeance 
Années Zéro – Revanche 
Public Acid – Spoiled by Hate 
Nuclear Spring – Death Sentence 
Nekra – Groomer 
The Soft Pink Truth – Police Bastard (Doom) 
Malandro – Creciendo en la Frontera 
Hush – Vituperative Violence 
Scalp – Domestic Extremity 
Abysmalist – Chain Ripper 
Unurnment – Autogenous Punishment 
Greying – The Rest of History 



HDD Radio #137: Ain't No Game in My Shame

 Happy Holidayz and all that shit.

Large Professor – Kick the Habit
De La Soul – Days of Our Lives (feat Common)
Gang Starr – Speak Ya Clout (feat Jeru the Damaja & Lil’ Dap)
Intelligent Hoodlum – Microphone Check 
Capone-N-Noriega – Capone Bone
Cypress Hill – Latin Lingo 
Dilated People’s – Figure it Out (Melvin’s Theme)
DJ EFN – South-West (feat MC Eiht, Blu & Kam) 
Durag Dynasty – Tender Greens 
Edo. G – Like That (feat Slaine & Jaysaun)
Ghostface Killa – Blood in the Streets (feat AZ) 
Guilty Simpson & Small Professor – On the Run (feat DJ Revolution)
Kendrick Lamar – Backseat Freestyle 
Kool G. Rap – Pages of My Life
KRS-One – I Do This for You
MA_Doom – Think I Am (feat Big Daddy Kane) 
M-Phazes – Super Good (feat J-Live) 
Poor Righteous Teachers – Word From the Wise


HDD Radio #136: Shredding the Disease

Trigger Warning: Ignorance
Scholastic Deth – Unhindered Capitalism 
Fuming – Parking Lot 
Schoolboy Q – Numb Numb Juice 
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Fake Names 
Luke Sick – Money Green Chevy 
Three 6 Mafia – Rainbow Colors (feat Lil’ Flip) 
Foghorn – Foghorn Salute Foghorn – Lost in the Fog 
Burn My Eyes – Keep it Real 
Dare – Dare2Be 
Don’t Trust a Soul – Doesn’t Last 
Criminal Practice – Does it Real Gooo 
Spankrock & Benny Blanco – B-O-O-T-Y 
Club Cab – Work that Flange 
Defame – In the Back Row 
Cage – Fresh out the Morgue 
Casual – This is How We Rip Shit 
Hateful Transgression – I Cast Myself into the Chasm 
Feretory – Charred Flesh and Burnt Hair 
Lux – Manana 



Soda Killers Magazine #27 OUT NOW~!

Hardcore Jherri resurrects his old Let's Side fanzine column "Junkin' With Jherri" with an introspective look at junkin' during a pandemic

Clell Miller breaks bread with rap tape archivist L-Wood for the latest edition of "Cop Rap Now!", surveying a selection of L-Wood Media releases and other cassette recommendations

SJC strikes through with another weepy banger, as his '90s emo reclamation column "Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner" takes a look at Julia's self-titled 1994 LP

Beer, basketball, and bullshitin': Nathan G. O'Brien chops it up with West Bay hardcore band Hard Foul, who have a new split EP with These Bastards out now on 625 Thrashcore 

Lars The Heathen returns with a tale from their days spent livin' a graff-writing, urban camping, amateur MMA fighting, transitory lifestyle 

Plus all the punk rock, hip-hop, hardcore, records, tapes, CD-Rs, reviews, wacky drawings, and deranged musings you've come to expect from this wholly unique zine

28 pages, half-size, cut ‘n’ paste, photocopied in black & white 

Comes w/ Milk is Chillin' Newsletter no.20 "Mailbag Edition" insert, while supplies last

All orders through Jan 1, 2021 will receive Holiday Bonus Insert: JMaq's Christmas Mix 2020 Newsletter by Jesse Mack 



HDD Radio #135: Boys Don't Fly

 Happy Thanksgiving. Stay Home.

Midnight Oil – One Country 
Golden Smog – Pecan Pie 
Golden Smog – Won’t Be Coming Home 
Son Volt – Live Free 
Buffalo Tom – Torch Singer 
The Jayhawks – Up Above My Head 
Billy Bragg – Saturday Boy 
Bob Mould – Hear Me Calling 
The Lemonheads – Confetti 
The Posies – Definite Door 
Soul Asylum – Little Too Clean 
Husker Du – Everything Falls Apart 
The Replacements – Kick Your Door Down 
Dinosaur Jr. – The Leper 
Sonic Youth – Hey Joni 
Babes in Toyland – Laughing My Ass Off 
Sonic Youth – Teenage Riot



HDD Radio #134: Bark at the Goon

 Never trust a big gut and a vile.


Archie Shepp – Black Gypsy

Special Interest – Street Pulse Beat

Soldiers Disease – I Want to Know

Sadist – T.S.O.T.S. 

Kūka'ilimoku – Nourishment

G.I.S.M. – Nuclear Armed Dogs

Zyanoose – Silence II

Fuga – Hombre Primitivo

Undeath – Lord of the Grave

Miserable Creature – Sonic Agony (Dream Chasm Hell)

Bolt Thrower – Concession of Pain

Morbid Angel – Maze of Torment

Scholastic Deth – PMA200

Scholastic Deth – Simplified but Amplified

Leeches – Nuclear Neurosis



HDD Radio #133: Temple of the Fog

 I wanna rock your gypsy soul.

Ronnie Boykins – The Third I 
Allah-Las – Sandy 
Allah-Las – Don’t You Forget It 
Orb – O.R.B. 
Cosmonauts – T.V. California 
Girls in Synthesis – They’re Not Listening 
Girls in Synthesis – We Might Not Make Tomorrow 
Brycon – Some Strings Attached 
Amani Jade & Brycon – To The Moon 
Brycon – If You Pass By 
Myles Davis – Leaves (feat Equipto) 
7FA7 Mobb - Vyda’s Mix (excerpt) 
Biz Markie – Make the Music With Your Mouth 
Notorious B.I.G. – Who Shot Ya? 
Mil-Spec – The End of History



HDD Radio #132: Early Onset S.A.D.

And it feels like February in October. And I wish this day was over.

Sonic Youth – Stil
Broadcast & the Focus Group – Ritual/Looking In
ESG – Chistelle 
ESG – Come Away
Gap Dream – College Music
L-Seven – Flowers of Romance
Television – Little Johnny Jewel, parts 1&2
Thick Pigeon – Wheels Over Indian Trails
Man Tit – Man Tit
Live Skull – In a Perfect World
Rat at Rat R – Plague
Alice Cooper – 10 Minutes Before the Worm
Shocking Blue – Love Buzz
Beat Happening – Black Candy
Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston – If I’d Only Known
Zounds – Can’t Cheat Karma



HDD Radio #130: Folk, Celtic, Thrash, and More

Coming to you from the windy southeastern shores of Lake Mille Lacs, it's the 130th episode of HotDogDayz Radio. Listen to an hour plus of folk rock, Celtic, Americana, thrash, crust, hardcore, and more. 

Go to hotdogdayz.bigcartel.com to get a copy of the Soda Killers Magazine no.26. You won't be disappointed! 

Clive Pig – One Night in Greece with an American Tourist 
Arrogant Worms – History is Made by Stupid People 
Bad Livers – Shit Creek 
Peter Case – Pair of Brown Eyes 
Oysterband – Sins of the Family 
Great Big Sea – Irish Paddy/Festival Reel/Roger’s Reel 
Spirit of the West – Home For a Rest 
Boiled in Lead – Son O Son (live) 
Boiled in Lead – Step it Out Mary 
Baltic Cousins – Fara 
Baltic Cousins – Junk Beach Parts 1&2 
Power Trip – This World 
Power Trip – Questions 
Power Trip – Evil Beat 
Nuclear Assault – Equal Rights 
Sacred Denial – Pissed at the World 
Skaven – The Swarm 
Sabbat – The Best of Enemies



Soda Killers Magazine #26 OUT NOW~!

In the face of adversity, amidst tumultuous times, the Soda Killers' cast of characters has thrown caution and a collective lack of motivation to the wind, and somehow, reassembled once again. True Till Death

Featuring Sal's VHS Review and new editions of SJC's Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner: An Ongoing Reclamation of '90s Emo Renaissance and Clell Miller's Cop Rap Now! hip-hop review. Plus Nathan's insider interviews (Kylesa, RTJ, Quelle Chris, more), drawings, image manipulations, and musings - punk, hardcore, metal, rap music, surf films, magazines, and more

With contributions from Sal Petersen, SJC, Clell Miller, and Nathan G. O’Brien

28 pages, half-size, cut ‘n’ paste, photocopied in black & white. Comes w/stickers and maybe some other stuff. DIY or die



HDD Radio #129: Indie, Punk, Hardcore, and More

Brand new issue of Soda Killers Magazine is up for pre-order now at hotdogdayz.bigcartel.com.

Thin White Rope – Down in the Desert
Beat Happening – Indian Summer
Soul Asylum – Homesick
Pavement – Range Life
Bophal Stiffs – At the Beach
Teenage Bottlerocket – Skate or Die
Glue Gun – Life Sentence 
Dead Lazlo’s Place – Waiting for Armo
Deviates – My Life
Cheater – Misery Town
Scraper – Misery
Pissed Jeans – I Don’t Need Smoke to Make Myself Disappear
Pissed Jeans – The L Word
Condominium – Carl
X-20 – Substance Death
Subdom – Workers in Decline
Tower 7 – Ritual of Detention
Fuming – Desolacion
Malandro – Peleando por el Pueblo
Spy – Service Weapon
Fuga – Primitive Hombre



HDD Radio #128: Rap Rock Reggae and More

What posters did you have on your wall, growing up? Send me an email and tell me. Hope you're having a good summer, all things considered.

Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime
Wayne Shorter – Speak No Evil
Yabby You – Steppin’ High
Yabby You – Vengeance in Dub
Yabby You – Praise You Jah Jah Dub
Sublime – Work That We Do
Atmosphere – Sunshine
Atmosphere – RFTC
A Tribe Called Quest – Youthful Expression
Stevie Wonder – Living For the City
A Tribe Called Quest – Everything is Fair
TLC – Way We Like ‘Em
Janet Jackson – When I Think of You
Janet Jackson – Nasty
Crocodiles – Summer of Hate
White Reaper - Funn
Career Suicide – Bored Bored Bored
Cut the Shit – I Can’t Cope



HDD Radio #127: Punk/HC, Booty BPMs, Cold/Dark Wave, and More

Scram, ugly!

Bad Brains – Make a Joyful Noise
Thee Headcoates – She’s Got a Strange Attractor
Thee Mighty Caesars – I Can’t Find Pleasure
Thee Headcoatees – Headcoat Girl
Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians of The British Empire – He’s Making a Tape
Wild Billy Childish with Armitage Shanks – Shirts Off
Deafkids - Camisa de Força (Inferno ou Sem Saída?)
The Soft Pink Truth – Protest and Survive (Discharge)
Club Cab – Part 2
Criminal Practice – Let Me See You Bastard
NRRRV – The Gaze
Leeches – Don’t Want It
Murder Disco X – Pro-Life Nazi Scum
Reptiloids - Белый Фосфор.Черный Тюльпан
Busted Outlook – Life Void
Buggy – Blood Currency
Android – Evolution Letdown
Spräckta – Last Dog Alive
Nosferatu – Under the Sun
Ovens – Puke in the Sink
Ovens – Inside Your Head
Tony Molina – I’m Not Down



HDD Radio #126: Punk, Jazz, World, Rap, More


Bamboon – ACAB
Soul Glow – 1.
Protocol – Brute Force
Scheme – Shift of Power
Night Prowler – Hammer of Justice
Bamboon – Only Good Cop is a Dead Cop
Defame – Radios on Welfare
Doctors Under the Influence – Koncrete Ballet (feat X9 Joey Knowva)
Birdy San Jazz – Tempel EP x Madlab x Birdy San Jazz
Ectoplasm – Out of Here
Destruxion America – La Jaula
Agenda – Social Prosperity
Mycelium Cloak – Fuck Armageddon…This is Hell (Bad Religion)
L.U.S.T. – Dark Place
Alan Braufman & Cooper Moore – Suite III (Live at WKCR May 22, 1972)
Azna de L’Ader – Zabaya
Orden Mundial – Los Ojos De La Justica
Head Eruption – Wear the Master’s Crown
Eddou XL – Sssookie
Dankslob (G-Pek & Luke Sick) – Hype on the Next Shit
Atmosphere – God’s Bathroom Floor
Aesop Rock – How to be a Carpenter
Organized Konfusion – Bring it On
Dr. Octagon (Kool Keith & Dan the Automator) – Waiting Room
Molemen – Unbreakable
Mr. Lif – Because They Made it That Way
Nems – Kings
Body Count – Cop Killer (live 2015)
Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name (live ’93)
Dead Kennedys – Police Truck
Dead Kennedys – Riot
Dead Kennedys – Nazi Punks Fuck Off
KRS-One – Sound of the Police
N.W.A. – Fuck tha Police
Public Enemy – Fight the Power

Available on every single podcast app/streaming service imaginable. Or download it here.


HDD Radio #125: Beats, Raps, Etc.

Just in the nick of time, HotDogDayz Radio is back to wrap, er, rap up the month with a new episode. If it sounds like I recorded this while whipping across Lake Bemidji on the back of a jet-ski it's because I did.* Hippity-hoppity, you don't stoppidy.
Defame – Ninja Crime Jazz
Brycon – Pardon Our Dust 
Nimzo – 1200 Tape
Jungle Brown – We On
Naughty By Nature – I Gotta Lotta (feat Sonny Black)
Action Bronson – Strictly 4 My Jeeps (feat LL Cool J & Lloyd Banks)
Jazzsoon – ’84 Doctor K (Away side excerpt)
IAMPAUL- Windyvibe
108 – Inner City Parasites
Damu the Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic – Head On
Leonard Simpson Duo (Guilty Simpson & Leonard Charles) – Friends
Bas Blasta – Ain’t Whatcha Do
Kurious – Uptown Shit
Cella Dewllas – Medina Style
Originoo Gunn Clappaz – No Fear
Bahamadia – Uknowhowwedu
LL Cool J – I’m Bad
Public Enemy – Brothers Gonna Work it Out
3rd Bass – Word to the Third
Slick Rick – Behind Bars


 *Not really.


HDD Radio #124: Punk, Hardcore, Other Stuff, Etc.

HotDogDayz Radio is back with an hour of mostly new punk and hardcore. There's one death metal song and some post-punk too. And preceding all the fun stuff is some other stuff. But mostly new punk and hardcore. As always, thanks for listening.

 Santo & Johnny – Sleep Walk
 Niel LeVang – Ghost Riders in the Sky
 Flatt & Scruggs – Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down
 Roy Clark – Folsom Prison Blues
 Zyanoose – Parasite
 Nosferatu – Life of Murder
 Alter of Eden – Eternity
 Miserable Creature – Wishful Death (By Proxy)
 Spräckta – Nuke Your Life (It’s Alright)
 Destruxion America – Donde Esta La Esperanza?
 Perro De Prenda – Perro Del Consumidor
 Android – First Kill
 L.U.S.T. – No Resolution
 Nuclear Mutants – Stop Cap System
 Maufrais – No Lease on Life
 Buggy – Flesh Prison
 Burn My Eyes – Keep it Real
 Dollhouse – Making New Friends with Other Losers
 Laffing Gas – On Your Own
 Pisse – Drauben Zuhause
 Liquid Assets – Never Enough
 Rated X – Firing Line
 The Annihilated – Body Count
 Fyzical – Die in Your Arms
 T.S. Warspite – The Scam
 C-4 – Time to Eat



HDD Radio #123: The Helix Mirror Mixtape

A reflection: an extended spiral chain of atoms in a protein, nucleic acid, or other polymeric molecules.

Tracklist (approximate):
Pharoah Sanders – The Creator Has a Master Plan
Dizzy Gillespie – Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac
Sebadoh – Kath
Sebadoh – Downmind
Donovan – To Susan on the West Coast Waiting
DNA – Delivering the Good
DNA – Newest Fastest
Bad Brains – Banned in D.C. (live)
Bad Brains – At the Movies (live)
Cinderella – Fire and Ice
Raekwon – Surgical Gloves
Spazz – Lethal
Rabbit Ears – 33rd St
Christian Death – The Angels
Blood For Blood – No Tomorrow (live)
Son of Sam – Of Man
Mr. Dibbs – Live @ University of Wisc-Stout
Holokaust – Famine
Black Face – Monster
On Tilt – Blast a Joint
Jaimie Branch – Simple Silver Surfer



HDD Radio #122: Punk, Hardcore, Hip-Hop

On this episode I play new punk and hardcore, some new rap, and some old rap. Hefty doses of UK stuff, Spanish stuff, and old Rhymesayers stuff. But really, just lots of stuff. Hope you dig it.

Lisa Loeb – Stay (I Missed You)
Bikini Kill – New Radio
Dollhouse – Shadow Baby
Liquid Assets – Don’t Wanna
T.S. Warspite – Tough Shit
The Annihilated – National Anthem
Rated X – Here Today
Muro – La Ciudad Es Hostil
Irreal – Inutil
Foc – Culpabilitat
Lux – Combat
Duplo – Dance
Lohesh – You Can’t
Raw Poetic & Damu the Fudgemunk – Hello
Brycon – The Reason We Have Drifted
Luke Sick & Wolfgram – 4-Inch Comb Handle Zaxxon Sentinels
Your Old Droog – 42 (Forty Deuce)
The Game – Fuck Orange Juice
Glad2Mecha & Ill Treats – So Many Styles (feat Pscyho Les)
Mobb Deep – Survival of the Fittest
Czarface (7L & Esoteric and Inspectah Deck) – Czarrcade 87
Beyond – Preparation
Micranots – Slaves
Atmosphere – Multiples Reprise
The Dynospectrum – Industrial Warfare
Atmosphere – 7th St. Entry



HDD Radio #121: Slamz 'n' Jamz

You're stuck inside. Why not listen to an hour of hip-hop and metal, and a little talking?

Jaimie Branch – Twenty-three n Me, Jupiter Redux
Nimzo – True to This
On Tilt – Hella Tinted Windows
Damien – 296.89
Jazzsoon – Beastie Brown The R Side (excerpt)
Beastie Boys – Hold it Now, Hit it
Tuff Crew – Momentum
Biz Markie – Pickin’ Boogers
Mendacium – Make No Grave in My Name
Void Ritual – The Frozen Altar
Necrogosto – Ritual and Decay
Immortal Fate – Sliding Panels
Hateful Transgression – Slammed for Eternity in the Blackened Abyss
Hush – Liquefied Genitalia of a Domestic Abuser
Tentacle Centipede – 57
Nihilith – Ember



HDD Radio #120: Punk, Metal, Rap

HotDogDayz Radio is back with an hour of punk, metal, and rap. Play loud.

