When in Ro...Minneapolis

Seems everyone is posting this on thier blogs. Including the City Pages Best Local Blog winner. (Man, how I didn't win that shit, I do not know. BS!) Anyway, I'm following suit...


"Awkward handshakes are awesome."

Back Alley Gallery~St. Paul Art Crawl~Spring 08~!

~! The title of this post is a direct quote said by yours truly, immediately following a botched high five-fist pound-handshake attempt between Mr. G and I on Saturday.
~! We ordered food from the Tea House. I got the "Garlic in Chicken Sauce." Dwitt may have placed the order, all the whilst speaking in his best "Arnold."
~! There was a "python" measuring contest. I won. 16 inches.
~! I was told that my paintings look like the shirts I wear. Interesting.
~! Lot's of family and friends showed up to show their support. Mom, dad, uncles and a famous model named Robert Look. Mother offered lots encouragement, as she is won to do.
~! All copies of Pedal & Destroy had been snatched up by the end of the weekend. That's a total of 20 out there in circulation.
~! I sold a painting (below) that wasn't even on sale. Previously it had been one that's become a staple of sorts, sitting right above our donation box throughout several shows. The girl who bought it from me said she "loved it" and was going to put it in her cube at work because it reminded her of her job. I said "Funny, I thought of it while I was sitting in my cube at work." I was honored that someone liked something I created, much less wanted to own it. 10 bucks.