It's cold and it's black but it's beating

I feel like I'm never the first one to say "Good morning." or "How are you today?" I'm always having to be like "Not bad" or "Pretty good" or whatever; and then almost as if it didn't occur to me to ask, I'm like "...Oh yeah, and how about you?" This bothers me a bit. Am I that selfish? (Yeah, probably.) I don't think that it's because I'm not interested. It's just that, for whatever reason, I don't think to ask right away. Someone who thinks they are really smart would probably tell me that it's because I'm an introvert or something. Whatever. Anyway, I've been attempting to change this behaviour and beat people to the punch, so to speak. Also, I've been trying really hard to ask my roommate or my girlfriend how their day was before they ask me.

In other news...


Sometimes when you're walking around downtown..

...with a French man, listening to him talk about The Theater, you can forget where you live; but then you see this and you're like "Oh yeah, that's right."

ps-It says I heart Slug.


Dear BikeNewBlack, Internet Mad~Part 2

To: bikenewblack (bnb@hotdogdayz.com
Mar 26, 2009 8:43 AM
RE: RE: how do i get the internet fired up?
what i meant was like how do i turn it on? it was a joke. i figured you might catch that seeing as how i emailed you. stupid me. stupider you.


Dear BikeNewBlack, Internet Mad

To: bikenewblack (bnb@hotdogdayz.com)
Mar 24, 2009 12:31 PM
how do i get the internet fired up?

Mar 24, 2009 2:33 PM
RE: how do i get the internet fired up?
Body:Its easy; just post something on MySpace like "Anyone that uses Facebook is super gay." See how you did that? You just insinuated that being gay is bad thing-which, I might add, IS NOT TRUE. More likely though, the part that will actually make people mad is that you insulted their Facebook usage-which, I might add, makes them even gayer...if being gay were a bad thing-which, I might add, again, IS NOT TRUE. So, to summarize: gay+Facebook=Internet mad. Good luck.

ps-Of course the fatal flaw in this plan, is that nobody uses MySpace anymore...cause they are all a bunch of Facebook-using homos!

pps-KIDDING! See how I did that though?


Huskies Win!!!

First round victory for Bigfork yesterday. Read about it here and here. Keep on rollin' girls!


not really missing out, but sorta missing out at the same time

Lot's of folks from work are gone to Austin for SXSW. I've only been once before, but I think I got the hang of it: If you're into walking forever, from bar to bar and not being able to get into any of the shows you want, but finding some unexpected jem of a band at a bar not participating in the festival, then you'll think it's a really good time. I'll admit, I'm kinda jealous. If I was there, and I was able to get in, I'd probably go to this...
...and this...
...and go see my boy Dwitt at Flatstock and drink lots of this and hopefully not too much of this and eat BBQ and pizza slices and not sleep at all.

Back In Action

Old Bubblicious was down and out for a bit, but the guys at the Hub hooked me up with the bolt I lost a while back and we are on the road again. Feels good too. This is the bike I will be riding on the tour to raise money for my friends medical bills later this spring. More details to come, as the plan is close to being finalized. Not sure, but I may be the first person to ride a fixie from the TC to Bemidji.

ps-Yes, that is Deja Vu' in the background; and no, I did not go there for the "lunch buffet."


Good Morning

Turn the speakers up, pour a glass and then raise that glass to yourself. Now drink.



My brother-the one I'm jealous of because he gets to ride Mt. Baker whenever he wants-put this little flick together over the weekend.

I'm on board, so keep 'em comin' rbobrien33.

Champions of the North!

Congratulations Huskies! The tradition continues...see you at the state tourney on Thursday!

*pic borrowed from the Basketball in Bigfork blog. (click)

swing and a.....HIT

Yo, anyone that wants to get me an early/late birthday/holiday present, I'll take the coffee mug. Look here!


Dear BikeNewBlack, Job Interview

Dear BikeNewBlack,
You think you are clever. You are not.
-just a normal guy

Dear JANG,
Care to elaborate?

Dear BikeNewBlack,
Why, so you can post it on your blog? NOT clever.
-just a normal guy

Dear JANG,
Yeah, of course. Duh! After all, you did put DearBikeNewBlack in the subject line. Come on guy, give me something to work with here.

