Cha Cha Cha...kablamerred

UPDATE: Someone played Teenage Bottlerocket, which is some totally tolerable give-it-time-and-you'll-get-into-them type pop punk, followed by Motley Crue's entire first album.  Not our fault, but we weren't mad at it.  I think it went like this: Lucy's, The Unicorn, Cha Cha, and then the Redwood. 

Scroll through this really fast and you'll get an idea of how we felt experiencing it first hand.  iPhone pics by RO'B from Seattle...

Cha Cha Lounge, Seattle, WA, 10/28/12

Cha Cha Lounge, Redwood Inn, Seattle, WA, 10/28/12


We'll List That: State Fair Eats

New Feature. We'll List That. Just lists of things. That's it, more or less. First one is things we ate at the State Fair. 

We'll List That: State Fair Eats
We went to "the Great Minnesota (and rural Wisconsin) Get Together" a couple times this past summer and ate a whole bunch of stuff. Here it is, listfully yours...

Round 1
Australian Potatoes
Bridgeman's Brownie Sundae
Gopher Dairy Barn Milkshakes: strawberry, vanilla
Heritage Square Buffalo Burger
Heritage Square Elk Burger
Footlong Hot Dogs
Cheese Curds
Island Noodles: veggie
Dimitri's Gyros
Dino's Gyros
Sweet Martha's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Round 2
Peter's Chilli Dog
Falafel King on a Stick: falafel
Food Building Dairy Bar Vanilla Shake
Green Mill Pizza: pepparoni, sausage
Rutana's Hot Apple Dumpling w/Ice Cream
Footlong Corn Dogs
Kiwanis Chocolate Malt
Panda Garden Spring Rolls
Milk Bar: 3 cups
Dimitri's Gyros
Sweet Martha's Chocolate Chip Cookies


In the Red

Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA, 10/27/12


SEA Heights part 2

iPhone pics by RO'B from Seattle...

Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA, 10/27/12


SEA Heights

Seattle Public Library, Seatlle, WA, 10/27/12


Record Review: WAR//PLAGUE-On A Darker Dawn

WAR//PLAGUE-On A Darker Dawn (Profane Existence)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

Minneapolis’ scene veterans WAR//PLAGUE have finally released their debut full-length LP On A Darker Dawn.  They are veering in a slightly different direction while still snarled up in their crust punk roots. The conglomeration of styles and genres is varied enough though that it makes it difficult to put a solid label on them. Sure, in simplest of terms they are crust, but they are also quite a bit more than that too. (I used to call them post-ambient black metal crust-core or something like that. But let’s be honest here, what the hell does “post-ambient” even mean?)

Much of the band’s progression in sound has to do with a new drummer coming aboard for this record. The D-beaten barrage is still aggressive as ever, but there are noticeable tempo shifts and double kick rolls abound, resulting in a fierce convergence of percussion. You need not look any farther than “The Holy Blood” as an example of how good death metal-like pummeling sounds when given the crusty treatment.  ...read full length review right about here.


Postcard from RO'B from Seattle

Seattle awaits your arrival...

Shot with iPhone, Seattle, WA, 10/24/12

Nice. See you soon!


Hang the GOP

Mpls, MN, 10/23/12

Just this.


Oh, what's that, someone went and got himself a Twitter?

It wasn't me.  No, no, no, I killed that shit a long time ago after what I will now only refer to as "The Incident."  Let's just say dem bad bitches is cray cray and I don't need that in my life any longer.  Plus I ended up hating on Nikki Sixx and Chris Jericho, two people that I really liked before, 'cause of their non-stop stupid Twitter shit.  That's the thing about Twitter, it totally breaks down the wall between celebrities and regular 'ole people, exposing them all as self-centered idiots just the same.  Now I don't particularly care for the idea of celebrity anyway, so I like it when they get trolled by some rando from trailer park in rural Wisconsin, but do I really need to know that Morgan Eastwood thinks Donnie Darko is a good movie?  First of all, no shit.  And secondly, welcome to eleven years ago!  Anyway, if you ask me Twitter should only be used for jokes and shameless self-promotion...but mostly just jokes.

HDD co-conspirator Nathan G. O'Brien--who rarely contributes anymore, I might add (hint, hint buddy)--has caved in.  One of the new outlets that Nathan will be writing for pressured him into getting Twitter because that's how they want their readers to interact with their writers.   Plus, he's really good at shameless self-promotion and jokes anyway, so why not, right? 

So if you're so inclined, you can follow Nathan on Twitter, where I'm sure he'll be #humblebragging, over-analyzing MTV's The Challenge, and posting his WODs (and hopefully linking to HDD every once in a while [hint, hint buddy].)  You can do that at @OMG_NOB.  I have to hand it to him, his first Tweet was hella funny.


