No Easy Explanation-TONIGHT!

My homie-a fine, fine man- Dwitt is having a solo show of all new work @ First Amendment Gallery in Northeast Mpls. Opening reception is tonight! Martin Deveney will be playin' some tunes and I imagine there will libations as well. Official time 7-10pm. Can't say for sure, but if it's like previous events at 1st Amend, I would guess it will probably go later than 10...much later. It's gonna be fabulous, that I can promise. Do it!


Bootleg Blog

...at the library. Thought I'd drop a few lines. Not much time so here goes...Randumb Thizzoughts...How is it that I find myself-a life long Vikings fan-an admirer of Brett Favre? A question that has plagued me for the last couple years. My father would be so disappointed. I was really, really, really hoping he'd end up with the Vikes this year. Just for the kick in the pants that would leave poop Packers fans puking. I've come a long way from the days of walking through stores and "accidentally" dropping Favre jerseys on the floor and then "accidentally" stepping on them. Or the time I went down to the Metrodome before a shit Packers/Vikings game, armed with squirt guns, in which contained a unholy mix of urine and purple clothing dye. With a devilish grin I sprayed purple urine at fudge Packers fan's, staining their white Jerseys and running away, cackling wickedly....Speaking of urine bombs...During the RNC festivities on Labor Day I spotted former UFC and Pride FC fighter Jeff Monson at the front lines. I can't say I was surprised, given his rep for political activism. One of the things I always liked about Monson is that while he does practice MMA and fight in a contained sport environment, he lives an otherwise non-violent lifestyle. I was able to snap a couple pics of him. Dude is jacked. I wanted to get a pic of he and I together but, given the emotion of that day, I figured it best not to bother him in that manner. More here and here...Ok, I never really squirted purple urine on Green Bay fans, but it makes for a really good story...There are quite a few TC bands playing Chicago Apocolypticrust this year; Cognitive Dissonance, Animals & Beasts, Detonate and Question. Super bummed about Wolf Brigade cancelling. Fuckin' high gas prices. Looking forward to the weekend nonetheless. Sounds like-if I don't bike it-I should be able to get a ride to and from the shows this time. Also, Chicago has gone smoke-free since last time, so that's a plus as well. Like last year, there will probably be a lengthy report blogged by yours truly....The unfortunate passing of Evan Tanner really bums me out. When I first immersed myself in MMA a few years back, Tanner was one of the guys I really connected with. I loved watching him fight; a guy that never really wanted to be a fighter, doing it because he needed money. Loved his style and all his wacky haircuts. From reading his blogs, you could really get some insight into the kind of drifter he was. I hope they make a movie about this man's life. He will be missed...Dan sent me a Rick Rude tee shirt. It says "Simply Ravishing" with a pic of Rude puckering his lips while applying a headlock to his opponent. I cut off the sleeves, dyed it pink, and-with black marker-wrote "Cut the Music" across the back. Perhaps I'll debut this shirt at the Art Crawl (which BTW, is coming up soon.) Probably with some sort of long-sleeve underneath it, a button, and a hat...On my ride home from work last week, I spotted I Self Divine in action as he was helping some kids do a mural on the West Bank. Really cool to watch him interact with the youth in such a positive manner. Just another reason I Self is the man!...I'm really digging No Age...oop, time's almost up. Thanks for reading. It is very much appreciated. Even though I like to say I do this for myself, it's nice to think that at least one person out there might get a kick out of it. Besides if it was just for myself, then why would I put in on the Internet, right?...And yes, that is Courtney in the pics below...


Where there is a will, there is a way.

A friend of mine has "No Escape" tattooed in scratchy crust punk lettering around the back of his neck. I haven't seen him in quite a few years. Actually, not even sure where he lives these days. Hmmmm...anyway...

All it takes is a little effort.


Mums the word..

...I guess. Looking back, somewhere along the way it became more about the images. Perhaps uninspired? Perhaps too busy? Words will return someday...hopefully. Yeah, for sure.

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