Record Review: Get Rad-Choose Your Own Adventure 7"

Get Rad-Choose Your Own Adventure 7" (Halo of Flies)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

...Being made of concrete would be kind of be the opposite of rad though, which is weird because rad is kind of exactly what these guys want you to get. I mean it would be cool if you got in a fight or something. Your opponent would have to be made of jackhammer or ten years of bad weather to fuck you up. But if you wanted to cuddle with your sweetie, it would probably be really uncomfortable for them. And as much as fighting rules, cuddling is like, a million times better.  ...read entire review after the jump!


Dear HDD, I'm Over You

What the fuck is with you "guys?"  Yes I put guys in quotes.  Because I'm not entirely convinced it isn't the same couple people posing as different personas.  If that is the case how fucking lame is that?  Pathetic!  But anyway the main reason I'm emailing you is because I feel that you need to kill this thing.  HDD is fucking bullshit nowadays and gay as all hell.  Everything is backdated and feels as though it's lacking in effort.  Plus, what is really the point of this blog anyway?  Oh yeah, it's a blog by the way.  NOT a website.  And it's not considered published work so I don't know why you're wasting your time with it.  You write some really good stuff and you put up some decent photos every once in a while, but like, (as you say, like, all the damn time) what is the fucking point of this blog?  I think I originally came here a couple years ago because I Googling for something funny about local Juggalos.  Then I started enjoying the way you "guys" would add your spin to the way you covered things locally.  But now it's pretty clear it has run it's course.  When you have to backdate posts it means you don't care anymore.  What I'm trying to say is, please kill it.  I'm over it anyway, so I'm gone from this point forward, but you should save yourselves any further embarrassment and kill it now!  And since I'm on my way out the door, I have a few things I'd like to say about how you fags liberally throw around terms like "punk."  If this is punk then everything I have ever known about punk was wrong because this is clearly not.  Punk isn't about fashion and graffiti and heavy metal and rap or fucking pottery.  Punk is a way of life.  A way of life that you "guys" are clearly not living.  Just because you have a Sex Pistols shirt does not make you punk.  Or wait, you're "normies" now right.  Or was it hipsters?  Or what the fuck?  There is so much bullshit terminology thrown around in the stuff you "guys" write that is anything but punk.  And I bet you don't do graffiti you just take pictures of it.  Oh, how punk!  Fuck digitized bullet belts and gay ass "Crass font!"  Sorry, got carried away.  The point is, "guys", please kill it.  It's over.


ps, I bet your zine sucks too.  Haha fags.

You're way out of line with that not-a-website comment.  How dare you!  

PS: You're totally wrong about the zine, man. 



RE: I'm So Uncool: Things I Normally Like But Are Sort Of Pissing Me Off Lately

Well it's time for another installment of I'm So Uncool.  A series in which we list things we like/don't like/could care less about/have strong opinions about etc., etc.  As always, we welcome any and all contributions.  Send yours to I'm So Uncool at bnb@hotdogdayz.com.  In the meantime, here are some things I normally like but are sort of pissing me off lately...

Chicken Breast
There are not of options for eating clean.  You got your green veggies, citrus fruits, almonds, egg whites, whey, and lean proteins.  Lean proteins are basically limited to poultry, fish, and cuts of beef with "top" and/or "round" in the name.  Well, you're not supposed to eat fish more than a couple times a week because of mercury levels and shit, and beef even less.  Which leaves you with poultry the majority of the time.  And let's be honest, poultry basically means chicken.  (Yeah, I know about turkey dumbass, but I'm not talking about nitrate-filled deli meats here; I'm talking about healthy yet economical choices.)  The leanest part of the chicken is the breast, and if you want to keep it that way there are limited ways in which you can prepare it.  So it boils down to that old too-much-of-a-good-thing thing.  Chicken breast, you're one of my favs, but you're monopolizing the clean eating world and that shit is really harshing my gig.

