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papa say yes!

...I'm wearing a striped shirt and polka dot socks today. If I wasn't wearing jeans, it would be like 2006 indie rock was having a party with 1988 hip hop and someone forgot to invite my crotch. Think about it...

...Speaking of polka dots and 1988 hip hop: anyone remember Kwame'?...

...What's up with the U of M students rioting all the time? And like, who determines if rioting is appropriate or not? There seems to be a lack of direction. If the hockey team wins, they riot. If Talib Kweli doesn't show up, they riot. Someone needs to establish some sort of ground rules as to what constitutes a riot-worthy event. Would they riot if the U decided to stop accepting stupid white jocks from the suburbs? Or perhaps, there would be nobody left to participate in the riot?...

...Bacon seems to be at the height of its popularity these days. I mean, just google it and ye shall see. Want to see how this becomes this? Look here, and prepare to have your mind blown by bacon...

...In other news...


Does Richard prefer Checkers?

Art Crawl starts tonight. I got a sneak peek at stuff down at the gallery last night when I was setting up. Aw-inspiring yet again. My colleagues just keep bringing it. No keg this time around but we do have a bar set up. Matt demanded it. I have four four new paintings up. I also have an installation of sorts, which you can buy pieces of. So it's sort of an ever-changing installation. Or will be, that is, if people buy parts of it. It's called Some People Were Born To Rock-N-Roll. Please come on down and hang out with us.

Back Alley Gallery
242 East 4th St. LL#2
Lowertown, St. Paul, MN

Friday 6-10pm
Saturday 12-8pm
Sunday 12-5pm

Oh, and I almost forgot...In other news...


playlist from tueday night

Wavves- Beach Demon
Bad Brains- Pay To Cum
Thee Viceroys- Lloyd Llewellyn
Iggy & The Stooges- Shake Appeal
The Specials- Concrete Jungle
Rites Of Spring- Remainder
Revolver Modele'- Audience
The Ramones- Judy Is A Punk
Rabbit Ears- For And Against
No Age- Teen Creeps
Lost Sounds- Black Flowers
Jay Reatard- I Know A Place
Japanther- River Phoenix
Jaguar Love- Jaguar Pirates
The Hookers- Tell You Brother
Dillinger Four- Gainsville
Cool Kids- Black Mags
Butthole Surfers- Graveyard
Anthrax- Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)
Billy Childish (with The Singin' Loins)- I Don't Like The Man That I Am
Dinosaur Jr- Blowing It
Cage (feat. The Weathermen)- Left It To Us
The Bug (feat. Ricky Ranking & Aya)- Too Much Pain
Brother Ali (feat. I Self Devine)- No Alibis
Jawbreaker- Into You Like A Train

In other news...


Very Special Event Tonight!

Any questions about parking, directions, other stuff? email me: thee.n.o.b@gmail.com
I will be spinning rec...errr, picking songs from my iPod.


:) Devil Say Good Morning :)

...Randumb Thizzoughts: new user-friendly version + links galore...

...Tell me it's not true! My man KG missing out?...

...In case you were confused about the origins of Punk: The 38 year-old Canadian that invented hipsters, wrote a letter to his son. I lol'd...

...Dana says it's "do-or-die" for Chuck. What happens if it's the latter? Retirement? Strikeforce?...

...Stop downloading for a minute and go to the record store! Saturday is National Record Store Day. Get that new Kylesa album...

...Next Tuesday is the Benefit for Lora Conwell. If you're able to, please come and show support. ps-yours truly will be DJing...

...Next weekend is the Art Crawl. Three words: Back Alley Gallery! Two words: Be there!...

...Blog: Davis...Not Elvis. Ex co-worker. Ass-loads of music. Well written and informative...

...Blog: Oh You. Ex co-worker, sort of. Not shy about various things...

...In other news...

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