Let the Gift Giving Begin

Shopped, we did.

The HDD staff is very excited (or perhaps more appropriately--amused) by our super sweet Black Friday finds.

Like for instance, these two very nice VHS tapes about opposite-of-normal men, Memoirs of an Invisible Man and Little Big Man. The former of which stars the single most compelling actor of all time, CHEVY CHASE~!  And the latter, a real life little big man, Dusty H.

What do we have here? A used copy of the Pissed Jeans' first Sub Pop release, Hope For Men, which for some undetermined reason was the subject of a bit of controversy when it was released to much internet praise in 2007. And OMG, is that what we think it is? Oh yes, a Fleer Ultra Beavis and Butthead trading card from 1994, on which the nuts-n-bolts of Prehistoric Times B.C. are so eloquently broken down.

Oh, and Nathan is very excited that protein powder was on sale at Target.

And what did you get?


Blew Monday: Tailgate Grub Se$h

Pine City, MN, 7/11/10


Casual Fridays: Panoramic$

Lake Nokomis, Mpls, MN, Dec '10

Riviera Maya, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, Jan '10

County Line Rd, Bemidji, MN, June '10

Black (Metal) Friday '10

what's the big ticket this year?

cabbage patch dolls?



fighting in the streets, fighting in the aisles.

but spend big money.

shop 'til you drop.

norfe caz


HDD vs. Thank$giving

gobble, gobble.


$elf Help

Mpls, MN, Nov '10

Review: No Age, live.

No Age, 7th St. Entry, Mpls, MN, 11/23/10-One would imagine any proper review of a No Age live show would end with line like, "While it may lack the insert big word of your choosing and insert synonym for the exact same big word of its predecessors, make no mistake about it, this is the punk rock of today."  Whereas, this one will simply end accompanied by a photo of jean jacket with a embroidered kitten on the back.  But before I do that, I'd like to bitch about all the people on cell phones at the show. 

Arriving at the Entry shortly before the second of two opening acts began, I surveyed the crowd, as is my wont, to discover the average age, even for an 18+ show was older than expected.  And by older I still mean younger than me.  I should mention that as a dedicated follower of fashion I was surprised to see some folks are still doing the bandanna around the neck thing.  I'm fairly certain this is dead.  And if not, should be.  In fact, I'm now from this moment forward declaring it dead. 

Anyway, you know how when someone tells a ghost story around the campfire they have to do that flashlight under the chin thing?  Well that's what everyone's face looks like at shows these days because everyone stares at their phones non stop.  In fact, the guy next to me was Facebooking on his iPhone during the entire set.  I was so annoyed by this and appalled that he was not making any attempts to disguise such embarrassing behaviour, that I wanted to grab the tall motherfucker by the ear-mom style-and pull him down to me so I could remind him he was in fact at a show. 

Eventually No Age took the stage.  I can't believe I didn't notice this before but the drummer and primary vocalist, Dean Spunt looks and sounds remarkably similar to a young Mike D.  He and guitarist Randy Randall (and touring keyboard player) move effortlessly from new songs to old ones and back again.  On record, the new album Everything In Between is an obvious move into a more palatable direction, just as Nouns was from Weirdo Rippers, but when songs from all three are played interchangeable, the difference in virtually unnoticeable.  It's undeniably, well, No Age.  Whatever that means. 

I wanted to spit my gum in the hair of the next person I saw looking at their motherfucking phone!   

About three quarters through the set they threw in cover of BLACK FLAG'S  Six Pack and thankfully the crowd up front acted appropriately. Of course this moment couldn't go un-Tweeted or texted about, so several people began furiously typing on their phones.  Unbelievable!  You're at a real live show, with real live people, where a real live band is playing right in front of you, and playing Black Flag no less, and instead of choosing to actually experience it, you're...argh! 

