Record Review: Iceage - You're Nothing

Iceage - You're Nothing (Matador)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

Rather than reiterating what others have said about how You're Nothing is more aggressive than their critically acclaimed debut, New Brigade (which it is,) how Elias R√łnnenfelt’s vocals are more present and urgent than before (which they are,) how the apathetic, gothic tendencies are gone in favor of enthusiastic, thrashing punk (which is fairly accurate but not entirely true,) and how it will likely not only be one of the best punk albums of the year (which it undoubtedly will be) but one the best albums in all of music (which is entirely possible)—even though in saying so, I just did exactly that—I would instead like to provide the following ancedote…  ...read said ancedote here.

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