3rd times the charm: if at first you dont succeed, try again...and again.

As I suspected (and mentioned in my earlier post,) the weekend did in fact start last night. Continuing on... Tonight a friend and I attempted to add to our already impressive resume, in our endless quest to visit every single pizza place imaginable. However, this particular portion of the journey nearly resulted in epic failure~! Our original target was Jakeeno's, a place neither of us had been to. It didn't really matter to us that we were the only two customers in the whole place. What did matter though, was an untimely power outage. (What would be a timely power outage I wonder? Maybe if the power cut out right as the toaster fell into the bathtub, thus preventing you from totally nude death by electrocution. Yeah, that would be timely...but why would you have a toaster in the bathroom?) We had just decided on which pizza to order when the power cut out. Not just inside the restaurant, but on the whole block. We sat it out for awhile, under candle light, while finishing our respective light beers (she a Miller and me an Amstel) before deciding to head out in search of another place. Our second attempt...and I say attempt because our efforts would once again be thwarted...was an old favorite of mine, Dulono's. She had never been there and we were hungry, so I figured it would suffice. Not happening. As soon as we walked in she thought she spotted someone that she knew neither of us wanted to see. However, it wasn't who she thought it was. Buuuuut, as she was figuring out that it was just a case of mistaken identity and we were in the clear, I actually spotted someone neither of us wanted to see. Someone, in fact, who is directly related to the person she thought she saw! As in best friend. Short story long; this place was too sparse for us to go unnoticed for too long. We made suspicious looking u-turns and hastily exited, all the whilst laughing at how ridiculous we were. Disgusted with the absurdity of being shot down twice in one night trying to get the saucy, meaty, cheesy pie we so desperately craved, we decided to go with an old standby and ended up at Pizza Luce'. To mix it up and because we were in the area, we went to the Uptown location, as she had never been to that one. Twenty minutes and a couple beers later, we were finally in pizza heaven. All said and done, it was actually a really fun evening. Even though I didn't stay out that late tonight, it is past my (school night) bed time for the second time in a row. Besides that, visiting three different pizza places in span of an hour is mentally exhausting!

weekend starts on wednesday...

Went to see SixSixCrush and others at the Turf Club last night. I walked in a little late but the boys were killing it. As if they wouldn't be. Some other band was on next that has some dude in it that used to play in a really excellent band. This newest band however...well, I'm not saying anything. Gay Witch Abortion was next. No surprise, seeing as how they play EVERY show in town. They are good though. No complaints. The headliner Black Cobra, from Cali, was pretty tight. Hipsters are gonna hate me for saying this...but they did remind me of Big Business...in more ways than one. I had my first Mai Bock of the season. Why is it that these mai beers always have to show up as we approach spring, when I'm trying to get in shape? Dang, man. I saw three different people wearing camouflage pants. I tried not to think about whether or not they were all in the same group. Scary.

612 Evil.....

I don't foresee getting much rest from here on out. So for all intentive purposes, the weekend started last night.


Weekend Wrap-Up & Spin the Black Circle~Part 4: I'll Buy That For A Dollar

Still not feeling all that well from the death cold that's going around, I decided to stay in on Friday night. Hung out at a friends house who has cable. So I got to watch the Celtics/Suns game. Two of my favorites: KG and Steve Nash. Shaq is of course, as boring as ever. Also caught a little of the train wreck television that is Celebrity Rehab and Rock of Love II. Wow, I've really been missing out.

Saturday morning was spent on the couch, catching up on the local rags as well as Raw and Impact. (V.2 tapes them for me.) The weather was fabulous so I took the bike out for a spin. Turned out to be a lot colder than I thought so I headed back home for warmer gear. Then went back out riding for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. I took my time riding along the river trails, stopping for some thee.ography. I eventually ended up in the Seward neighborhood for happy hour, where I drank Surly and snacked on delicious bruschetta, while reading and people watching. After a (happy) hour or so it was time to go. Slightly buzzed, I jumped back on the bike and headed to the Electric Fetus to catch a free performance by Gary Louris, who was promoting his new solo album Vagabonds.

