HDD Radio #32: Punk Rap Kids (That Are Now Adults) Back At It Again

Listen as our fearless leader loses his mind, whilst playing a bunch of punk and rap music. Sets include all-DJ Premier production, all-new punk, and all-new rap. The rest of the playlist is rounded out with some Bad Brains and Beastie Boys. Nathan can be found on Twitter at @OMG_NOB, where he'll gladly follow you back provided you're not a robot or a complete asshole. A little bit of asshole goes a long way. I mean come on, have you ever listened to this show?

Bad Brains – At the Movies (live)
Group Home – Livin’ Proof
Mos Def – Mathematics
Big L – The Enemy (feat. Fat Joe)
Dilated Peoples – Clockwork
Non Phixion – Rock Stars
Decades/Failures – Secret Superstitions
Institute – Cheap Time Morals
Haldol – Law of Indifference
L.O.T.I.O.N. – Computers Don’t Have a Heartbeat
Survival – Taboo
Anasazi – I Was a Teenage Criminal
Dawn of Humans – Babies
Blazing Eye – Kill You
Lesion – Secretarian Rights
Action Bronson – Terry
Paul Nice & Phil Most Chill (Fabreeze Brothers) – Fashion Plate
Ratking – Makeitwork
Git Beats & Bob Banner – Trio (feat. Sean Price)
DJ EFN – Crazy Dope (feat. Milk Dee, Sean Price & Murder Mook)
Gangrene – Sheet Music (feat. Sean Price)
Starvin’ B – Biological Threats (feat. Skanks, Sean Price & Shatike)
Beastie Boys – The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Moving)
Beastie Boys – Heart Attack Man

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