The 10 Best Songs Of 2010

Earl Sweatshirt (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Don't Give A Fuck)

The 10 Best Songs of 2010.  As voted on by me/us.  In no particular order...

The closer, from the their sophomore album, Sleep Forever.  A break-up song maybe?  The title repeated several times over a lo-fi LCDish type beat.

Chitlins & Pepsi-Strong Arm Steady
Food!  Songs!  Hip Hop!  Hip hop songs about food!

Earl-Earl Sweatshirt
Because the internets said so.  But seriously, the internets weren't/wasn't (?) wrong this time.  Free Earl! Odd Future Wolf Gang...

I Can Change-LCD Soundsystem
"And love is a curse, shoved in hearse.  Love is an open book to a verse of your bad poetry.  And this is coming form me."  Is James Murphy reading my mind?

King Of The Beach-Wavves
Nathan Williams is an asshole.  Or so, I/we are told by just about everyone with a blog...which is just about everyone.  Who cares, he's the King Of The Beach.

Like a G6-Far East Movement featuring Cataracs & Dev
I doubt that I/we will ever pop bottles like Three 6 and I'm not even fully sure what a G6 is but whatevs.  Guilty pleasure.  And the first song I/we ever bought on iTunes.

One Touch-LCD Soundsystem

In The Park-Ghostface Killah featuring Black Thought
Classic back-in-the-day rap song about the history of, well, rap.  Black Thought fucking brings it like it has not been broughten in quite some time, if ever.

Valley Hump Crash-No Age
Some nonsensical singing whining about "Catalina" for the last minute or so, which I imagine--since they are from California--might be a reference to Catalina Island.  And since I/we have a crush on California, I/we really dig it.  Plus the name of the song is Valley Hump Crash; so, like, duh, how could it not be good?

VCR/Wheels-Tyler The Creator
Again, the internets told me/us so.  And again, they was/were (?) right.  ...Kill Them All Don't Give A Fuck.

More better-late-than-never Best Of 2010 stuff to come...


  1. No particular order, my ass. That's alphabetical fool!

  2. Chitlins and Pepsi is dope. Agreed about Black's verse on the Ghostface song.