I hadn't been to the Fetus for an in-store since I saw Billy Bragg there a few years back, so it was nice to see the place was fairly busy. I took note of Gary's fashion choices, as I am often times one to do. He was wearing the tightest pair of jeans I have ever seen on a 50 year old man as well as what appeared to be slouch style cowboy boots. Not sure who let him out of the house with those on. Other than that, he looked good; like he always does. I was mostly browsing while he played, but I was definitely listening. Brought a smile to my face as I recalled memories of seeing the Jayhawks and Golden Smog several times in the 90's. Mostly at First Avenue and one road trip from Bemidji to Grand Forks on a chilly winter night, with a car load of the Smoke Klowns. I also remembered the time Matt TXP and I drove from Bemidji (again) to Duluth to see Soul Asylum at the DECC. We were outside in the smoking area, right after the opening band (the Honeydogs I think?), trying hard not to get caught hitting a joint that we had bought from my neighbors across the street. (My neighbors sold "piner joints." 4 for $10...or get this, 7 for $20!?!? "Ahhh, I think I'll have two of the 4 for 10s.") Gary was out there too and we considered asking him if he wanted some. We decided against it. Later we startled him when we yelled out "Hey Gary" as he walked by us on his way to his seat. He gave us a confusing look and a wave. We felt really cool. Anyway, back to present times. I really enjoyed the new songs and considered buying the album, but I didn't. Instead I bought some 99 cent vinyl.

Yes! I've been looking for this one for awhile now. The bummer thing is, it has a warp in it and bounces the needle through pretty much the entirety of the first song on both sides. Instead of any of the original packaging, it came with this crumpled up insert from Motley Crue's Theater of Pain. I'm not complaining. After all, it was only a dollar.

I remember seeing these guys in Metal Edge and Hit Parader magazines back in the day, but never really knew much about them other than it was metal. Still don't because I haven't listened to it yet. I wonder if they kick ass...er,axe?

Minneapolis funk!...I assume. Haven't listened to it yet. Not to be confused with Jellybean Johnson, also of the Time, Jesse was supposedly the ONLY musician from the Time that Prince actually respected. It was probably like looking in a mirror for his purple majesty. Look at this dude; Prince much? Jesse is also the first person to bring Janet Jackson to Minneapolis. (As everyone knows she later recorded several times in Mpls with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, also of the Time.) He has and still does produce tracks for many artists, including Wendy & Lisa (of Prince and the Revolution) and an old favorite of mine...Ta Mara and the Seen. Holy shit, I just got caught up thinking about 80s Mpls funk. Anybody remember Mazarati? I can't wait to go home and listen to this now!

This is the Suburbs debut full-length. It's on Twin Tone. A must have for us Minneapolitan music heads. Well at least it is for me. When I was a youngster in the 80s, living up in the woods, this was probably the coolest band in the world to me...and I had never even heard them. I associated them with "the cities" and my uncle and that was cool enough for me. My mom would pack my brother and I into the car every couple of weekends or so and drive us down to the TC to see family and get some culture. We would always be rolling in late, around 10pm or so, and my uncle Robert Look would be getting ready to head out to First Avenue or somewhere. He'd be trying on various outfits: bandannas, sport coats, converse all-stars (never a matching pair), bracelets, whathaveyou, while chugging a beer and excitedly telling us about the band he was going to see. Many times that band was the Suburbs. He always had Suburbs poster's plastered in his room too. He gave me my first ever rock pin. It was the Suburbs famous symbol. (If you squint hard you can see it down in the lower left corner, above the song titles.) So anyway, there was no doubt that I was going to get this one...and once again, it's only a dollar.

I also made an impulse purchase...

I had to. Look at this fantastic cover art!

