The Soda Killers issue #4 OUT NOW~!

For the second time this month, we proudly announce the arrival of a new TSK! Issue #4 is here and available for your viewing pleasure.

Rap lists, scene reports, columns, graffiti flicks, and more.  Some great contributions again too: Doomgoblin offers up her thoughts on the impending Neutral Milk Hotel reunion, RO'B From Seattle shares some pics from Bellingham, WA, and  first-time contributor Cheyenne B. talks about the passing of Jeff Hanneman from Slayer.

The Soda Killers #4
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America

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Record Review: Wartorn - Domestic Terrorist / Under Oath 7"

Wartorn - Domestic Terrorist / Under Oath 7" (Profane Existence)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

If you had asked me two years ago if I’d rather hear another Wartorn song or be kicked in the crotch by a Clydesdale that’s wearing a pair ice climbing cleats, I probably would have picked the option that left me crying in the fetal position with bloody underpants and no chance of ever having children. But with arrival of their new 7”—the March edition of the Profane Existence Single Series—it turns out that aside from the painfully (literally) obvious reason, it would have also been a really poor decision because I would never have heard these two tracks.  ...Entire review continues here.


From Atop The Steel Frame #2

Best, part 31 billion: no plan; Ford hill killed me so I did it again, just to make sure - every turn over is one step closer to the top and a lukewarm canned light domestic reward; new Ghostface Twelve Reasoons to Die in the earbuds - Adrian Younge's beats destroy; erroneously interrupted a gal-on-gal makeout sesh near river; Art-a-Whirl was a possibility but I settled for shitty metal bands at The Hexagon instead; hashtags-illegal-on-blog-rule-break: #tryingtoohard



From Atop the Steel Frame

Best night on my bike in Minneapolis part 25 Million: bocce and beers at the Rose Gardens; riding down the middle of side streets in the dark, with a cool pre-storm wind; stopping to tag weird faces on discarded mattresses and maybe two trash cans - hopefully no bed bugs. If the wrong person is asking, it's not me. PBJ from the bottom of my bag; sweat stains on my fitted; need my daily glucosamine now. If you hate summer musings from atop the steel frame, unfriend now - there's likely more to come.

Also, the Harriet Special...


HDD Radio #14: Zine Release Special

Hey weirdos, look, this happened! To celebrate the release of brand new issues of HotDogDayz and The Soda Killers, we let this dude do another show. If you hate the gratuitous use of punk rock and swear words, then you will most certainly hate this. If you love being insulted by a guy who doesn't plan stuff out real well or speak like a human, then you will most certainly love this.
Jesus H Bombs – I Bought the Apple
Wild Child – Viral Load
Shaved Women – Circles
Shaved Women – Every Day Life
Raw Meat – Failed Revolution
Raw Meat – Spite
Raw Meat – Odor of Death
Despise – Desolate
Despise – Inebriated
Wartorn – Domestic Terrorist
Wartorn – Under Oath
Bannylist – Maktspill
Bannylist – Medalie Etter Dom
So Much Hate – Skuggesiden
So Much Hate – Dualeine
Boston Strangler – Disconnect Me
Boston Strangler – Overcrowded
I Will Kill You Fucker – 1981
Rank/Xerox – Drips
No Power – Creeping Faces
No Power – Completion
Wild Child – Brown Nosed
Jesus H Bombs – Food Stuffs

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I need players for my new art school/mysterious guy hardcore band called I Still Got You, Smart Phone. (It's important to come up with a name before anything else.) You can't be under 30, have ever played in a hardcore band, gone to art school, or be a mysterious guy (except for me of course.) Also, if you've ever been on the Modern Radio message board, you're automatically disqualified. For realsies only need apply...



Too Many Rappers: Spring

Too Many Rappers: Spring
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

Well here we are into the first part of May, and I'm wondering where the fuck March and April went. I apologize for dropping the F bomb on you in the very first sentence—though I suspect if you've decided to read a column about hip-hop that you’re at least somewhat into rap, and thus are quite familiar with offensive language, of which, the F word is perhaps the least insulting—so let’s just plow forward here and pretend that everything I just wrote wasn’t a poorly disguised attempt to get my word count up. Truth is I’ve been busy with a couple things not (directly) related to rap that have resulted in my two-month absence from this column. I recently went deep down a neo-grunge/nu-grunge/grunge revival/grunge punk/grunge anything Spotify rabbit hole that strong-armed its way into the corner of my listening space that’s normally dedicated to rap mixtapes. But the biggest deterrent to me getting this done comes as the result of my very real and very serious basketball addiction – a deep-rooted fanaticism that every year during these same months takes precedence over even the most important things in my life. When it comes to watching Tyus Jones play in the Minnesota State Boy’s Basketball tournament, or seeing Chris Webber reunite with his Fab 5 teammates at the Michigan vs. Louisville NCAA Championship game, I will do stupid things like miss family member’s birthdays or forget to feed the cat for days on end. And now that were already into the second round of the NBA playoffs, where there’s a game on every night for the foreseeable future, I very well could damage my health by forgetting to sleep or eat properly, let alone remember trivial things like how there’s too many rappers.  ...Read all about a handful of mixtapes right at this one place that is here.



The Soda Killers issue #3 OUT NOW~!

Hot on the heels of HotDogDayz #3 comes a brand new issue of our punk, rap & graffiti fanzine, The Soda Killers.

48 pages - front to back; record & show reviews, graff flicks and more; photocopied - cut 'n' paste, mostly B&W with some color; no PDFs or mobi files - hardcopy only.

Get into it!
The Soda Killers #3
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America

contact: bnb@hotdogdayz.com