The Skoptzies – Dead Meat
Bene Gesserit – Funny Toy
Pisse – CO2 Bilanz
Foc – Impossibles Sentiments
Skate Death – My Parents are Disappointed
Skate Death – Better Not Snake Me
Eskupitajo – Anti Poder
Fyzical – Why Not Now?
C-4 – O-Zone
Laffing Gas – Same Cycle
Nihil Invocation – The Agony that Rots Beyond
Human Agony – Master’s Abhorrent Bleats
Undeath – Unadorned Coffin
Feretory – Ground into Pulp
Head Eruption – Red Brigade
IAMPAUL – Monday Evening
108 – Black Plague
Jazzsoon – ’84 Doctor K Home Side (excerpt)
Nems – Heavy Metal
Defame – Every Different Way of Killing
Heltah Skeltah – Understand
Shadez of Brooklyn – Wanted Men
Ghetto Concept – E-Z on the Motion
J-Live – The Best Part
The Leonard Simpson Duo – Breaking Bad



HDD Radio #119: Rap Music


Sorry, made a few mistakes. You'll figure it out. Thanks for listening.

Gang Starr – Who’s Gonna Take the Weight
Gang Starr – Take it Personal
Gang Starr – Suckas Need Bodyguards
Apache – Wayz of a Murderahh
Cypress Hill – Stoned is the Way of the Walk
EPMD – Cummin’ At Cha (feat Das EFX)
Eric B & Rakim – Step Back
Poor Righteous Teachers – Style Dropped/Lessons Taught
De La Soul – Verbal Clap
DJ Raw B & Luke Sick – Ditch Cops
S-Brothers – Brandy
Wildstyle – Met My Match
Blu & Damu the Fudgemunk – Rhymes & Gemstones
Eddou XL – Way Out Wes’
Kayer – Stolen Vote
Apollo Brown – Thoughts in Mind (feat Chris Orrick & Magestik Legend)
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Education (feat Yasiin Bey & Black Thought)
Gang Starr – From a Distance (feat Jeru the Damaja)



HDD Radio #118: Punk, Metal, Hardcore, and More

Sleeze Beez – Heroes Die Young
Ozzy Osbourne – Believer
Anthrax – One World
Kreator – Command of the Blade
Undeath – Phantasmal Festering
Deafkids – Vox Dei
Deafkids – Alucinacoes de Comando
Duplo – Roda Continua
Chain Cult – Witch Hunt
Talacactus – Holocausto Nuclear
Anarchus – Final Fall of the Gods
Eskupitajo – Puta Realidad
Eskupitajo – Oceano
Ohyda – Umarli
Slant – Dry Heave
Jarada – The Wore You Down, They Burned You Out
Axe Rash – Spineless
Detractors – Out in the Cold
Don’t Trust a Soul – DTAS
Dare – Never Yours
Foghorn – Foggy Thoughts
S-Brothers – Jeep Beats Construction Set



HDD Radio #117

Happy New Year!

Eagles – Take it Easy
Commander Cody – Smoke Smoke Smoke
Brownsville Station – Smokin’ in the Boys Room
Pearl Jam –
Alice in Chains – Rain When I Die
Soundgarden – Power Trip
Mother Love Bone – Captain Hi-Top
Seaweed – Stale
Pearl Jam – Spin the Black Circle
The The – Slow Train to Dawn
Urban Guerillas – Darwin’s Theory of Pelvic Revolution
Black Devil – No Regrets
The Treacherous Three – Yes We Can Can
Jocko – Everybody’s Uptight
Steady B – Stupid Fresh
Skinny Boys – Ill



Relatin' Dudes To Jazz #5: If You've Got the Money We Have the Time

Like sands through the hourglass so are the subcultures of our lives. Robert Newsome is the editor and publisher of The Atomic Elbow. Nathan G. O’Brien is the editor and publisher of Soda Killers Magazine. Together they are Relatin’ Dudes To Jazz.

On this episode:
We return from a lengthy hiatus to play catch up on the big zine editorial switcheroo of 2019, answer some listener emails, and talk about Lefty Frizzell's "If You've Got the Money I've Got the Time".  Other topics include: Does Pearl Jam deserve a critical reevaluation? How about late-'90s/early-'00s alternative radio? Being at a crossroads with wrestling fandom, kids wearing cowboy hats to school, remembering when every high school talent show in America was won by someone doing Garth Brooks, regional allegiances to bands, publishing online vs. creating paper waste, removing glam metal from heavy metal consideration, and more. Then we drop in on the Skate Report to see where we're at with our favorite midlife crisis activity.

Songs played on this episode are: Lefty Frizzell "If You've Got the Money I've Got the Time", a Motley Crue medley, a Garth Brooks/Billy Ray Cyrus/Georgia Satellites/ACDC medley, and Lefty Frizell "If You Can Spare the Time (I Won't Miss the Money)".



HDD Radio #116: 120 Minutes, Zine Release Special

Happy Holidays! Hope everyone is having a fabulous time. Soda Killers Magazine no.25 is out now. To celebrate I've put together an 120 minutes of old-fashioned radio for you. All the best shit. Press 'play' and head on over to hotdogdayz.bigcartel.com to secure a copy.

Billy Bragg – Tank Park Salute
Wild Billy Childish & the Singing Loins – One More Bottle to Drink
Deluxx Folk Implosion – Daddy Never Understood
Golden Smog – Pecan Pie
The Jayhawks – Martin’s Song
Son Volt – Catching On
Sugar – Can’t Believe What You’re Saying
The Pogues – The Parting Glass
The Pogues – Sally MacLennane
Beastie Boys – Lighten Up
Ramones – Poison Heart
Sonic Youth – Schizophrenia (live)
Firehose – Slack Motherfucker (Superchunk) (live)
Sonic Youth & Yamatsuka Eye - Kontakte, pt.4
Kreator – Riot of Violence
Immortal Fate – Faceless Burial
Lärm – Passive Punks
Missbrukarma – Du Ar Inte Du
PF Commando – Rough Sound
Regulations – Police Siren
The Bug vs. Earth – Don’t Walk These Streets
Lorn – Upside Down Cops
Burial – South London Burials
Cyberplasm – Simulate Prison
Jarada – Fed Up with the Future
Ohyda – Zabij Boga
Dillinger Four – Portrait of the Artist as an Asshole
Dillinger Four – Last Communion
Dillinger Four – D4-Putting the F back in Fart
Unwritten Law – Denied
Fifteen – Stolen Life
Crimpshrine – The Direction of Things to Come
The Replacements - Attitude



Soda Killers Magazine #25 OUT NOW~!

Featuring reader mail, the ultimate oddball holiday mixtape, nostalgia and human connections through music, hip-hop: the gateway to a life of crime, Cop Rap Now! part two: rap tapes & CDs, and the Breakfast Nook part three: bootleg jazz tapes. Plus: revisiting old haunts, remembering when "college rock" became "alternative" and how metalheads reacted, playing fantasy basketball with straightedge kids, reviews of punk, metal, hip-hop, and noise tapes, vinyl, and CD-Rs, and more!

With written contributions from Jesse Mack, Eryn Hiscock, Clell Miller, Lars the Heathen, and Nathan G. O'Brien

28 pgs, half-size, cut 'n' paste, photocopied in black & white on colored paper. Comes w/stickers



Best of 2019

I listened to more new music in 2019 than I did the year before, which was quite a step back from previous years. In 2018 I spent more time digging into back catalogs than I did exploring new music, and was still listening to a lot of talk-y podcasts. This year I moved a tape deck to a permanent place in the kitchen, instituted a 'less TV/more records' policy in the livingroom, and thinned my talk-y podcast queue considerably - down to like, just two - which has resulted in more music-listening space on the bike and at work. It's so nice.

I still kept up with as much new punk and hardcore as ever. Punk in 2019 is better than it's ever been. I streamlined my interest in new rap music to a chunk of bangers from trusted sources, rather than trying to take it all in, which is easy for an old person like me that doesn't give a shit about a trap beat anymore and wants nothing to do with sad boy, cloud, or any of that talentless fake shit. I added in more beat tapes, which, oddly enough, given my lifelong love of hip-hop, was never really my thing. It seems that as I crawl deeper and deeper into jazz music, as any old-timer would, my tolerance and appreciation of instrumental music in general has expanded.

I used to spend an insane amount of time writing out blurbs for these and uploading all the album art. People really liked it, and that was cool. But I don't have the time anymore. Sorry.

Anyway, here it is...

Best of 2019 (A to Z)

