Record Review: Koko Beware - Something About Summer

Koko Beware - Something About Summer (Independent)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

I have to be honest here. A band named after a professional wrestler, no matter what they sound like, is going to tug at my heart strings in a way that’s totally unfair to all bands that are not named after professional wrestlers. I also love summer, summer jams, and any jams that evoke some sort of summer-ness. And with that we have Athen, GA’s Koko Beware and their full-length debut, Something About Summer.

Koko Beware play the type of surf-y, garage-y poppy music you expect to hear when you walk into a boardwalk coffee shop, where the women behind the counter is wearing horn-rimmed glasses or a polka-dot bandanna, or, quite possibly, both. You take your tuna sandwich and medium roast to a window seat, where you watch the waves roll in and get completely lost in the adorable sounds soothing into your subconscious – a sugary twee twang spun by the bastard offspring of Billy Childish and Holly Golightly if they were abandoned at the same orphanage as Jay Reatard and The Vivian Girls...review continues here.

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