HDD Radio #52: TC Zine Fest Wrapup, Dad Rock, CDs Rule, Etc.

Hey, please take the the time to listen to me talk about TC Zine Fest and play some dad rock. CDs rule, am I right?! No, seriously, thanks for taking the time to listen to this if you are in fact taking the time to listen to this. I very much appreciate it.

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The Cult – Big Neon Glitter
The Cure – The Empty World
Necromatik Sunshine – Necromantic Sunshine
Angels & Agony – One (Allergic Mix)
Billy Childish & The Singing Loins – The Double Axe
Billy Bragg – Youth of America
Bob Mould – The Last Night
Screaming Trees – More or Less
Jane’s Addiction – Pigs in Zen
Faith No More – Chinese Arithmetic
Pavement – Serpentine Pad
Pegboy – Sideshow
Down By Law – All American
Lagwagon – Parents Guide to Living
Face to Face – Nothing New
Wackies – Next to Jah

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HDD Radio #51: Zine Release Special

Back with another installment of your favorite bi-monthly radical music dosage. This time around I started off with a bunch of heady EDM-y post-punk-y groovy stuff, eventually made my way to a cornucopia of brand new punk & hardcore, and wrapped it all up with some throwback powerviolence. Toss in a couple of late-night radio breaks (man, do I sound tired) and you've got yourself an episode of HotDogDayz Radio.

I'm also celebrating the release of a brand new issue of Soda Killers magazine. It's got a ton of really cool stuff in it that I'm sure you'll dig. Check it out here.

Thanks for listening!

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thee.n.o.b at gmail dot com

Zsa Zsa Sapien – Foreign Muck
Dele Sosimi – Dance Together (dub)
214 – Greenbelt
Public Image Ltd. – 1981
Der Zeltweg - Guano
Bad Breeding – Burn This Flag
Blazing Eye – Brain
Chew – Protect & Swerve
Culprit – Culprit
Dye – Boys In Blue
Good Throb – The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock
Leisure World – Something to Get Through the Struggle
Lumpy & The Dumpers – Subordinate
Mad Existence – MDW
Marbled Eye – Corners
Murder – Hangman
No Time – Man In Uniform
The Bug – No Shit
Primal Rite – Hatred in a Mask of Flowers
Spazz – Return of the Wall of Death
Capitalist Casualties – Life’s Currency Aftermath
Look Back and Laugh – Hero’s Salute
Spazz – Gnome Servant

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Soda Killers Magazine #12 OUT NOW~!

HotDogDayz presents... 
Minneapolis, MN + Fall 2016 

Inside you'll find...

An in-depth interview with Brandon Pearce, former NFL free agent and singer of Memphis, TN hardcore act Reserving Dirtnaps.

Michael Francis' love letter to the most recent incarnation of Transformers vs. GI Joe comic book (IDW Publishing).

Jim Gies talking about some of his favorite discount bin records and tapes.

Photos of Athens, GA rail graffiti courtesy of Robert Newsome.

Me getting all interpersonal about some of my favorite magazines, and some cassette tape reviews.

36 pages cover-to-cover, half-size, photocopied in black & white with some color.

I'm completely comfortable saying Soda Killers is the best punk, rap, and graffiti magazine on the planet.

-Nathan G. O'Brien