Abysmalist - Reflections of Horror CS (Caligari)
Alan Braufman & Cooper-Moore - Live at WKCR May 22, 1972 (Control Group)
Apollo Brown - Sincerely, Detriot (Mello Music Group)
Blu & Damu the Fudgemunk - Ground & Water
Chain Cult - Shallow Grave EP (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Punk)
Condor - Singles 2017-2018 LP (Beach Impediment)
Crimeapple & DJ Skizz – Wet Dirt (Duape)
Cyberplasm - The Psychic Hologram LP (Iron Lung)
D7Y - Self-Titled LP (Iron Lung)
Dare - Welcome to the O.C. CS
Deafkids - Metaprogamacao LP (Neurot)
Diat - Positive Disintegration LP (Iron Lung)
Disturbers - Infidel Producer CS (I Had an Accident)
DJ Nikoless - Hiss-story, vol. 1 CS (Icy Palms)
DJ Raw B & Luke Sick - Born Illness CD (Clean Cut)
Don't Trust a Soul - Demo '19
Dreadeye - The World Has Left Us Behind LP (Iron Lung)
Eddou XL - No Mistakes in Jazz
Foghorn - Demo
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Bandana (Madlib Invazion / ESGN)
Game - No One Wins LP (Beach Impediment)
Gang Starr - One of the Best Yet CD (Gang Starr Enterprises)
G-Pek & Luke Sick - Dankslob II & III CS (Megakut)
Haircut - Sensation 7" (Beach Impediment)
Heterofobia - Queremos Ver El Mundo Arder LP (Drunken Sailor)
Hexenbrett - Erste Beschworung CS (Caligari)
Ill Bill & Stu Bangas - Cannibal Hulk (Uncle Howie)
Immortal Fate – Demos CD (RFL / Nuclear Ass)
Institute - Readjusting the Locks LP (Sacred Bones)
Irreal - Fi Del Mon LP (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Punk)
Jarada - Ma'agal Sina'a LP (Doomtown)
Jaimie Branch - Fly or Die II: Bird Dogs of Paradise (International Anthem)
Kokoroko - Self-Titled EP (Brownswood)
L.O.T.I.O.N. - World Wide W.E.B. LP (Toxic State)
Larma - Self-Titled LP (Beach Impediment)
Loose Nukes - Behind the Screen 7" (Beach Impediment)
Lugerlex - Monkey Dust CD (Bloody Monk)
Malcria - El Reino De Lo Falso LP (Iron Lung)
Minima – Self-Titled LP (Static Shock)
Mock Execution - Reality Attack 7" (Lengua Armada)
Muro - Ataque Hardcore Punk LP (Beach Impediment)
Nasti - Live at Nasti CS (Iron Lung)
Nosferatu - Solution A LP (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Punk)
Nihilith / Tentacle Centipede split EP
Nimzo - The Transformation of Things
Nimzo - Waves, Vibes and Frequiencies CS
Nosferatu - Solution A LP (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Punk)
Obsessio - Self-Titled LP (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Punk)
Ohyda - Koszmar LP (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Punk)
On Tilt - The Tiltalation CS (I Had an Accident)
Physique - The Evolution of Combat LP (Distort Reality)
Physique - The Rhythm of Brutality 10" (Distort Reality)
Protocol - Bloodsport CS (Dynastic Yellow Star)
Rakta - Falha Comum LP (Iron Lung)
Rakta & Deafkids - Forma/Sigilo 7" (Nada Nada Discos)
S-Brothers - Back to the Scene of the Blunts CS (Needle to the Groove)
Schoolboy Q - Crash Talk (TDE)
Slant - Vain Attempt 7" (Iron Lung)
Slauson Malone - A Quiet Farwell, 2016-2018
Soga - Demo LP (Iron Lung)
Subversive Rite - Songs for the End Times LP (Bloody Masters)
Tony Molina - Songs from Mateo County LP (Smoking Room)
Unurnment - Spiritual Penury CS (Maggot Stomp)
Vaaska - Inconcentes Condenados 7" (Beach Impediment)
Veins - Self-Titled 7" (Youth Attack)
Wildstyle - Cause 4 a Riot CS (Icy Palms)
Yeulma - Black Beats Bloc-Note CS (Errata C20 Series)


HDD Radio #115: Beats 'n' Raps 'n' Tapes 'n' Shit

Here's some beats, some raps, and some other stuff. Hope ya dig.
Potential triggers include: ignorant raps.

Fela Kuti – Zombie
Eddou XL – Samba on Saturn
Yeulma – Elle me Ragarde
Wildstyle – Exploits of the Lyrical Legend
Blu & Damu the Fudgemunk - Beast Mode (feat Cashus King, Shawn Jackson, Yamin Semali & Local Blacc)
Apollo Brown – Dominance (feat Aztec the Barfly, Kid Vishis, Vstylez & DJ Los)
Gang Starr – Bad Name
Schoolboy Q – Die Wit Em
Wiki – Chinatown Swing
Funk Mob – Ride to This
Federal B – Reminisce (feat N.O.M.)
Capital Tax – Trunks of Oakland
Too $hort – Rap Like Me
DJ Raw B & Luke Sick – Creep Player



HDD Radio #114: Heavy Metal & Punk Rock

Something something, peanut butter and jelly, white on rice, bacon and eggs, etc.

Medusa – Transient Amplitude
Malice – Captive of Light
Iron Maiden – Back in the Village
Overkill – Second Son
Unurnment – Inevitable Suffering
Nihilith – Crimson
Tentacle Centipede – 97
Abysmalist – Lascivious Rupture
Cyperplasm – The Psychic Hologram
L.O.T.I.O.N. – Gabber Punks on Dabs/Downed Police Helicopter
Physique – Rhythm of Brutality
D7Y – Klukkan Telur Nior
Rhot – Bloo
HIRS – Pedazo (feat Martin Crudo)
HIRS – Still Can’t Kill Us (feat Romantic States)
Institute – Dazzle Paint
Soga – Fiambre
Heterophobia – Me Das Asco
Haircut – El Tiempo
Obsessio – Gracies
Irreal – Fi Del Mon



HDD Radio #113: The Breakfast Nook

Welcome to the Breakfast Nook. What's cookin'? Jazz, dub reggae, coffee, pancakes, and electro.

Eric Dolphy – The Prophet
Eric Dolphy – Iron Man
Dr. Alimantado – Bessed Dressed Chicken in Town
Yabby You & Michael Prophet meets Scientist – Know Your Culture
Prince Far I – Long Life
Clive Chin – Oh Jah Dub
I-Roy – Roots Man (Observer Mix)
Midnight Star – Freek-A-Zoid



HotDogDayz Radio Master Tracklist, part 2 (Episodes #56-112)

One hundred twelve episodes deep, and we've only repeated a song two or three times at best. And peep those playlists. You can try to find another radio show like this one, but you won't be able to because it ain't out there. If it is, let us know. I bet they listen to ours.

See part 1 (Episodes #1-55) here.