It was at this point that I could take no more.  I grabbed a handful of ice from an empty in front of me and began throwing cubes at everyone who was staring at their phones.  In retrospect, I'm quite surprised at myself for doing this, as I was alone, and as much as I hate on stuff like this, rarely do I actually do something about it.  I think everyone got the point.

One should not be surprised by this digital connectivity of the No Age audience, as they are a band whose popularity is in large part due to internet chatter.  But still, they ARE a visceral band.  Quite frankly you're doing yourself and those around you a disservice if you're in the physical location in which it's happening and instead you're Tweeting or Facebooking about it rather than actually doing it.  Fuck, maybe this is the punk rock of today, after all.  That's kind of depressing.

For those of us that kept our phones in our pockets, well, we saw a really good show. (-NO'B)

And now, without further adieu...

No Age, 7th St. Entry, Mpls, MN, 11/23/10


Mugsy Bogue$

B.A.G. Fall Sale, Back Alley Gallery, St.Pl, MN, 11/19/10

And So Begins The Era Of Awsomeness...

Here's hoping it's a long one.

Recent history (i.e.-Seamus, Jack Swagger, CM Punk) would suggest that they will soon cut the legs out from under Mr. Mizanin.

However, it's become quite clear that WWE needs to seriously do some work to restore the value of their titles. And I think a lengthy, dominant title run with a creative and entertaining heel like Mike Mizanin on top is just the thing. If worked right, this guy is capable of attaining Josh Koscheck-like heat.

And besides, the money is in the chase. So let one of those performance enhancing drug users like boring-ass Orton or Cena or both chase him for a while.  Please.

Haven't marked out for something like that in wrestling that wasn't Jericho-related in a long time.

Miz is AWESOME~!

And haters, that's coming from a lifelong professional wrestling fan who knows his shit.


Weekend Plug$

HDD presents the 4th Annual Hot Dog Bowl Game
Well it's that time of year again.  The fourth installment of our annual flag football extravaganza known as the Hot Dog Bowl is upon us.  It takes place Saturday at the McRae Park field at 46th st & Chicago Ave in south Mpls at 10am.  Bring yourselves, bring your friends and bring two bandannas or something of similar ilk that can be used as flags.  But bundle up because it's supposed to be cold.  A flask might be in order...

Twin Cities Fringe Culture Summit
Not fringe like the Fringe Festival, which is for theater geeks, but fringe as in "existing outside of, or on the fringe of mainstream."  (Whatever that means.  That's what it says on the flyer.)  The TC Fringe Culture Summit is an all day event of art, music and culture taking place at various establishments in of all places, Blaine. (???)  At 3pm at KB's Java I will be participating in panel discussion called Keeping It Real: Is The Underground Really Underground Anymore?  And at 7pm at Bubbler's Cantina I will be showing some photos and reading two short stories.  One about my third time ever taking 'shrooms, called "Don't Let The Lovehandles Fool You, I'm Actually Pretty Attractive" from my first collection-Lay Off Dude, She Never Told Me She Had A Boyfriend.  And the second, a scathing expose about what really goes on in the back of the bus on the way back from high school track meets called "If Corey Finds Out He's Going To Shit Bricks", taken from the forthcoming collection-So Long And Thanks For All The Hot Dogs.  I'll have various zines, mixtapes and some leftover FjF swag available for free at both appearances.  Check it out!

Back Alley Gallery Fall Sale
One stop holiday shopping for you and your kin.  A plethora of artistic and crafty wares from the likes of local talent: Peter Jadoonath, Bob Brocken, Kate Nelson, Nikki Witt, Nathan O'Brien, Molly Chandler, Amy Conwell, Matthew Hartmann, DWITT and others.  Friday 6-10pm, Saturday 2-6pm.  Back Alley Gallery is located at 262 East 4th st in Lowertown-St. Paul.  http://www.thebackalleygallery.com/ for more info.

PS-Fuck Matt Hughes. Go BJ Penn!