By the time I got home on Saturday night, the cycling extravaganza had worn me out. I stayed in for the second night in a row. Shocking, I know. (Hey, the rhymes.) Sunday morning, after some in-bed reading, I was up and out the door, Han Solo, for breakfast at the Seward Cafe. My tofu scramble was muy deliciouso. I sat at the counter reading the newsletter, trying to make it as clear as possible to the lady next to me, that I was not at all interested in her politics. The Bookwerm picked me up later and we went to the Perpich Center to see Amy Conwell and the group show she is part of. I believe it is all women that are art teachers. I have known Amy for over ten years now and have seen her and her art come a long way. She is always passionate about her creations and has her hands in many things art-orientated as well. Seeing her continually put herself out there like she does is really inspiring. In fact, it's Amy that really pushed for me to join the Back Alley Gallery collective. She always shows genuine interest in me and my art. So I was more than happy to go see this show. Over the last few years, she has really stepped it up and moved in a whole new direction with her concentration on mosaics. It's really, really, really great!

Later that night I made my way down to First Avenue for F1rst Wrestling. I have seen some of these guys work before at various places and on tape, as well as at First avenue, but it was my first (ha) time at First (ha) Avenue for F1rst (haha) Wrestling. My uncle Jazz was there. (The brother of the uncle Robert, mentioned above.) That is only fitting, seeing as how it's because of him that I am such a fan of the gloriousness that is professinal wrestling. Saturday mornings, watching the AWA with Jazz is where it all started. We still get together occasionally for pay-per-views and almost always talk wrestling when we see each other. He knows I'm a smark, so he always wants insider updates and asks for my opinions. I spotted him across the ring from me because he was wearing a Lucha shirt I printed a couple years ago. The show was pretty deec and I even managed to snag a pic of some chic eating a hot-dog!!!

More pics w/results here.

And that was the weekend...


The Return

It's been awhile. Let the ellipses train roll...Randumb, Dumb, Dumb Thizoughts...Operation Grow A Beard To Cover Fat Face But Actually Make Face Look Fatter Because There Is A Big Fat Beard On It is now in it's second week. Surprisingly not too many people at work are making comments. However, one chick has taken to calling me "Scruffy" every time she sees me. I'm subjected to "What's up Scruffy?", "Hey there Scruffy Face." and "Mr. Scruffy, you're so fuzzy." about 20 times a day. If I could, I would hold out long enough for the boss to have to call me into his office and tell me it was time for me to shave. Then I would tell him it's time for he and I both to find new jobs. Speaking of...Operation Find A Job That Doesn't Suck The Life Out Of Me isn't going so well. Mostly because I haven't really looked that hard. Well I look hard. Like I'm from the streets. But I haven't looked for the jobs all that hard. Not like I don't have a boner while I look for jobs, well I don't, but like I haven't spent a whole lot of time looking for a new job. I'm looking for something big to just land in my lap. (That's what she said.) Kidding; I know it requires some work. In the meantime I'll continue to fuck with my co-workers minds as much as possible. Not all of them, but most of them probably lead boring, ambitionless lives because the corporate world has broken them down. So when I fuck with them, I'm actually not only entertaining myself, but I'm doing them a favor as well. If you're one of my co-workers and you're reading this, then don't worry because it probably aint about you. If for some reason you are offended, perhaps you need to think about that a little. Anyway, I am looking for a new job. If you know of something an intelligent, extremely good looking, jack of all trades such as myself would be good at, let me know...Operation Work Out And Diet So That I Don't Have To Cover My Fat Face With A Big Fat Beard is going pretty good. Except for the diet part, that is. I really enjoy excercise when I make myself do it on a regular basis. Among other things, I've had the opportunity to take some step aerobic classes and that shit is kicking my ass. Now I just need to really concentrate on that diet thing...Operation Find A Jui Jitsu And/Or Grappling Class hasn't begun yet but I am giving it some serious thought. At this stage I'm not looking to get into fighting or anything like that. I'm just interested in learning a competitive martial art and the idea of rolling around with someone is more appealing (that's what she said) than getting kicked in the face....Operation Pick A Festival To Go To This Spring is and has been underway for a little while now. Originally I was for sure going to Rip It Up Fest in Winnipeg. Not so sure anymore due to a few factors: I don't want to drive, airfare is like way expensive, nobody to go with, and there is a good chance I will be older than most kids there by like 10 years. So the new front runner is Chaos In Tejas Fest in Austin, TX. There are a couple reasons for this: Airfare is cheap. My sister lives in Austin, within cycling distance of Emo's, where the fest is. I like tacos. And the number one reason is the confirmed Los Crudos reunion!!! I'd really, really, really like to see that. Anyway, decisions to be made...No more operations...I myself am kinda tired of all the Juno hype. And I loved the film. I have seen it twice. However, what has become even more tiresome is all the Juno and/or Diablo Cody haters. (Wow, I've use "and/or" a few times now.) I have no problem with anyone hating on something. Shit, I do it all the time. Just don't make it so obvious that it's only because of pure jealousy. And, might I mention, some of you haven't even seen it. If you could "make it" like Diablo, you would. So fuck off. Speaking of hating and movies...I hate the Oscars. Don't even get me started. More movie stuff...I saw In Bruges last weekend with su madra. I liked it quite a bit. I recommend it. And as you may or may not know, if I recommend something, it's because it's good...Okay, this is getting way too cocky and haterish. I should probably quite before it gets worse. I am mostly a lover, after all. And a good one at that, I might add. Anyway, here are some things I am loving...pictures of really gross New Jersey clubbers...Chris Jericho's book...the columns in Maximum Rock-n-Roll...Osiris's Feed The Need video (Got it free in a recent issue of Thrasher.)...Breakfast at the Seward Cafe...Atmosphere's Strictly Leakage download...whatever the special is at Sunny Side-Up Cafe...green tea lattes...tea in general...Suicidal Tendencies' Join The Army...and Stuff White People Like...Fuck the Oscars, let freedom ring (???), spit on it and fuck it, have a good weekend, I'm ghost...