2 Foot Flame - Peacock Coal WFMU 1997 (live)
21 Savage – FaceTime
7,000 Dying Rats – Altar of Goat Skulls
9 Shocks Terror – Attack With a Gasmask
98 Mute – Growing Old
Abdullah the Butcher – Butcher's Theme
Aberrant – Recipe for Death
Above The Law – Freedom of Speech
Abstract Rude – Sadly Ever After
AC/DC – Let Me Put My Love into You
Accept – Guardian of the Night
Accion Mutante – Wonderful World
Acrylics, The – He Wants a Baby
Action Bronson – Compliments to the Chef
Aesop Rock – Kirby
AFI – Weathered Tome
Afu-Ra – Bigacts, Littleacts (feat GZA)
Afu-Ra – D&D Soundclash (feat Coco Brovaz)
Afu-Ra – Defeat
Afu-Ra – The Body of the Life Force
Against – Against
Against – Obsession for Power
Against Empire – Threat to Existence
Agents of Satan – Castigo del Brujo
Agnostic Front – Fuck All Authority
Agression – Intense Energy
Agression – Non Person
Al B. Sure! - Misunderstanding
Alex Gibson – Punk Parade
Alfred Panou & Art Ensemble of Chicago - Je Suis Un Sauvage
Alice Cooper – I Am the Future
Aliotta Haynes Jerimiah - Lake Shore Drive
All – Million Bucks
All – Silly Me
Allan Braufman – Chant
Allan Braufman – Destiny
Allan Braufman & Cooper Moore – Suite One (Live at WKCR May 22, 1972)
Althea & Donna - Going to Negril
Anaraquia Vertical – Alpha
Anarquia Vertical – Omega
Anatoly Vaparov – Invocation of Water
Anatoly Vapirov – Invocation of Spirit
Angelic Upstarts – Police Oppression
Annette Peacock - My Momma Never Taught Me How to Cook
Anteloper – Fossil Record
Anthrax – I’m the Man
Anti-Cimex – Daughters of Pride
Antidote – Something Must be Done
Antionette – I Got an Attitude
Anti-System – Government Lies
Antoinette – Lights Out, Party Over
Antoinette – Unfinished Business
Anxiety – Lizard Lads Under a Rock
Apex Theory, The – Mucus Shifters
Apollo Brown & Planet Asia – Deep in the Casket
Appendix – Money is Not My Currency
Archie Whitewater – Country to the City
Arise – Turned to Stone
Arms Race – Empty Creed
Arrivals, The - Frontline
Articles of Faith - Buy This War
Asayake Production - Kick Of no.16
Asphalt Legion - Buddha Funk
Asphalt Legion - Punked Like the Rest
Asphalt Legion - Straight From the Asphalt
Atavistic – Perpetual Motion
Ataxxia –
Ataxxia – Falling
Atilla – Revenge is Sweet
Atlantic Starr – Secret Lovers (live)
Atmosphere – The Abusing Of The Rib
Attak – Murder in the Subway
Audio Two – Top Billin’
Autograph – She’s a Tease
Avail – 92
Avail – Tuning (live)
Average Joe – Coppertone (feat Gene)
Average Joe – Crossroads
Average Joe – My Life
Awkward Why? – Battlestar Galactica intro
Awkward Why? – No Idea
Awol One & Nathaniel Motte – Sexy Molecules
Awon & Phoniks – Mad Lethal (feat Ill Concious & Hex One)
Awon & Phoniks – Time Continuum (cuts by DJ Fellbaum)
Awon & Phoniks – True to the Facts (feat Anti-Lilly & DJ Fellbaum)
AxDxBx – Algumas Mulberes Tom Giromba
Azna de L’Ader – Samedi Soir
Azna de L’Ader – Zalouma
B-52’s, The – Butterbean
B-52’s, The – Theme for a Nude Beach
Babes in Toyland – Map Pilot
Babes in Toyland – The Quiet Room
Baczkowski / Padhamabha – Trachea pt.2
Baczkowski / Padmanabha – Trachea pt.1
Bad Brains – The Regulator
Bad Religion – Modern Day Catastrophe
Bad Religion – Oligarchy
Bananarama - Cruel Summer
Bandage – Sven Brutal
Bang – Keep On
Bang Tango – Someone Like You
Barcelona – Es Asi Como Te Quiero
Bauhaus – Rose Garden Funeral of Sores
Bay Area Art Collective – Motivation
Beastie Boys – Holy Snappers
Beatnuts – Sandwiches (Original Version)
Beherit – Grave Desecration
Beherit – Witchcraft
Beta Blockers – Bruxism
Bhopal Stiffs - One Track Head
Bib – Piece of Mind
Big Crux – R-13 The The – Angels of Deception
Big Drill Car – Let Me Walk
Big Drill Car – Mag Wheels
Bikini Kill – Live D.C. ’92 (excerpt)
Bim Sherman – Lovers Leap
Bitch Boys – Impopular
Bizex-B – Diamond Star
Black ‘N Blue – Great Guns of Fire
Black ‘N Blue – One For the Money
Black Devil – Timing, Forget the Timing
Black Flag – Modern Man
Black Star – Children’s Story
Black Uhuru – Sound Man Style (In Dub) (feat Sly & Robbie)
Blackalicious - Cliff Hanger
Blackhouse – Numerology
Blank Spell – Dance
Blank Spell – Nervous Language
Blistered – The Poison of Self-Confinement
Blondie - Telephone
Bloody Monk Consortium – Red Tags
Bobby Brown - Every Little Step
B-One - Empire Staters
B-One - The Life We Leed
B-One - Verbal Affairs
Boogie Boys – Run It
Bosta – Larcia Anal
Boston Strangler – If I Was You
Boston Strangler – If I Was You
Bouncing Souls – ‘87
Boy Harsher – Pain
Brain Dead – A Soldier's Story
Brainoil – Black Static Void
Brand New Heavies – People Get Ready (remix)
Brand Nubian – Live Stage Banter
Branford Marsalis – Lykief
Breakfast - Kagami
Breathilizer – Life of Terror
Breathilizor – Explosion of Strangulation
Breathilizor – Piano of Metal Poser
Breeders, The – Roi
Brother to Brother – Chance With You
Brotherhood Creed - Helluva
Brownout – Shut ‘Em Down
Buckshot – Ridin’ Steamer (Born 2 Lose) (feat Criminal Manne & Primo)
Bug, The - Oh, Brother!
Burning Spear – Jordan River
Burning Spear – Workshop (Red, Gold and Green)
Butthole Surfers – The O-Men
C.H.E.W. - Still Stuck
Cabaret Voltaire – Walls of Kyoto (live)
Can – Doko E, part 1
Cankro – Domesticado
Cankro – Minha Cabeca Em Um Poco
Capitalist Casualties - Friends Go Down
Carcass – Oxidized Razor Masticator
Cardopusher – How Deep is Your Love
Casual – That’s How it Is
Chain Cult – Overflown Decay
Charles Bronson – As Fucked as a Gator
Charles Bronson – Skate for God
Charles Bronson – The Story of My Life
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers – Frustration II
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers – Furious Party
Chess Moves - Back to OC
Chicks on Speed – Polar Love
Choice of My Own – Skate for Fun or Shut Up & Die
Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family – Trouble Maker
Christian Death – Desperate Hell
Chronixx – Spanish Town Rockin’
Chuck – Armistice Day
Chuck Cirino – Theme from Deathstalker 2
Ciccione Youth –
Cinder – By My Own
Circle Jerks – Wasted
Circus vs. Andre Afram Asmar – We Are Not Alone
Civil Dissident – Death for a Buzz
Claw Hammer – Sundown
Clear Focus – Not Like You
Clell Miller’s Corpse – No Witnesses
Cliterati – War on the Poor
Coaccion – Quebrantado
Cocksure – Razor Invader
Code 13 – Rage Against the Mainstream
Codek – Tim Toum
Coke Bust – Fuck Bar Culture
Cold Lake – Murder Room
Concealed Blade – The Cruiser
Concealed Blade – The Cruiser
Conflict – I Heard a Rumor
Convenience – Adult Contemporary
Convenience – Doors Are Closing
Cool C – Pump it Up Now (feat Steady B)
Cool C – Watch Your Back (feat Mentally Gifted)
Corn/Monkey Genetic Splice, The – Frog
Corrective Measure – Right Direction
Corrupted Morals- Mr. Liberty (demo)
Count Vertigo - I'm a Mutant
Country Joe & The Fish – Rock & Soul Music
Country Joe McDonald – Feel Like I’m Fixin’ to Die
Cowboy Junkies – Me and the Devil Blues
Cranberries – Dreams
Crass – Birth Control ‘n’ Rock ‘n’ Roll
Crass – Buy Now Pay as You Go
Crass – Rival Tribal Rebel Revel
Crime Lords – Criminal Thoughts
Crime Lords – Tons of Paper
Crimeapple & Big Ghost – Another Round
Crimeapple & Big Ghost – Crime State of Mind
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Sea of Madness
Crossed Out - Crutch
Crude SS – Nazi Go Home
Cure, The – Screw
Cyberplasm - Nihilistic Dictator
Cypress Hill – How I Could Just Kill a Man
Czarface & MF Doom - Meddle With Metal
D7Y - Þú Ert Ekki Til
Da Buze Bruvaz - ???
Da Buze Bruvaz – Steam
Daddy Yankee – Corazones
Dag Nasty – Exercise
Dana Dane – Delancey Street
Dana Dane – Keep the Groove
Daniel Son & Futurewave – Don Shulas
Dank Goblins – Gassed
Dare – Dare
Dare – Time’s Up
Das EFX – 40 and a Blunt
Das Racist – Relax
Daudyflin – Turblettir
Daudyflin – Utlendingasofnun
Dave Liebman – Loft Dance
Davy D – Get Busy (feat DJ Hurricane)
Dawn of Humans – Blurst of Cope Coppers
Dawnbringer – One-Eyed Sister
De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jame Named Saturdays
De La Soul – Sho Nuff (demo)
Dead Flotsam and Jetsam – Suffer the Masses
Dead Kennedys – Life Sentence
Dead Kennedys – Too Drunk to Fuck
Dead Milkmen – Bleach Boys
Dead Milkmen – Let’s Get the Baby High
Dead Moon – Don’t Burn the Fires
Dead or Alive - My Heart Goes Bang (live)
Dead Tech – Catalavox
Death – Killing Spree
Death – Together As One
Decemberists, The – Shankill Butchers
Deep Puddle Dynamics – Heavy Ceiling
Denim & Leather – Passioned Fruit
Denmark Vessey – Halal Avacodo Toast
