Scene Report: Sete Star Sept, Brain Tumors, Irreversible Brain Damage live at the Hexagon Bar

Sete Star Sept, Brain Tumors, Irreversible Brain Damage live; Hexagon Bar; Mpls, MN, 6/5/13

There were all these bands, a hockey game on several large TVs, and one guy in plaid cargo shorts.  It's a delicate balance.  Kind of bummed about the hockey, but for some strange reason I was fine with the guy in the plaid cargo shorts.  Maybe I'm getting old, or maybe it's because an old friend of mine basically told me to stop pushing my idea of "cool" onto other people and quite making fun of them if they don't fit into it. Old friend didn't say exactly that, but more or less.  It was over IM, so you know, it was kind of unclear, but I think that was the gist of it. 

When Brain Tumors played there was Christmas lights flying around. At least I think they were Christmas Lights.  I didn't get close enough to find out. Drew, the lead singer (a slight narcissistic man who likes to refer to himself as Henry Rollins of Minneapolis) seemed extra pissed.  I think someone punched him in the balls.

Before Sete Star Sept played, the drummer removed all of his clothing except for his boxer-briefs. Boxer-briefs are such a clutch move, you guys.

Irreversible Brain Damage: "This one is called 'Don't Give Me Week Drugs Or I Will Kick Your Fuckin' Ass.'" 

Brain Tumors: "Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors and most of them are diabetic." 

Sete Star Sept: "Thanks for the...uhm...stuff...being here?"  They're Japanese, so forgive the language barrier. 

Earlier today I had no idea I'd be at this show but then Facebook told me to do it.  I'm glad Facebook told me to do it because it was really fun.  But now I will be really tired and sort of hung over at work tomorrow.  What else is new.  That's not a question - it's a statement.

Hexagon Bar, Mpls, MN, 6/5/13

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