HDD Radio #10: Old Stuff - '80s and '90s

And we're back! After another lengthy hiatus, HotDogDayz Radio returns to the air waves. (I feel like we're saying that every episode now.) In this edition our fearless DJ spins a bunch of old CDs of records that came out between the early '80s and mid '90s--punk, post-punk, new wave, alt, etc. Some of it you've probably heard, and some maybe not. Heavy on the Sugar and even heavier on the Soul Asylum. (Don't be frightened. Did you know they used to be a punk band?!) Thanks for listening! Enjoy... Tracklist:
Billy Bragg - Train, Train
The Smiths - Death At One’s Elbow
R.E.M. - Get Up
The Cure - Love Song
Happy Mondays - Hallelujah
E.M.F. - Unbelievable
Sugar - Good Idea
Sugar - Tilted
Sugar - Explode and Makeup
Sugar - All Roads Have Led to Nowhere (live)
Soul Asylum - Draggin’ Me Down
Soul Asylum - Do You Know?
Soul Asylum - Whoa!
Soul Asylum - New Feelings
Soul Asylum - No Man’s Land
Soul Asylum - Crashing Down
Public Image Ltd. - Bags
Sonic Youth - Inhuman
Bauhaus - In the Night
Joy Division - Atrocity Exhibition

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  1. totally surprised by those soul asylum songs. had no idea they were once that good lol. you need to pick up where you left off for the next show. that last set of songs left me wanting more.

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