We had our annual Fall Show & Sale down at the Back Alley Gallery this past weekend. As far as the art goes; it's just getting better and better every time. Folks are bringing their A-game fo sho. Tons of people showed up. Every couple minutes someone I knew was walking through the door. On Friday night, at 10:30pm, a half hour after the show officially ended, the place was packed. Summit donated an unimaginable amount of case beer. We had two kegs as well. (By the end of Saturday afternoon it was all gone.) Nearly everybody sold some art. Here is the list of all the artists, followed by some thee.ography from the show:
Peter Jadoonath
Janna Schneider (guest)
Mike Helke (guest)
Amy Conwell
Jack Elkin
Matt Hartmann
Kate Nelson
Tim Shindler
Christopher Bowman
Molly Chandler
Dereck Settergren (guest)
Nathan O'Brien
Stacey (guest)