Denmark Vessey – High Noon Titan
Denmark Vessey – Sellout (feat DrxQuinX & Vic Spencer)
Deny The Cross – Gutter Kiss
Deny The Cross – Teens in the Graveyard
Descendents – All-O-Gistics (live)
Descendents – Kids (live)
Descendents – Weinerschnitzel (live)
Descendents – When I Get Old
Descreto 77 – You Don’t Move an Inch
Desmond Dekker & the Aces – Reggae Recipe
Despise You – Cry to the Bleeding Sky
Despise You – You Can’t…
Destroyer – ’88 Let’s Go
Detoxi – Death of a Nation
Deviated Instinct – Mechanical Extinction
Deviates – Land of Opportunity
Diat - Disintegrate
Diat – Schadenfreude
Diat – Schadenfreude
Die Like a Dog Quartet - Jazz Festival Berlin 1995 (live)
Die Slug Car, Yep – Home
Dinosaur Jr – Thumb
Dio – Eat Your Heart Out
Dio – I Speed at Night
Diplo – Color Blind (feat Lil Xan)
Dischange – Visions of Horror
Disclose – Nightmare
Discourse – Hey Mang (feat Flu)
Discourse – Zoo (feat Raven)
Disembodied – Burning Cupid
Disenchanting the Romantic – Nascentes Morimur
Disrupt – Give it Back
Disturbers – Money to Burn
Disturbers – No Savors
DJ BryBry – Fun in the Oven (excerpt)
DJ Eons One – Eggnog Benz Instrumental (Grand Killa Con)
DJ Format & Abdominal – Dirt
DJ Fresh x Jay Worthy x Mitchy Slick - Fantastic Four (feat IAMSU)
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Summertime
DJ Marz – On Tilt 101
DJ Paul – Sweet Robbery
DJ Python - Cuidado
DJ Qbert - Demolition Pumpin Squeeze Musik (excerpt)
DJ Sotofett – Version
DJ Spanish Fly – A.B.C.D.E.F.G. (Don’t Fuck With Me)
DJ Zirk – 2 Thick
DMarc Cantu – No Control
DNA – ???
DNA – Forgery
Dojoji – Quincunx
DoNormaal – Adja (prod Brakebill)
Don't Talk to the Cops - Murderburger (feat OC Notes & Rachel Ratner)
Double – The Captain of Her Heart
Down By Law – Punk as Fuck
Down By Law – Straw
Dre Skull – Loudspeaker Riddim (feat Beenie Man, Natalie Storm, Machel Montano, Popcaan)
Dream Probe – Demonios
Drug Control – Because of You
Drugs Of Faith - Memoranda
Dryland – Mosslord
D-Styles - Beautiful Ugly Sound
Dude York – Paralyzed
Duke Edwards & The Young Ones – Is it Too Late?
Durag Dynasty – Trailer Mix (feat Phil Da Agony)
Dystopia – Jarhead Fertilizer
Dystopia – Love / Hate
Dystopia - Slaved Chains
Ecostrike – Worth
Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue
Edith Massey – Punks, Get Off the Grass
Eel – Always Never
Eerie Von – A Lover’s Knot
Ego Likness – Burn Witch Burn
Electric Wizard - Doom Mantia
ELO - Diary of Horace Wimp
Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim – Kalaari Suite (Jazzman)
Enchanter – Progressive Entrapment
EPA – Same Shit-New Day
EPMD – Get Off the Bandwagon
EPMD – Hardcore (feat Redman)
Epoxies, The – Need More Time
Eradicator, The - One Rung At A Time
Erang – March of the Grey Legion
Estradasphere – Smuggled Mutation
Evanescence – Haunted
Evidence – Bad Publicity (feat Krodon)
Evidence – Love is a Funny Thing (feat Styles P, Rapsody & Khrysis)
Evil Hippee – Wizardrum Circles
Evil Hippee – Satanic Dub
Ex-Cult – Ties You Up
Existereo – Sundials (feat Medusa & Mikah 9)
Ex-Pop – Oh Rosalyn
F(0.049;24)= – Transcomminications Medley
Fabulous Downey Brothers, Tha – My Career (Live)
Fabulous Downey Brothers, Tha – The Bottom
Face to Face – Disconnected
Fadela & Sahraoui – Mani
Failed Species – Questions
Fairport Convention – Matty Groves
Fat Boys – Yes, Yes, Y’all
Fat Joe – Still Real
Felix Menkar – Buscando El Espacio Interior
Fence Cutter – Recoil
Fireflies & Gareth E. Rees – A Vision of Duncan Sharp
Firehose – Relatin’ Dudes to Jazz
Firehose – Sophisticated Bitch
Fisherspooner – Emerge
Flatbush Zombies – Info Beams
Fleetwood Mac - The Chain
Flogging Molly – If I Ever Leave This World Alive
Flotsam and Jetsam – Deviation
Foghorn – Into the Fog
Foot & Mouth – I Want My Mommy
Footprints – Pelan
Foreign Objects, The – Wrestling is Real
Forgiveness Denied – All for Show
Fossil Fuel – 12 Step Program
Foul Godz – New Life
Foul Mouth Jerk & Gus Cutty – Fuck That Noise
Freedom – Anti-Poison
Freestyle Fellowship – When the Sun Took a Day Off and the Moon Stood Still
Fried Egg – Eggshells
Fried Egg – Side by Side
Full Contact – Still Here
Funeral Nation – Visions of Hypocrisy
Fury –Death Yellows Life and Reason
FYPM – Steubinville City Limits
Garabato – Unknown (live 2/26/14)
Gauze – Ghostlike Crime
Gay Kiss – Fatal Earth
G-Dane – Coolest of the Cool
Geld – Parasitic Fucker
General Ludd – C
Gensu Dean & Wise Intelligent – Damn
German Oak – Raid Over Doesseldorf
Ghostface Killah – I Declare War (feat Masta Killa)
Giant Swan – Dare
Ging Nang Boyz - あいどんわなだい (2009 12" EP, Side A)
Glam - Flechas
Glue Gun – The Scene is Not For Sale
Gnod – Real Man
Golden – Dangerous Minds
Golden – Don’t Stop (instrumental)
Golden Smog – Pecan Pie
Goldie Hill – Don't Send No More Roses
Goldlink – Summatime (feat Wale & Radiant Children)
Gospel of Mars – Hammish
Government Issue – Anarchy is Dead
G-Peck & Luke Sick – Civil War
G-Pek & Luke Sick – Ben Davis Shirt
Grabbies, The – Hate Delirium Fucks My Brain (live)
Grabbies, The – I Want to be Blind (live)
Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five – Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel
Grand Puba – Lickshot
Grauzone – Eisbar
Green Day – Christie Road
Green Day – Sassafras Roots
Green Day – When I Come Around
Grodeck Whipperjenny, The – Evidence For the Existence of the Unconscious
Grodeck Whipperjenny, The – Inside or Outside
Guess Who, The – Guns Guns Guns
Gutter Knife – Take Back
Guy - Groove Me
GxFxCx – Metallik
Haircut – Seeking
Hank Snow – I’m Moving On
Hank Williams & Anita Carter – I Can’t Help it if I’m Still in Love With You
Happy Mondays – Loose Fit
Haram – The Prophet
Healer – Aparicoes Doces
Healer – Calamidad
Healer – Extremo Oeste
Healer – Poder Jovem
Healer – Sete Anos de Dor
Heavy Temple – In the Court of the Bastard King
Hellbent – Meat for the Grinder
Helmet – He Feels Bad
Helmet – Street Cab
Heterophobia - Silencio Absoluto
Hexenbrett – Farben der Nacht
Hibushibire – Trepanation Breakdown
Hi-Five - She's Playing Hard to Get
HIRS – Invisible (feat Shirley Manson)
HIRS – Trans Woman Dies of Old Age
His Hero is Gone – T Minus Zero
Hoe Frat Hoe - Education
Holder’s Scar – Runt
Holokaust – Genocide Factor
Horror City – Big Time Rush (demo)
HR – Fool’s Gold (Dub)
Human Agony – Satanic Immersion in Goat Piss
Human League - Don't You Want Me
Husker Du – Data Control (live Goofy’s Upper Deck, 8/12/83)
Husker Du – Erase Today
Husker Du – Hate Paper Doll
Husker Du – Ice Cold Ice
Husker Du – It’s Not Peculiar
Hüsker Dü – Writer's Cramp
IAMPAUL – Illo Brillo
IAMPAUL – Shorty
IAMPUAL – Frame Brake
Ice Cube – Who’s the Mack?
Ice Lord - Mac In The Coat
Iggy Pop – Search & Destroy (live)
Ignite – Ash Return
Ignite – Embrace
Ill Bill – Severed Heads of State (feat El-P)
Ill Repute – It’s Not Gonna Happen to Me
Ill Repute – President
Immortal Fate – Confession
Immortal Fate – Fatal Dose
Immortal Fate – Question of Existence
Impalers – Technology
Impotentie – Vuur In De Lucht
Imprints – Everyday (feat Circus, Awol One & Hedgehog)
Imprints – Nicky Cruz Blues (feat Awol One & Destrukt310)
Impulse Manslaughter – Crimes
Incubus – Azwethinkweiz
Infectious Garage Disease – Live at Gilman St. ’87 (excerpt)
Infest – Sick-O
Inside – Wizzard King
Insight & Damu – You Couldn’t See Me
Intensive Care – Scopophilia
Intifada - FLA
Invaders, The - Spacing Out
Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man
Irreal – Rebre
Irreversible Entanglements – Enough
Jacinthebox – Wipe the Church
Jaga Jazzist – Animal Chin
Jakki The Motamouth – Positive Rap
Jakki The Motamouth – Radiofriendly
Jakki The Motamouth – Underground Address
Janet Jackson - Alright (feat Heavy D)
Jason Webley – Icarus
Jazz Crusaders – Impressions
Jean Deaux – Birthday Suit, part. 2
Jeff Gilson – Suite Pour San Remo Ouverture
Jenny Hval – Female Vampire
Jeru the Damaja – God of Rhyming (demo)
Jeru the Damaja - Ya Palyin' Yaself
Jesus Lizard - Mouthbreather
Jim Dandy – Ready as Hell
Joey Bada$$ - A Day in the Life
John Coltrane – Acknowledgement (live) (excerpt)
John Prine – The Way the World Goes Round
John Talabot - Voices
Johnny Horton – Johnny Reb
Joni Mitchell – Woodstock
Josef K – Variations of a Scene
Joy Division – Decades (live)
Juares – Hindernis Und Folge
Judas Priest – Hot Rockin’
Judge Nothing – Memphis
Jungle Bros - Hear Ya Want What We Got
Jurassic 5 – Improvise
Just-Ice – Welfare Check
K9 Posse – It Gets No Deeper
