Event Reminder: JUST KIDDING! Opens Tonight!

Tonight is night we're gonna make it right...

CokeWolf will be creating a wall of sound sometime before 10pm.  Earplugs will be provided. 

Myself and DJ Evil Twin (Jason Austin) will be spinning the soundtrack all night.  And what's this I see?  ET partaking in some impromtu art making for the show?
And a new mixtape (cd) called NO, SRSLY will be available for zero dollars.

Now, that's just too much to turn down. See you there!

Casual Fridays: Orange Crush


HDD Presents... NO, SRSLY.

a brand new mixtape (cd) will be available this wknd.
@ no'b's photo show-JUST KIDDING! 
i'm not kidding; the show is called JUST KIDDING! (look)
i saw a sneak peek 
it's on some crazy american story ishnit
tape (cd) is rad too
not kidding
no, srsly

Blew Monday: Throats

thrash compactor^
bring that shit^



Casual Fridays: A Shady Figure

Dear BNB, Knockin' Da Boots

Dear BNB,
I don't think it's working out anymore with the chick I'm dating.
-Fuck It

Dear FI,
I'm sorry to hear that. But I like your attitude.

Dear BNB,
Is it okay to wear boots at the office? How about with a tie?
-Fashion Aware Blog Reader Currently Sucking At Winter

I assume that you work at an office where boots would be acceptable and your question is more about how to make them look good. A pair of water resistant hiking or work boots are perfectly acceptable office footwear during winter. I have a sturdy pair of Montrail hiking boots that I wear on shitty weather days. If that's too obnoxious for you, I'd recommend a pair of Red Wing boots. They are classic and familiar enough that you will avoid the clown shoe mistake commonly made by those sporting ill-fitted Sorels. Wear them with jeans; preferably dark and slim. Being the sartorial conscious dude that you are, you probably already know the concept (and importance) of seasonal attire. When it comes to the tie, skip the silk; instead try something made with a heartier material, like a bit of wool.

Dear FI,
You know, on second thought, I can't leave you hanging like that...

The differences have become too much to ignore, amirite? I can identify. I briefly dated this women with whom, only a strand of commonality exist betwixt us. That being my affinity for big-butted black women who enjoy sex and that she was, in fact, a big-butted black women who enjoyed sex. It was clear; it would work out for a little while but not for a long while. (Pun intended.) Much to my chagrin, she would always take me to eat at places like Panera Bread or Noodles or Applebee's. Never one to turn down a meal when someone else is paying, I'd go along with it, all the while secretly wishing we could get some Thai food or pho' or other ethnic food that makes white people feel cultured and tranquil when imbibed upon. Eventually our differences made the continuance of courtship too difficult. The final and most obvious difference would not be our culinary preferences though, but rather that of me not wanting my ass kicked and/or murdered and that of her brothers, members of northside gang-19 Block Dipset (whom, I might add, between the two of them owned more Cat boots than a construction site,) not being happy about their little sister hittin' it with a southside whitey. And, believe me, they were not shy about letting me in on this little bit of information. So I said Fuck it; I'm out and never looked back (until now, I suppose.) FI, you're halfway there. Getting out, as it were, is your next step. Good luck!


Gastro Non Grata #13: Leftover Love.

Craig from Gastro Non Grata sent over the poster for 13th installment of the "local chef-driven, alcohol fueled music machine happening four times a year"--called, appropriately, Leftover Love. Food, booze and music; sounds perfect, you say?  I know, right?! Really, what else do you need? Not to mention, it will be a great way to cap off a weekend of can't miss events like JUST KIDDING! and the Song of Zarathustra reunion.

Gastro Non Grata #13-Leftover Love
Sun, Feb 28th, 6pm, $7
Triple Rock Social Club, Mpls, MN

(click to big)

*UPDATE-poster art by King Mini


HDD presents-JUST KIDDING!-Feb 26 & 27

It's going to be, as the kids say, "off the hook." Those in attendance will no doubt be imbibing various beverages and unhealthy-yet tasty-snacks. Also, this really rad band CokeWolf is playing on opening night. And if you're lucky I may even spin some of my records as well. (Mostly cheesy reggae, hair metal, Mpls funk and crusty punk.)

Besides, for those of us not living NYC, the opportunity to see a photography show consisting of little artistic merit-if any-is rare.  So, please mark you calendars...

HotDogDayz presents
A Photography Exhibition
featuring Nathan O'Brien

Opening Reception
Fri, Feb 26th, 7-11pm
Sat, Feb 27th, 2-6pm

The Back Alley Gallery
262 East 4th Street #LL2
Lowertown-St. Paul, MN


HDD-Issue #2 Preview

Shits happening.

Also, news on photo exhibit to be finalized very soon. Stay tuned...


Dammit Jay!

Autopsy came back. Fucking "cocain toxicity" and alchol. Why the fuck? I was really, really, like really hoping it wasn't drugs.  Dammit, why did it have to be drugs?

Here's the thing kids--COCAINE IS FUCKING DANGEROUS!  I mean if  you're going to mess around with powder, of course you're going to use it with alcohol.  Otherwise what's the point, right?  I get that.  And just to be clear: I'm not by any means encouraging; I'm just saying, I understand how coke works and what it works best with.  But please, please, fucking please, if you must indulge (and you shouldn't), do so very, very carefully.  Absolutley no cocaine after 2am and with every beer/drink you should also have a glass of water.  Fuck that, TWO glasses of water.  And  for the love of...ugh!...whatever, just keep the lines on the small side.  Fuck the rails and fuck the baby arms.  Or, how about this...don't do fucking coke.

Yes, this ruins things a little bit.