HDD Radio #13

HotDogDayz Radio #13. Songs, dudes. Songs. Twenty of 'em. Check it out. Pretend this is a mixtape given to you by a boy who has a crush on you. There are some gems, some clunkers, and some "I didn't really like this song before, but this guy is cute, so now I kind of like it" moments. Then think about maybe giving him a handy when you go to the movies. He will really appreciate it.  I mean, he's obviously a nice guy; he made you a tape... Tracklist:
Boiled in Lead - Pig Dog Daddy
The Clash - Cool Confusion
Fugazi - Five Corporations
Black Face - Monster
Black Humor - Aufwiedershen Juden
Bauhuas - She's in Parties
Suicide - Ghost Rider
Hole - Beautiful Son
Sebadoh - Shit Soup
Crocodiles - Welcome Trouble
Crystal Castles - Pale Flesh
Darling Farah - Fortune
Cutty Ranks - Rumble
Bad Brains - Popcorn
OFF! - Harbor Freeway Blues
Kromosom - Paranoid
Black Humor - Refugee Suicide
Sonic Youth - (I've Got A) Catholic Block
The Dead Milkmen - Bleach Boys

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