HDD Radio #16

Well it’s been a long freaking time coming, but HotDogDayz Radio has finally returned to the airwaves.  When our dude sits down with a stack of records, a microphone, and no sense of direction or quality control who knows what will happen.  This time it happens to be hardcore, Oi!, ska, new wave, and peace-punk.  Check it out and let us know what you think.  If zines are your thing, holler at us – they’re ours too.

Harry Balzagna & the Teenie Weenies – Skate Army
Right On – Choice?
Youth Riot! – Too Posh Too Mosh
Life Set Struggle – Get Over It
Deadly Reign – Suffer
Rifle Diet – Abuse Begets Abuse
Krang – Reclaim (De Aestus Espirit Et Tu)
The Shame – Kings of the Midwestern Plains
The Oppressed – We’re the Oppressed
Angelic Upstarts – I’m an Upstart
Cockney Rejects – Oi! Oi! Oi!
Bad Manners – Lip Up Fatty
Madness – One Step Beyond
The Beat – Mirror in the Bathroom
The Selecter – On My Radio
The Specials – Gangsters
Craze – Motions
Kenny Vaughan – Tonight I Need
Afraid of Mice – Intercontinental
Honey Bane – Girl on the Run
Flux of Pink Indians – Tube Disasters
Zounds – Can’t Cheat Karma

To subscribe in iTunes go here.  For direct download go here.  Leave us some feedback.  Thanks for listening!

PS - Sorry about the sound quality.  Some of the records are old and/or pretty fucked-up.  That and I recently borrowed out my turntable to my uncle so he could deejay an all dusty 45s set, which wreaked havoc on my stylus, because they were quite literally dusty.  Also, I was wrong when I called myself the King of Punk.  That's Justin Theroux.  I'm more like the Queen of Punk.

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