Georges St. Pierre
GSP is the current UFC welterweight champion and one of my favorite fighters ever.  However his last, oh I don't know, million fights have been total snoozefests.  Yes he pretty much dominates everyone he steps in the octagon with but he never seems to go for the finish.  Instead, opting for the unanimous five round decision.  Whether he's out-striking his opponent on the feat or imposing his will in a twentyfive minute humpfest on the ground, he's putting people to sleep.  And where he used to cut passionate post-fight promos, now he just apologizes for being, well, boring.  Georges, you're the man, but goddammit finish someone already!  You're really frustrating the shit out of me.  Also, if you're gay, just admit it.  Trust me, that would be the most badass thing in the history of MMA.

Justin Theroux
Yeah, I know that as a punk I'm supposed to hate Justin Theroux because he wears a Crass shirt to Starbucks in Maibu with his gf Jennifer Aniston and shows up at Hollywood celebrity functions in a patched-up jean vest and mismatched Nikes. Yep, he dares to break the cardinal rule: you can't be both rich & famous AND punk. He must not know that punks are supposed to hate money and success or whatever. Anyway, he had a photo spread in last month's GQ in which he sported two things I extremely dislike: '70s-style gear and a cigarette in his mouth. Justin, I like you but that shit pissed me off.  The'70s is the decade that fashion forgot about, and smoking, well that's just fucking stupid.

Popcorn, you're the best. You're reliable and comfortable, and you have the uncanny ability to make the worst movie watchable or the shittiest bar tolerable. I sincerely love you. But here's the deal: you're always stuck in my teeth and you affect my bowel movements in a really weird way. It's kind of pissing me off.

Runner's Up: CM Punk, Red Hot Chili Peppers, local Hip Hop, The Vikings, The NBA



Scene Report: Backyard Pottery Sale

My homeslices Peter and Jason had a nice little show & sale in a backyard in St. Paul, MN.  It was badass.   There was a keg of beer (that I did not touch, btw) and some really awesome home-baked cookies that had lots of carmel in them (that I had many of, btw), and I met this really cool cat too.  Yeah, so like I said, it was badass.

St. Pl, MN, 10/15/11



oh, that one shiny thing

Weisman Art Museum, Mpls, MN, 10/21/11



Scene Report: Anthrax and Testament live at First Ave

Anthrax, Testament, and Death Angel live, First Avenue, Mpls, MN, 10/16/11

You know sometimes rock stars can really be little bitches.  Such was the case this past Sunday evening when Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante threw a sound check hissy fit that resulted in a forty minute start delay.  All because his kit was off by a matter of what could only be the smallest unit of measurement ever invented.  Listen up band dudes; the audience doesn't give a flying fuck if shit doesn't sound/feel/look good to you up there on that big, big stage.  It's all about us, the $30+ ticket price-paying audience down here.  And what we want is for it to be loud, fast, and in our face.  Now you might like to tell yourself that the reason you're a stickler for perfection is because you want us to be receiving the best possible product as a customer, but we all know that's total bullshit.  You're being an asshole because you're a "musician" now or whatever and you care about "subtle nuances" and shit.  Well we don't.  We didn't come to see Dream Theater, we came to see some fucking thrash.  But I digress...

Death Angel
Aside from the lead singer Rob Osegueda's lengthy dreads, they were pretty unimpressive.  In fact they kind of sucked.  Which hurts to admit, seeing as how I rocked Frolic Through the Park on the regular back in like, '88.  But then again, not totally surprising, considering the only remaining guys from that lineup are Osegueda and guitarist Rob Cavestany.  The latter of which, I hadn't seen in roughly eighteen years--back when he and Frolic-era bandmates (sans Osegueda) were in a band called The Organization.  Their tour with Muzza Chunka made a stop at the Mirage Nightclub in south Mpls.  So in retrospect, I guess that's kinda cool.

Not only does Chuck Billy have one of the goofiest names in heavy metal, he has a redonkulous habit of playing air guitar on his microphone stand.  And it's not just any old microphone stand.  It's a customized half mic stand that lights up in different colors throughout the set.  I normally get really annoyed by lead singers who play air guitar but that fact that Testament rips so damn hard, kind of cancels out the ridiculousness.  These guys played a long time and it was loud and just perfect.  They did a career-spanning set that included some of their fan favorite stuff from The Ritual and "Do or Die" from their excellent first album The Legacy, as well as some songs from the upcoming record The Dark Roots of Earth.  Which I am now looking forward to with great anticipation.  They almost stole the show.  Almost.

