Scene Report: The Gateway District Live At The Hexagon Bar

The Gateway District live, Hexagon Bar, Mpls, MN, 6/23/11

You know those times; you're standing alone in a dingy bar, watching a really great band--maybe you've had a few...or a few too many--and suddenly a wave of sentimentality comes crashing down onto you, crippling your emotional coping capability, leaving you no choice to but to face the fact that perhaps you'll never see those certain someones again--be it your running mates from the salad days or the ones-that-got-away--and that even if you did, it wouldn't be like it was back then, and then you decide it's a good time to start sending out text messages to the folks in question.  Oh, that's never happened to you?  Huh.  Well if it did, odds are it was while you were singing along to The Gateway District.

Last night's crowd at the Hex was sparse to say the least.  Perhaps it was the bubblegum garage pop of Oakland, CA's overrated and gimmicky No Bunny, taking place across the river at The Turf Club (highly unlikely), or maybe it was because--depending on if you still look at MySpace band pages or not--you didn't even know GD was even playing.  (Thank gawd for Facebook updates, amirite?  Nah, JK.)  Even with the meager audience The Gateway District did what they always do best--have a blast playing good-time, catchy pop punk.  As usual it was all smiles on stage between the two former Salteens, Carrie and Sturgeon; and those vibes extended to us, making it easy to have just as much fun as they were.  Like the last few times I've seen GD, there were the same three or four superfans right up front, singing along.  I know they are just having a good time and who am I to knock them for that, but at certain point it becomes a little obnoxious and quite frankly, annoying.  You're not in the band.  GD played all the older ones from Some Days You Got the Thunder and a bunch songs that I didn't recognize, that I assume are from the brand new record, Perfect's Gonna Fail.   They were by far the most captivating band to play last night, as evidenced by their set being the only time the band room of the Hex was somewhat full.

For loner dudes like me, the only downside to seeing the Gateway District play is that it has to end at some point.  And then you are left, an emotional wreck, nostalgic for days (and people) gone by, trying to hide under the brim of a tightly pulled Twins cap, staring at your phone, wondering what those certain someones are up to, and shooting off ill-advised text messages to them, which will no-doubt go unanswered, prompting you to go home and spend the late-night hours YouTubing videos the 'Mats performing "Answering Machine."


  1. This is better than anything you would read on any of the other local sites. I like your self-aware honesty.

  2. I always get a kick of out your "soft side." It's so much more endearing than rah-rah-wear this-not that-one time I fucked a chick-I'm so punk rock-rah-rah cheerleader stories.