PPS-Fuck the Pack.  Skol Vikings!

it continue$

Review: Crocodiles

Crocodiles-Sleep Forever-CD- Second go-around for these San Diegans.  Although a slight departure from the previous sort-of-brash and unfinished sound, it is still in line with the dark dream pop 80s meets double aughts bedroom dance resonating on Summer Of Hate. And while not as aural or loud an experience, comparisons to MY BLOODY VALENTINE would not be totally unwarranted.  As well, Sleep Forever fits perfectly alongside other new releases by lo-fi indie contemporaries NO AGE, JAPANTHER and label-mates WAVVES.  Yes, that means the target demographic is most likely the all-encompassing, yet somewhat off-putting H-word.  That is not to say that this is not a good record for old guys like myself, looking to stay relevant and keep abreast of the "new shit."  Of particular interest are the hazy semi-garage rocker, Billy Speed and the closer, All My Hate And My Hexes Are For You.  The latter--which consists primarily of the title being repeated about a million times over an LCD-type beat--is infectious in a simple kind of way, and in my humble opinion, one of the better songs to come out this year.  Pretty good for some dudes from the city whose name means "A Whale's Vagina."-'10, Fat Possum (-NO'B)

Casual Fridays: TC Cru$hers


Free Advice

My mans an them just came up to me and were all like, "Yo, I love your base.  That sweater is tight and oooooh, that tweed jacket.  Damn G, how do you stay so fresh?"

Look fools, men's fashion is so easy.  It's like this: starch you shirt collars.  That's pretty much it.  Oh, and...

Shermans, Penguins and Perrys.  Cardigans, thinny ties and Levi's.  Vans and Chucks.  RVCA too.

"Okay, yeah bro, but what about us females?" 

Well, you got it easy, with all the options ya'll have. 

But know this: it starts with the shoes.  Shoes say a lot about a women and surprise, the homies are never not secretly judging you. 

And absolutely, under no condition, should your "outfit" ever include any of the following hurl-inducing terminology: bell-bottom, boot-cut, or, uhm yuck, flair-leg.

Mad $ugar Withdrawal

Mpls, MN, Fall 2010


Doomy G went to NYC

Song of Zarathustra and I go way back. They played at the first or second punk show I ever went to back home in about 1999. I’ve only gotten to know Travis (vocals) and Jamie (bass) over the past few years, but us Sioux City folk are tight, no matter what. I took my first trip out to New York City the weekend before last to go see the second incarnation of SoZ’s reunion show at the Cake Shop. I get cheap plane tickets through my mom and I had a bunch of friends going out there for the show - it seemed as good a time as any to make my first venture out there!

The show wasn’t quite the spectacle that it was here in Minneapolis back in February - with the hometown crowd and all - but it was still pretty damn good. Late 90s hardcore isn’t exactly my jam. I find it kinda silly most of the time, but there’s something special about Song. There’s just this freakish energy that they all emulate when they perform together, even after all these years. Shit son, these boys are in their mid-thirties - but they can still rock out pretty hard. Personally, the most surprising aspect of the show was Jamie’s GIANT FUCKING BEARD. Not that it affects his bass playing or anything, I just never really saw him as the beard sorta guy. When I confronted him about it, he admitted that he’s never been the shaving sorta guy and he’s finally letting his true self shine through. I call bullshit.

Other than the show, New York was alright. It’s not really my thing. I get nervous around angry, smelly strangers. But I shouldn’t blame the people, the smelliness was probably due to the litter and garbage juice that was hanging out everywhere. I was seriously grossed out. I just took refuge in bars, apartments, and Chinatown.

Scratch that. I totally got lost in Chinatown.

I’d go back to visit, but I could never see myself living there. The smell seriously got to me and I grew up in a town that was notorious for its meat processing plants. That smell, my friends, is not pretty. On the other hand, I didn’t really explore the town that much. I didn’t bother going to any of the touristy spots. We pretty much just hung out in Brooklyn the whole time, but that was perfectly fine by me.

I'm Faster Than My Shadow