Kabaka Pyramid – Kontraband (feat Damian Jr. Gong Marley)
Kalbata Mixmonster – Congo Beat the Drum (feat Major Mackerel)
Karim Jamal – Pelon Rising
Karmix – Sabhyata
Kayer – Bboy-4-Life (feat DJ Icewater)
Kayer – Metro Illness (feat Spoon)
Kazino – Binary
Keel – Because the Night
Keel – Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal
Keel – Speed Demon
Keelhaul – Everything's a Napkin
Keita Sano – Leave the Floor
Khrysis & Elzhi – Self-Made
Kick Axe – Stay on Top
Kid Capri – Loud & Clear (feat Lost Boyz)
Kid Capri – Unify (feat Snoop Dogg & Slick Rick)
Kid 'n Play - Aint Gonna Hurt Nobody
Kilo G - Ima Hoe
King Ayisoba – Sooba
King Ghazi – Shameleh
King Sun – Mr. Policeman (demo)
King Tee – Ko Rock Stuff
Knapsack – Skip the Details
Kompound – Flies
Kool G. Rap - Fast Life (feat Nas)
Kool Keith – All the Time
Kool Keith – Mack Trucks
Kool Skool - My Girl
Koreatown Oddity, The – Transmission Blast (feat J-Swift & DJ Yugi)
KoЯn – Chi
Kriegshog - Love Blood
Krimewatch – Peach Generation
KRNDN -7 Eleven
Krokus – Ready to Burn
K-Solo – Lettermen
Kurtis Blow – Hard Times
Kurtis Blow – I’m Chillin’
L.O.T.I.O.N. - Head Programmer
L’Roneous – The World According to Gurp (DJ Eons One Remix)
L’Ultimo Arcano – 1984 1985
L7 – Nonexistent Patricia
La Luz – Call Me in the Day
La Luz – Dump Face
La Misma – Moradia
Lady Bee – Junts We Choke (feat Skinny Pimp & Lil Gun)
Lagwagon – Weak
Lärm – It’s Not What It Seems to Be
Lärm – It’s Up to You
Lärm – Mouth Full of Teeth
Lärm – The Complexity of Life
Larma – Konkurrens At Livet
Last Waltz – Tunnel Snakes (Red Axex & Naduve Remix)
Leak Bros. (Cage & Tame One) - G.O.D.
Leather Jacuzzi – Don’t Touch Me (I’m a Punk)
Leeway – Enforcer (live)
Legion of Parasites – Sea of Desecration
Lemonheads – I Hate Your Friends
Lemonheads – Sad Girl
Les Savy Fav – Blackouts on Thursday
Les Savy Fav – Roadside Memorial
Less Than Jake – 9th at Pine
Life’s Blood – Never Make a Change
Life’s Blood – Not for the Weak
Limp Wrist – Façade
Limp Wrist – Systems in Place
Limp Wrist – Wrap Yourselves in Me
Line of Sight – No Need
Lizzy Borden – Roll Over and Play
LL Cool J - 6 Minutes of Pleasure
Longfellow – Rowena’s Theme
Look Back and Laugh – ???
Loose Nukes – Government Body
Lord Ishawn & the Bronx Outlaws – The Kid's Got It Goin’ On
Los Nativos – Elements (Dubplate Lookout)
Los Nativos – Tierra (feat Mario Morales)
Lou Harrison – Song of Quetzalcoatl
Loudness – Face to Face
Low Profile – Think You Can Hang?
Lowest Priority – Get a Clue
Lucas – Fall In Love
Lycanthrophy – The Morning After
M.I.A. – Visa
Mak & Pasteman – Automatik
Makaya McCraven – Icy Lightning
Mammal – Repulsion
Man is the Bastard – Heretic’s Fork
Maria Zerfall – Wohin
Mary J. Blige - Real Love
Mass Influence - Rhyme Placement
Massive Attack – Daydreaming
Massive Attack – Everywhen
Masta Ace – The Big East
Mateo Kingman – Mi Pana (Atropolis Remix)
MC Lyte – 10% Diss
MC Lyte – Shut the Eff Up Hoe
MC Pooh – Sex, Money & Murder
Meat Puppets – Eyeball
Meat Puppets - Mirage
Medusssa – Cover Gurl
Medusssa – Demons
Medusssa – Por Los Chicos
Melvins - Set Me Straight (demo)
Mendacium – Decimating Titans
Merkit - Paycheck Mercenary
Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls
Metallica – Hit the Lights
Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs – Murder Rap
MF Doom – Potholders (feat Count Bass D)
Mick Jenkins – Healer (feat Jean Deaux)
Micranots, The – Off Beats (feat Malcolm)
Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Don’t Know How to Party
Mike Watt – Sexual Military Dynamics
Miles Davis – Green
Miles Davis – Yellow
Mind Driver – Remember When
Minima - Volver
Ministry – So What (live)
Minor Threat – Look Back and Laugh
Misled Youth – Your Life
Miss Violetta Beauregarde – Sesso Illustrato Per Silvestrin
Missing Persons – Rotten to the Core
Mock Execution –
Morte Lenta – Live at Pajucara Anti-Fest 2013 (full set)
Mother Love Bone – Man of Golden Words
Motley Crue – Live Wire
Motley Crue – Primal Scream
Mountain Goats, The – Werewolf Gimmick
Mr. Live & Tony Bones – Hold Me Back (feat Prince Po) (demo)
Mudhoney – Touch Me I'm Sick (remastered)
Muga – Grotesque
Murder City Devils – 364 Days
Muro – Exclusividad
Muro - Prisonersos
Mutada Pintado – Red Zone
Mutual Jerk – He’s Harmless
My Bloody Valentine – Loomer
My Bloody Valentine – Touched
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Dimentia 66
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Kooler Than Jesus
Nails, The – 88 Lines About 44 Women
Nakt – Acid Sleng
Nas - Mobb Deep Freestyle
Nasti – Nastiest (live)
Natural Elements – Do Your Thing (demo)
Naughty by Nature – Every Day All Day
Nazamba - Vex
Necrogosto – Blasphemous Upheavel
Necrot – Breathing Machine
Negative Approach – Excavate (live ’83)
Nehil Invocation – Nights of Transcendent Possession
Neon – Contained
Neurosis – Bury What’s Dead
Neurosis – United Sheep
New Edition - If it isn't Love
Nickodemus – Immortals (Body Move) (feat Fémina Gitkin)
Nightmare - Sense of Worth
Nimam Spregleda – Fire
Nimzo – Fratelli
Nimzo – Tribute for C (feat Yutaka Hirasaka)
Nine Inch Nails – Eraser
Nnamdi Ogbannaya – iVyTRA
No Age – Impossible Bouquet
No Crisis – Fight Song
No Fun At All – Should Have Known
No Le$$ – Ruff and Tumble
No Use For A Name – It Won’t Happen Again
No Use For A Name – Straight From the Jacket
Nocturnal Emissions – Fat Slimy Parasites
NOFX – Release the Hostages
NOFX – What's The Matter With Kid's Today?
Non Band – Duncan Dancing
Noname – Casket Pretty
Norfside Heroes – Hang Wit Us
Norma Jean – Some Place to Cry
North Memphis Playas Click - Intro
Nosebleed – My Rules
Nuclear Assault - Critical Mass
Nurse - The Anchor
O.G. Style – Playing it Cool
Obsessio – Suicidio
OC & PF Cuttin’ – ???
Odes, The – Love is Like a Violence
Official Spill- Level 15 (DJ Eons One Remix)
Offspring – Genocide
Offspring, The – Demons
Oldiminion – Dawgs of War
Omegas – Pandemonium Man
On Tilt – All Liquored Up
On Tilt – Detox with More Liquor (Grip Grand remix)
On Tilt – Keeps Paging Me
On Tilt – Mess on Tilt (feat DJ Recspin)
On Tilt – Vrse on Tilt
Original  Koffee – Raggamuffin
Os Replicantes – Surfista Calhorda
Overkill – Hammerhead
Padded Cell – Everybody Fuck
Padkarosda – Repedesek
Padkarosda – Uzott Vad
Padkarsoda – Alakvalto (remix)
Pain – Man in Front
Paintbox - Cry of the Sheeps
Pandemix – Conceptual Fuck
Paradise – Clepto (feat BigBear)
Paranoia – Graveyards of Hell
Paternoster – The Pope is Wrong
Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott – Sundial in the Shade
Pavement – Unseen Power of the Picket Fence
Peanut Butter Wolf - Mobbin'
Pegboy – Sinner Inside
Pegboy – Superstar
Pennywise – Kodiak
Pennywise – Nowhere Fast
Pescado – Chanquete is Dead
Pescado – Pescado Nordico
Pete Rock – Rather Unique (AZ instrumental)
Peter Brotzmann & Steve Noble - Mouth on Moth
Peter Tosh – Ketchy Shuby
Phil Moody Quintet – Body and Soul
Phish – All Thing Reconsidered
Physique – Nuclear Fucker
Physique – Why Survive
Pickle Park – Two Puaurter
Pissed Jeans – Activia
Pissed Jeans – I’m a Man
Pist, The – Destroy Society
Pitchshifter – Everything Sucks (Again)
Plack Blague – Boyz Club
Plack Blague – Live at KFJC (excerpt)
Planet Asia & Gensu Dean – Chichi, Get the Yayo
Plutocracy – Dankstahz
PoisonNinjaClub – Henry Rollins is a Table-Flipping Maniac
Polemic – Frightening Protection
Poor Righteous Teachers – Rock Dis Funky Joint
Popol Vuh – Morgengruss II
Porkos Leprosos – Ciclo Comsumista / Divino Trapaceou
Portishead – Numb
Possessed – My Belief
Possessed – Pentagram
Post Teens - Got a Problem
Power Trip – Lake of Fire
PowerPCME – Honda Civic Windows Down
Preening – Associated Press
Priests – JJ
Priests – No Big Bang
Prime Evil – Living in Fear (demo)
Primus – The Ol Diamondback (Fisherman’s Chronicles, pt.3)
Propellerheads – Better?
Protocol – De-Militarized Zone
Protoje – No Guarantee (feat Chronixx)
Public Enemy - Kevorkian
Public Enemy – Unstoppable (feat KRS-One)
Public Image Ltd. – Poptones
Pure Disgust  – White Silence
Pusha T – Hard Piano (feat Rick Ross)
Q-Tip – Native Tongue (ATCQ demo)
Quasimoto – Jazz Cats, pt.1
Queers – Rambo Rat
Queers – Sidewalk Surfin’ Girl
Queers, The – Little Rich Working Class Oi Boy
Question The Answers – Fight, Fight!
R.A.M.B.O. – Jobstoppers
R.E.M. – I Remember California
Rabid Minds – Don’t Worry
Race Car – I.S.S. is for Me
Rakta – Astativos de Mentira
Rakta – Rodeados Pela Beleza
Rancid – Ballad of Jimmy & Johnny
