Out West~Part 4: Pedal For Pizza

Huntington Beach to Newport Beach, CA, 10/27/09.

Dear BikeNewBlack, Less Rock; More Talk

Dear BikeNewBlack,
Seriously, enough with all the photos. If you can't tell by the lack of comments, we actually prefer when you write something. Posting a million pictures is what Facebook is for. At the very least, intersperse some words with the photos so we know what's going on. For instance, who's the hot dude in the wet suit? (OMG, yum!) People get on you for some of the stuff you write, but it's easy to tell, your words are more well received than your images. Smart bloggers recognize their strengths and we know you're not dumb.
Forever Yours,
-Coors Light

Dear CL,
DUDE! Not only have I been suffering from Blogger's Block lately, but, uhmmm, hello, I've been like, on total vacation. You know, playing in the ocean, cycling the boardwalk, overindulging on grilled meats and drinking lots of you. I mean, Jesus, haven't you seen the pics? Like, duh. Come on, dude.

However, I do appreciate your compliments (??) and I promise, once I get done doing that thing that I'm doing right now, I'll get around to that post about how I totally missed the boat on Cougars. In the meantime, expect more pics...
Eternally Yours,

ps-hot dude in wet suit is this guy.


Out West~Part 3: Surf n' Turf

Huntington Beach to Fountain Valley, CA, 10/26/09.

*Not Pictured: The Blarney Stone


Out West~Part 2: United States of Swap Meet (Meat)

Fountain Valley to Costa Mesa to Newport Beach, CA, 10/25/09.

Out West

Fountain Valley, CA, 10/24/09.

Rooster '09

Yeah, I know I said California was next but a quick stop in Dundas to drink a million beers with old friends first...

Rooster, Dundas, MN, 10/23/09