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August is here...or it will be tomorrow. August, AKA International Canned Beer Month!!!!! Back Alley Gallery's annual canned beer art show opens on Friday. This year we've switched it up a bit. Were totally gnoming crazy with this one. Get ready for it...wait for it.....aaaaaaaaand....BANG!!!

Sword and Gnome Show!!! in your face.
Q. What do swords and gnomes have to do with each other, and more importantly, what do they have to do with canned beer?

A. Your mom.

Q. Seriously though, what the hell are you talking about?

A. International Canned Beer Month Kick-off Party.

Sword and Gnome Show
Back Alley Gallery
262 East 4th Street
Lowertown St. Paul, MN

Opening reception (and canned beer drinking party)-Friday night, August 1st. 7-10pm (or later)show runs through August 17th.
Gallery hours are Sat & Sun 12-5pm

Make it happen gnomads. Its going to be phegnomenal.

Home sweet gnome. Styrognome cooler. ET phone gnome. Indiana Gnomes.

(poster by DWITT. click to make bigger...that's what she said.)



on a roll...

...rolling on...summer is going way too fast...Bicycle Film Fest was in town last week. I saw this and this. Other than the loudmouth, holier than thou "Messenger Jocks" (*TM) sitting next to me on Saturday night, I thoroughly enjoyed the films; even if somewhat repetitious. I hadn't been to the BFF since the year before last. Although I had been big into biking since the late 90s, at the time the fest was the catalyst that changed my approach to cycling. As any loyal reader from the (somewhat regrettable) MySpace days knows, I hopped on the bandwagon, and finally converted that old un-rideable (*not a word) Schwinn, that I found by the tracks, into a single speed with the flip-flop hub. Yadda, yadda, yadda. It's been two years, and I've never been happier. I love riding a bike more now than I ever have....Loyal reader? I don't have those. Who am I fooling?...You know, besides Cancer and premature aging, the sun aint all that bad. But for the love of gawd, use some sunscreen people. I liberally apply that shit. Not since the landscaping days has this fat man looked so tan. Not overdone in a Hulk Hogan type way, but you know, a "healthy tan"...I tell you what; if I never see another tiny cycling cap ever again, I'd be a happy man. Hell, if it wasn't such a convenient way to carry stuff, I'd get rid of my messenger bag too...I love BBQs. Damnit, there just aren't enough BBQs. Please someone, have another BBQ soon. And invite me....Yeah I know, you're not supposed to start a sentence with "And"....or "But", but I did that earlier too....and "Aint" aint a word....A perplexing question that has plagued man since the dawn of time: How does one file the Atmosphere~Sad Clown/Bad Spring ep? If you're going in chronological order, you'd put it after the When Life Gives You Lemons lp. But if you want to keep it with the other seasonal Sad Clown/Bad Dubs (Summer, Fall and Winter), you'd put it before WLGYL; which would seem wrong since it came out after. Or I suppose another option would be to file all the 'proper' albums together and keep the Sad Clown stuff separate. This brings up another problem though: Where would you file Se7en? Technically it is material that came out after Overcast and before Lucy Ford. And also, even though it's 99% a Slug and Ant combo, it originally wasn't released-in it's cassette only form-(which I actually bought from Slug himself, out of his back pack)-as an Atmosphere release, but rather as a Headshots release. Hmmmm....Okay, fuck this. I shouldn't be sitting inside on a summer day, blogging this shit. I'm going outside...you should too...Dang, I might even practice an ollie...Okay, I'm going for a ride and then practicing an ollie....Oversharing? Cocky? Arrogant? You tell me...