Ratt – Sweet Cheater
Raven – Mind Over Metal
Raw Nerve – Nervous Habits
Realized – Grindguignol Experience
Red Death – Slashed to Bits
Red Death - Usurped
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Mellowship Slinky in B-Major
Red Transistor - Not Bite
Red Transistor – We’re Not Crazy
Redman – Cosmic Slop (feat Erick Sermon & Keith Murray)
Redman – Rock Da Spot
Reef Hustle – You'll See
Regulations – Sex With Jesus
Replacements, The – Color Me Impressed
Replacements, The – Kids Don’t Follow
Reptiloids - Выходя из гробов
Revelation – Jah Feelings
Rezeegtnuk – Unknown (medley)
Riistetyt – Blood-red Class War
Ripchord – Crush Apartheid (demo)
Roc Marciano – The Prophecy
Roc Marciano & DJ Muggs - ???
Roht – Ekki Snerta Mig II
Rosy Finch – Hyde Formula
Rough Cutt – Cutt Your Heart Out
Run the Jewels – Legend Has It
Russell E.L. Builder – Builder
Russell Haswell - The Surface is Unrevealing
Saara Saara - X (live)
Sabbat – Mythistory
Sabbat – The Clerical Conspiracy
Saccharine Trust – Community Lie
Saccharine Trust – Emotions and Anatomy
Saccharine Trust – We Don’t Need Freedom
SAFIA – Make Them Wheels Roll
Samo DJ - Downer
Sarcasm – Drainpipe
Savages – Husbands
Sawpit - Standards
Saxon – Strong Arm of the Law
S-Brothers – Throw Hex
S-Brothers – Throw Hex Bonus Beat
Scorpions – Make it Real
Scorpions – Speedy’s Coming
Scorpions, The – Animal Magnetism
Scorpions, The – The Zoo
Scotty – Draw Your Brakes
Screaming Trees – End of the Universe
Screeching Weasel – Hey Suburbia
Screeching Weasel – We Skate
Screw 32 – Sticks and Stones
Sean Price – Negus (feat MF Doom & Ike Eyez)
Sean Price – Rap Professor
Seatbelts, The – Time To Know ~ Be Waltz
Seaweed – Sit in Glass
Sebadoh – Cecilia Chime In Melee
Sebadoh – Junk Bonds
Seven Ages of Man, The – The Age of Conception
Shaved Women – I Don’t Belong Here
Shawty Pimp - Comin' For Ya Ass
Sick Head – Human Host
Side By Side – Living a Lie
Side By Side – You’re Only Young Once
Sievehead – Set the Tone In
Sin Palabres – Salsita
Skams – Discoglin
Skinny Boys – We’re Awesome
Slaine – Coke Money Jones (feat Easy Money & Chilla J)
Sleaze Beeze – House is on Fire
Sly & Robbie – Bad Girls Dub (Black Uhuru instrumental)
Sly Fox – Let’s Go All the Way
Smashed Gladys – Lick it into Shape
Smiths, The – Unhappy Birthday
Smoke DZA – Arn & Tully (feat The Kid Daytona
Sneaker Pimps – Tesko Suicide
SNFU – In the First Place
So Pitted – Chop Down That Tree
So Pitted – Get Out of My Room
Social Drift – Unknown Porraloka – (Drugs)
Society of Friends – Damage III
Soga – Me Persiguen
Sole - We Will Not Be Moved (feat Ceschi &Noah)
Son Seals – Funky Bitch (live)
Sonic Youth – Cinderella’s Big Score
Sonic Youth – Lightnin’
Sonic Youth – Making the Nature Scene
Sonic Youth – Titanium Expose
Sonic Youth – White Kross
Sonic Youth & Yamatsuka Eye - Kontakte, pt.3
Soul Asylum – Cartoon
Soul Asylum – Sometime to Return
Soul Position – Mic Control
SpaceGhostPurrp – She Moan
Spazz – And You Thought We Were Kidding
Spazz - Zodiak
Spazz  - Death Rivals of Shaolin
Special Ed – Ya Wish Ya Could
Special Interest – Disease
Special Interest – Fluid (Bound 2)
Special Interest – Young, Gifted, Black, in Leather
Sperm - Rashes
Spitboy – Emaciation
SS Decontrol - Boston Crew
SS Decontrol – Fight Them
SS Decontrol – Headed Straight
Stalin, The - カタログ (GO GO LP, 2nd Song, Side A)
Starvin B – Who Am I
State Hate – End Race Hate
State of Alert – Gate Crashers
Static-X – Otsegolation
Statler Brothers, The – You Can't Have Your Kate and Edith, Too (live)
Status IV – You Aint Really Down
Steady B – Get Physical
Stetsasonic – Talkin’ All That Jazz
Steve Arrington – Nobody Can Be You
Stigmatism – Ego Maniac
Stigmatism – End is Near
Straight Faced – Convictions
Strange U – Shots
Stretch & Bobbito KCRW excerpt, year unknown
Strong Arm Steady & Statik Selektah – Fair Fight
Stryper – Co’Mon Rock
Sturgill Simpson - In Bloom
Stygian – Hope Not War
Style Skillz – Fake Cats
Subincision – Life Sucks
Subtle – Return Of The Vein
Suicidal Tendencies – Disco’s Out, Murder’s In
Suicidal Tendencies – Possessed to Skate
Suicide Machines – Pins and Needles
Sully – Encona
Summers Sons – Colours (feat Mr. Slipz)
Sun Ra – Adventure-Equation
Sun Ra – Mystery, Mr. Ra
Supa Gsus - Collapsed Bridge
Supa Gsus - Dirt Free Cemetary
Supa Gsus - Ghost Shadowz
Surgekill – Post-Carnage Mishap
Swarrrm - Suffer
Swollen Members – River Monster
Syndrome 81 – A Coupe de Gegne
Syze One – Killer Combination (feat Max Smart, Z-Man, Ki’Lani, Messy Flesh & Luke Sick)
Syze One –Turn Invisible (feat Luke Sick & DJ Quest)
SZA – Drew Barrymore
T.S. Monk – Bon Bon Vie
Tabla Beat Science – Ap Ket Baras (live ’02)
Tad – Crane’s Café
Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans – Tsugaru Jongara Bushi (Shin Bushi)
Teaze – Heartless World
Teengenerate - Right Now
Ten Foot Pole – Think of Tomorrow
Termanology – Men of Respect (feat Method Man, Raekwon, Cappadonna, Bad Luck & Low Eyes)
Terry Funk – We Hate School
Tha Alkaholiks – L-I-K-S
The 1628 Factor – Factory Assembly Line
The Alkaholiks – Tore Down (feat Loot Pack)
The Beatnuts – World’s Famous
The Bug vs. Earth - Dog (feat JK Flesh)
The Chi-Lites – Have You Seen Her
The Delfonics – La La Means I Love You
The End it Biteth Like an Adder – Lottery Ticket
The Jedeyes – Earth Memories
The Jedeyes – I’d Rather Be Broke (and Have My Respect)
The Stains - I'm Normal
The The – Angels of Deception
Thelonious Monk – Epistrophy (live)
These Bastards – Burn the Fucker Down
These Bastards - Burn This Fucker Down
Thetan – Missing Person
Thin Lizzy - Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)
Those Legendary Shack-Shakers – The CB Song
Tiger Army – Incorporeal
Tit – Ant
TLC - Hat 2 Da Back
TNT – Tell No Tales
Toddy Tee – I Need a Rolex
Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood
Tom Troccoli’s Dog – Todo Para Mi
Tomb Mold – Final Struggle of Selves
Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Psychedelic Reggae
Tommy Wright - Street Type Nigga
Tony Molina – Look Inside Your Mind/Losin’ Touch
Tony Molina – Wrong Town
Too $hort – What Rap?
Tora Tora – Guilty
Tracy Chapman – Fast Car (excerpt)
Tragedy – Black Against Night
Trappist – Victims of a Bomber Raid
Trash Talk – Birth Plague Die
Tribesmen - The Tribe
Tricky – Tear My Eyes Out
Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death – Final List
Troop - My Love
Troy Ave – Prize Fighter (feat Avon Blocksdale & King Sevin)
TST – Innocent
Tsunami Bomb – 20 Going On...
Twangbangers – I Gotta Get Drunk
Twangbangers – Truck Drivin’ Man
Twilight 22 – Electric Kingdom
Twilight Fauna – Tongues of Knowledge
Twin Hype – Nothin’ Could Save Ya
Twisted Sister – Out of the Streets
Una Bestia Incontrolable – Estic Buit Per Dins
Una Bèstia Incontrolable - Runes, Decadencia
Uncle Tupelo – Effigy
Underachievers, The – My Prisim
Unholy Grave – In Silence
Unhuman Society Death – Detect (demo)
Unified Right – Power Struggle
Unknown Artist – ???
Unknown Canadian Trio – ???
Unruly Boys – Unruly Stomp/Red with Rage
Upside – Nati Per Soffrire
Urban Dance Squad - Deeper Shade of Soul
Urban Guerillas – Your Cheatin’ Heart
Uroshitma – Unknown
UTFO – Bite It
Vaaska – Poder Absoluto
Vallenfyre - Instinct Slaughter
Velvet Underground – The Black Angels of Death Song
Venom P. Stinger – Going Nowhere
Venom P. Stinger – Precious
Violation Wound – Resist, Deny, Defy
Violation Wound – Worthless Figurehead
Violence to Fade – Insult to Injury
Violent Femmes – Black Girls
Vitamin X – Human Plague
Void Ritual – A Mockery of Flesh and Bone
W.A.S.P. – B.A.D.
W.A.S.P. – Love Machine
Wale – It’s Complicated
War Called Peace – Feed Me
Warcollapse – One Last…
Warthog – Death’s Hand
West Street Mob – Breakdancin’ Electric Boogie
Western Tink & Beautiful Lou – Bounce
Whipping Post – Pull the Cord
White Pigs – New Life
Widow Prizum – Danger
Wiki – Litt 15 (feat Your Old Droog)
Will To Power – Dreamin’
Willie Nelson – Funny (How Time Slips Away) (live)
Willie Nelson – Hello Walls (live)
Willie Nelson – Night Life (live)
Wire - Ex-Lion Tamer
Wolfgang Tillmans - Fast Lane
Wrath – Warlord
Wrathchild – Trash Queen
Wu-Block – Cocaine Central
Xinobi & Lazarusman – See Me
XTC – Here Comes President Kill
Xylitol – Shit Buffet
Yabby You - Chant Down Babylon
YG – Still Brazzy
Young Slaya – Funky Fresh Dope
Young Slim – Can’t Get Caught Up
YourYoungBody – Scabbed Over
Youth Brigade – Wrong Decision
Zsa Zsa Sapien – Madame Kollantai