i like it

i like it. Written last night in the LATE A.M.

There is only vinyl records. No laptops. Swing by Seven wouldn’t have existed without Song of Zarathustra. Sonic Youth/Beck split, there was only like, 500 made. Yeahhh…we spent most of the night listening to Cranford Nix. We had the most depressing sing-a-long ever...cuz yeah, you ever checked that shit? Fucking heavy. Then we popped on some old lps of local shiz. And I ran into an ex-boyfriend. One of two for the evening. The earlier one was terribly unpleasant. That dude was a DICK. The second one was quite nice. We hashed out shit we should have figured out like, a year ago. We’re both pretty fucked up really. But he’s a really really sweet dude who makes lovely music. We kissed and made up I suppose. Literally. I wanted to kiss him more, but that was a bad idea. He wasn’t drinking, so at least one of us had some sense.

Last night I saw the most amazing falling stars. Then I fell asleep on some concrete outside, amidst the tall grass. My forehead probably says something in Braille...damn mosquitoes. Those fuckers apparently viewed my face as an all you can eat fucking buffet. GROSS. But I survived. Shit, I don’t even know anymore. I’m really drunk. And I really enjoyed seeing that ex… I treated him like SHIT when we broke up. But we hashed that out...dammit I’m a sucker for a pretty mouf. Dammmmmmmit. Fuck this. Toooooo drunk. Gonna make my homeboys listen to This Heat in lieu of Gun Club cuz my iPod is deeeeead. GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Totalllllllllllly.


I'm Faster Than My Shadow