Dear BikeNewBlack,
Fuck off.
-just a normal guy

Dear JANG,
Duuuuuude, no need to get all aggro. You sorta made me feel bad when you said I'm not clever; that's all. It's not super painful but it does sting a little; and mostly, I just want to know what you're referencing. All I'm asking for is one example...or, you know, as many as you'd like. Please?

Dear BikeNewBlack,
Basically your post from today about celebrity look-a-likes was not as clever as I know you intended it to be. While I'm at it, I'll point out that your post about not wearing brown is between two posts in which there are photos of you wearing brown. I think you are trying too hard sometimes.
-just a normal guy

Dear JANG,
Dang man, you're on to me. Just one last thing: Do you have a question or need some advice or anything? You can continue to be insulting if you like, but do it in the form of a question please.

Dear BikeNewBlack,
You are ridiculous! Ok, how's this for you, "Can you give me some tips or some general rules to follow so that I can look just like you?!" Sound familiar?
-just a regular guy...............aka SWM!

Dear Single White Male,
Touche', you bastard, TOU-FUCKING-CHE'! My friend, this job is yours if you want it.


When someone says a celebrity looks like you, wouldn't that make you the actual celebrity? Otherwise they would have said you look like the celebrity. Right? I tell ya, it's hard being famous because people are always telling me about regular folks (like this guy) that look like me.

*thanks J-Sho.


Dear BikeNewBlack, SWM?

It's expected that when you post your address online and invite people to ask you for bullshit advice that you're going to get some bullshit emails in return. Every once in a while, amidst the profanity-laden, insulting messages from people like keanureevesnutbutter or cropdustingpukewhore (I suspect they are the same person), I'll find one -even if it's intended as a sarcastic put-down- that I can actually address.

Dear BikeNewBlack,
Long time listener, first time caller. I see your pictures and you seem to be a fairly good looking guy-no homo. Can you give me some tips or some general rules to follow so that I can look just like you?! Like stuff I can't learn from looking at your pictures. No seriously, if I needed help, I wouldn't ask you. Also, I'm thinking of starting a blog where all I do is take pictures of food and graffiti. Good idea right!? Haha sucker.

Dear Single White Male (?),
It's funny you should ask; I was just thinking about a plan of attack for telling the guy at work that wears a brown belt and brown shoes with his black jeans that he should no longer do that because he loses a little more credibility each time he does. As a "general rule"...

1-Brown and black should NOT be worn together. If for some ungawdly reason this has to happen, use a auxiliary color between so that black and brown are not directly touching each other. In fact brown doesn't really cooperate well with anything other than different shades of itself; and even then, It' doesn't look that good. That being said, I do have a few brown items in my closet: my favorite is a cardigan that I'll wear with soft-colored tee or button-up. Otherwise, I try to stay away from brown as much as possible.

2-Invest in grey. Incognizant folks might say grey is boring, and quite frankly, they are wrong. In all actuality grey is quite versatile and refreshing when worn correctly. Use grey as enhancement, allowing other colors to pop or to provide a smooth transition between two pigments that normally wouldn't compliment each other.

3-Wear jeans. Not too baggy, not too skinny (slim is preferred) and no flare legs; and keep 'em pulled up to at least above the butt-crack. Also, no button flaps or wacky designs on the back pockets. That shit is for females. The only dude I've ever seen making back flap pockets even remotely acceptable is Joel McHale and still, that was questionable.

4-Keep the facial hair at a modest level. I know facial hair is hot right now; and I am down with that. Ive been rocking the scruff for years. However, if you insist on growing a Jerry Garcia beard, (or as I'd prefer, an Evan Tanner Tribute Beard,) keep it clean. As part of your daily routine, wash your face and run a comb through it. As well, keep it trim around the edges. Shave from just above the Adam's Apple and down and below the cheek bone and up. As for mustaches, well the jury is still out on that. Ironic mustaches, I suppose are OK, but I'm sorta over the whole ironic thing.

5-Your hair can look like you don't care about it but it shouldn't look like you care about and are trying to act like you don't care about it. You follow me?

So there you go: five tips to get started on looking just like me. Thanks for the call and good luck with the blog!