After seeing Anthrax a few years ago on the Spreading the Disease reunion tour, I knew there was no way--should I be in the vicinity--that I was ever going to miss a Joey Belladonna-fronted version of Anthrax again.  So I was psyched, to say the least, to hear the news that Belladonna had once again rejoined with his old bandmates to not only tour, but record an album.  And that album--Worship Music--turned out to be one of the year's best records in any genre, let alone heavy metal.  The same can be said for this tour.  As a live act, Anthrax is one of the year's best to come through.  Aside from Benante's apparent crabbiness, the crew looked to be enjoying themselves just as much as us thrashers in the audience.  Lead axe Rob Caggiano--who produced Worship Music--isn't much for showmanship but he really rips.  He mostly just stands there, wide-legged, with a smug look on his face like, "Yeah, I'm really fucking good, and I'm in Anthrax.  You should probably suck my dick now."  Bassist Frank Bello is quite possibly the most excited man to ever play in a thrash band.  He moves about the stage with ferocity of a guy half his age, all while grinning ear-to-ear.  Belladonna makes full use of the entire stage as well.  He looks to be fully rejuvenated in his return to the band.  On more than one occasion he mentioned being a diehard Vinkings fan.  In typical Minnesota fashion, this news was met a less than desirable reaction.  I mean, we did just lose to the Bears a mear hour before so I'm not sure what he was expecting.  Of course, Scott Ian did his signature bald-guy headbang throughout the entirety of the show.  All the guys wore matching shirts, which was kind of laughable, but whatevs.  They're Anthrax; they can do whatever they want.  And what they wanted to do was thrash our faces off.  A task in which they succeeded.  The ratio of old songs to new was about 60% old, 40% new.  Despite several pleading cries from the audience they did not play "I'm the Man."  Clearly, that shit is too goofy for the Anthrax that exists today.



oh yeah, we be seein' you too

Somebody been gettin' ill with the red stencils...

Mpls, MN, Oct-'11


Thank you from The Soda Killers

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Tommies vs. Auggies, Augsburg College, Mpls, MN, 10/8/11


oh, that other one time

Found a couple few rolls of film from last summer. Not this summer but last summer. How crazy is that, amirite? Fuck it, it's your lucky day cuz I got dem rolls 'veloped 'n shit and now you get see them. Whayhaw. Up the kidz!

MN State Fair-2010

Hibbing, MN, Summer-2010



More Biz

Speaking of Nathan: He lost his shit last night during Monday Night RAW.  In a fit of rage, he wrote a "fuck"-laden letter (email) to the Wrestling Observer and Figure Four Daily newslestters (website), which they promplty posted on their front page.  F4W/WO subscribers can read it here.  Everyone else can read it here:

I simply cannot watch/listen to Michael Cole anymore. And here we go with JR again.

This entire thing is a giant shitshow that never, ever, ever, EVER changes. It's worse than Impact because every so often an angle comes up that gets you excited again, whereas with Impact you know up front what you're getting is nothing but nonsensical crap. With WWE you sincerely want it to be good. You want to enjoy it. But they make it impossible. Every good thing that happens they fuck up seemingly on purpose. Seriously, WWE is just horrendous at this point.

When Vince said there might not be PPVs or RAW anymore, I kind of wish he wasn't lying.

I'm not even going to watch the CM Punk/Del Rio match. I'm going to the gym. Fuck this shit.

Nathan G. O'Brien



New Biz

New in HDD biz: Nathan has a couple of old pics accompanying a Scene Point Blank interview with the Dillinger Four's Erik Funk.  They were taken in the summer of 2000 with a disposable camera at an afternoon show at the Turf Club in St. Paul, MN called "Happy Hour with the D4." 

Check out interview here, and more pics here.



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