QUEST ORGANISIS in the works

In the grand tradition of rappers who announce collaborative projects long before they ever see the light of day, HDD and SKYDSN are proud to announce...ah, well, none of us are rappers, and this isn't really an official announcement, so much as it is a post-it note for you to stick in the back of your brain near the place that reminds you every so often that MF Doom and Ghostface Killa were supposed to be doing an album, but, like, we're workin' on something together, which will definitely be really fucking awesome, and for sure will see the light of day when we're good and ready.  So there.


Saint Paul Fall Art Crawl '12

Tom Abel, Cracked Clay, www.crackedclay.com

Josh Geiger, Momentary Glimpses of Haunting Beauty, www.geigerart.net

Bob Brocken: Fish Maker, Pices Ceramics, www.etsy.com/shop/piscesceramics

St. Paul Fall Art Crawl, Back Alley Gallery, St.Pl, MN, 10/13/12 


Record Review: Oiltanker-Shadow of Greed/Crusades

Oiltanker-Shadow of Greed/Crusades (Southern Lord)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

Hailing from Hartford, Connecticut, one of the oldest and wealthiest cities in the United States, on the surface doesn’t exactly scream crust punk, but Oiltanker’s existence is further affirmation of one of the most appealing aspects of crust, that it subsists virtually everywhere bubbling under the surface: angst-ridden, socio-politically conscious, and in stark opposition to the surrounding affluence and excess. And on Shadow of Greed/Crusades Oiltanker accurately conveys the infected scabbiness of fringe society one Dis-beaten track after another.  ...read entire review here.



Yo, its time to clear out some space around HDD HQ as we prepare to put out a couple new issues. If you're interested in getting some free zines, or, preferably, trading for them, holler at the email address.

HotDogDayz #1 sold out
HotDogDayz #2
The Soda Killers #1
The Soda killers #2
Restore The Power #1 sold out
Restore The Power #2
Restore The Power #3
If You Stink At Getting Ladies, Call Me #1--4 sold out
If You Stink At Getting Ladies, Call Me #5
If You Stink At Getting Ladies, Call Me #6



Scene Report: UFC on FX Live at the Target Center

UFC on FX live, Target Center, Mpls, MN, 10/5/12

There were a couple reasons I didn't want to go to this show tonight. First of all, it was a total waste of a card. Perhaps I"m spoiled because last time the UFC came through town we had GSP and Brock Lesnar on the card. Even so, I can't imagine anyone would really want to watch this on TV either. That, and I would no doubt end up being seated in front of some arm chair MMA fans (most likely from rural Wisconsin) that feel its their duty to call the fights move-for-move ("Oh half guard...oh, back the full guard...and back to the half guard...oh, almost got full mount.") and announce how they would have scored each round. ("Dude, I had that at a 10-8, bro." "Bro, are you kidding me, dude? That was totally a 10-9 round. He had cage control--come on, bro dude.") Well, I said fuck it and went for it anyway...

I grabbed an $80 ticket from a scalper for $20 and entered just before the main show on FX started. Upper deck was blocked off. Lower deck was three quarters full at best, but probably more like half full. I sat in a section where there were no idiots in front of me or behind me for several rows. They couldn't have made a lot of money on the gate. Dana was papering the show the day before at the weigh-ins, and in the days leading up to it, there were several opportunities to get free tickets around town. Lackluster enthusiasm in general. Lots and lots of booing. Say what you will about booing, but tonight I must admit--and I'm not a fan of booing fights--it seemed totally warranted. Dudes would not engage.  Even with the quick tapout in the first fight and the two knockouts later it's a more or less a shit show--shit card to begin with, followed by shit fights, equals shit show. This is something anyone could have predicted by simply reading the lineup. Lots of grumbling in audience during the whole thing, and especially on the way out. Sounded like people are pretty pissed about paying full price for it.  I would have been too. As unfortunate as it is, really the most exciting fight of the night happened in the crowd during the Ellenberger match in the section I was in. Aside from the fact that a poor gentleman of small stature got beaten bloody by two Jersey Shore-esque steroid monsters--seemingly unprovoked, I might add (wrong place, wrong time for him)--it was more action than anything on the main card. To his credit, Dana White did his best throughout the breaks (which were very, very long) to take photos and shake hands with as many fans as possible. Although it looked at times like he was more interested in chatting with Vikings defensive end Jared Allen than he was watching the fights. Who could blame him? Ronda Rousey was there too.  I'm fairly certain she and Dana are fucking.  You can tell by body language and the way the look at each other.  (If this news breaks, you heard it here first.) Overall, it was a completely underwhelming experience. Even the spectacle of live UFC couldn't save this one. It's really too bad that the UFC is so over-saturated and/or watered down that people don't get excited--even at a live event--for fights that don't feature big names.  Shit was totally lame.



cum once, cum twice, cum infinity

The dayz are counting down. Gigantic party. Get it in.