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HDD Summer Series #4: Ten Things I Love About Summer So Far

Welcome to the latest installment of the HDD Summer Series, an episodic offering in which we wax unpoetically about all things summer.  As always, we encourage you, our semi-loyal readers, to send in your stuff to HDD.  Tell us all about your summer and/or summer related biz at bnb@hotdogdayz.com 

Parts 1, 2, and 3.

10 Things I Love About Summer So Far
In no particular order...

Been getting bonus cardio on the courts this summer. Just shooting hoops for the most part but very intense in doing so. Here's how it works: You must play for at least an hour. Set your phone alarm if you need to. When on the court, always be dribbling the ball if you're not shooting or working on a post move or a drive to the basket. When the ball bounces away on a miss (which is totally rare for me, jussayin') you must chase it down and run back to the court. No walking! After every post move or drive, shoot a free throw. If you make it, keep shooting until you miss. Mentally, always put yourself in game mode. Do that Kevin Harlan announcer voice in your head that you used to do when you were a kid. "He's on the line, shooting three. Two will tie it, three will win it. It's been a long and storied comeback season, but this is probably this old man's last shot at the big time." You're the '09-'10 Brett Favre of basketball. When you're completely wiped out, do one more post move, one more drive, and then shoot ten freethrows.

Cold Press
Fuck spending money at the local Dunn Bros; make this shit at home. Throw a cup of ground coffee and three cups of water in a jar together and leave it in your fridge for 12-24 hours, shaking the jar intermittently. Pour the the concoction through a cone filter or a cheese cloth into another jar, and boom, you gots cold press! Drink the strained concentrate as is, or, if you're a pansy, thin it out with water or milk and sweeten with whatever you like.

D4th of July
Each July 4th at nightfall, after spending the daylight hours celebrating our esteemed country's freedom from those fruity Brits (And by celebration I mean a lethal cocktail of booze, hotdogs, and things that go bang), the cool kids ascend upon the Triple Rock Social Club for an annual tradition of punk rock (And by punk rock I mean fat, sweaty, obnoxious, sunburned guys in cargo shorts making ill-advised statements about "freedom" by smoking indoors) courtesy of every one's favorite plumpy pop-punkers, the Dillinger Four.  This year's installment was a little less chaotic than years past, but just as fun.

Domestic Light Beer
When it's hot as shit out, there is nothing better than pounding a gazillion ice-cold domestic light beers.  Take your just-the-right-amount-of-rye-flavor-to-offset-the-spicy-floral-characteristics-of-the-hops and shove it up your air-conditioned candy ass, you fucking pussy.  Real men want "drinkability!"  And chicks diggit too, amirite?

What's that; it's a bazillion degrees outside?  Oh, it's not so much the heat, as it is the humidity?  Oh, okay, well thanks for mentioning it for like, the trillionth time this hour, because like, I didn't fucking notice.  And you know what; it is the heat.  So like, shut up and enjoy it.  Seriously, who is complaining about this?  After the winter we went through, I'm all for this shit.  Bring it on!  Oh, it has been broughten?  Oh, okay, well then, keep it coming or something.  I can handle it.

Rick G used to always say, "Summer is for the beats."  That's what he called hip-hop; the beats.  Around HDD HQ the playslist is heavy with the beats this summer--new stuff from the Cool Kids, Random Axe, Raekwon, Pete Rock & Smiff n Wessun, the Beastie Boys, etc.  And we're digging into the crates too--pulling out MF Doom's Viktor Vaughn and King Geedorah projects, some early aughts Beatnuts, that Edo G and Masta Ace joint from a couple years ago, and some old EPMD cassettes to name a few.  Summer is perfect for the beats.

Moth Eater
Favorite graff of the summer so far is Moth Eater.  It's sparse but it's out there--mostly spotted in Phillips and on the West Bank--same spots as Wolf Pack,Wolf Terror, Bronson and various other PTS stuff.  It's squiggly-lined cursive is unique enough that it stands apart from the other PTS crew tags.

Rock-n-Roll Sex Party
Rock & Roll + Sex = PARTY.  If you were there, you know.  If you were out of town like me, then all you can do is look forward to the next one.  Which I'm told will be even bigger and better and hopefully police-free.  Both Anders and Lars The Heathen got arrested.  In fact Lars may very well be back in jail as we speak.  I have not heard from him since the week before R-n-RSP.

Summer of Punk-Part 2
Finally something in wrestling worth marking out for.  "Summer of Punk" refers to a Ring of Honor storyline from the summer of 2005 in which CM Punk won the the ROH title in what was supposed to his last match in the company before going to WWE.  After the match, he grabbed the mic and cut a promo that was perhaps one of the best heel turns of all time, telling everyone that he was happy to be going to WWE and taking the ROH title with him.  After 6 long years the Summer of Punk is upon us once again.  Usually when great wrestling angles are redone, they never recapture the excitement of the original (NWO, DX, etc.) but Summer of Punk-Part 2 is even better...so far, anyway.   Thank you CM Punk; you're fucking killing it again.  Here's hoping they (Vince, Hunter, Steph, etc.) don't screw it up.

Get the fuck outta town would ya!  Seriously, summer in the TC is bomb, what with the block parties and outdoor patios, and the lakes and all, but northern MN and, ahem, Wisconsin, is beautiful this time of year.  It's also a good time to check out other parts of the country and/or world (except NYC, Boston or Chicago, naturally.)  As much as I love it here, I've thoroughly enjoyed every second of my time away from the city these past couple months. 




Scene Report: Art In The Streets at MOCA~Part 2: More Flicks

Part One: Bam!

Art In The Streets, Geffen Comtemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles, CA, 7/9/11

Steel reeling from this show.  Been having dizzy spells ever since.  It was a lot to take in at one time.  I lost a bunch of photos (47 to be exact) in the transfer from camera to storage space.  Good stuff too.  Oh well, I'm over it...sorta.  If New York gets their shit together, I'll go over there and check it out again. 



Newport Beach, CA, 7/11/11