Always with the puckered lips????


fat guys in olive green cardigans rule!!!

Don't you hate it when people start their blogs off by saying something like "Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. I've been really busy. I promise to update more often." The assumption that you have a million "readers" that are hanging on your every word, that can't function in their own lives without knowing what's happening with yours, sickens me. Then again, why would we all do this blogging bullshit if we didn't think somone was reading it, right? Anyway, here's what I've been up to...

Matt, Dwitt, Joe, LG and I went to see the splatterfest that is the new Rambo movie on opening weekend. That's Matt draped in the appropriate attire.

We figured that he would be able to walk up to the counter and ask for "One please." If the cashier asked which movie he wanted a ticket for, he'd look back at them like they were stupid and say "Ah gee, which one do you think?"

Last Friday I went to the Timberwolves/Celtics game. No Kevin Garnett. He' still hurt. That was dissapointing, but the game was really good nonetheless. There was tons of Celtics/KG stuff in the place. As there should be. KG is the man. Some shots from my vantage point...

From there, it was off to Stasui's in nordeast for the SixSixCrush album release party. (Which coincided with Timmer's birthday.) There was a decent crowd and the boys rocked it as usual, but the sound was way shitty. It was like they were playing in an echo chamber.

A handful of really wierd, meth'd out strippers showed up about 20 minutes before bar close. Provided for some wacky entertainment.

Saturday, a friend and I went to the Science Museum to see the Cartoon Network show. It has losts of really cool interactive stations where you can learn about the animation process.

I attempted to design my own cartoon character. It didnt last long because I was really uncomforatble...

...I think my chair was just too big for me. If it was just a tad bit smaller, I couldve sat there and drew all day.

This station was cool. It had all these gadgets that you could score your own cartoon sound effects with.

Not to mention, it was inside a neat little cabin with really nice wood paneling.

They also had various display cases with rad stuff like this.

My favorite thing though, was the screening room; a life-size cartoon living room, complete with couches and a ginormous television. I think I know how I'm going to redecorate my place now.

I don't think she's close enough.