Record Review: Asid Bateri - Demo cassette

Asid Bateri - Demo cassette (Dead Tank, 2014)
By Nathan G. O'Brien for Scene Point Blank

Here's some of that good ol’ raw punk that was en vogue a few years ago. You know, those salad days before everyone started going gaga for the gothic, post-punk, all-weird-all-the-time trend that’s hot right now. (Personally, I like both styles quite a bit so I’ve got no complaints. I’m just having some fun here.) While the intro shows a band capable of crafting tight song structures and playing skillfully, the rest of this four song red cassette is noisy, blown-out hardcore in the vein of No Power. Discordant vocals buried amidst a feedback wave of D-beaten low end and cacophonous guitars; this shit bangs you over the head like a Dusty Rhodes atomic elbow dropping from the heavens. It’s unsettling and youthful, and in the true spirit of punk. ...Review continues here.

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