HDD Radio #33.5: Weekend Mixtape

Hey, so long story short, episode no.34 is all set to go but can't be uploaded until the first of the month due to file size issues. In the meantime, here's a mixtape I assembled over the weekend. I'm calling this one episode no.33 and a half. It's a little different from the stuff I normally spin on this show but I'm confident you'll dig it. Shoot me an email (thee.n.o.b at gmail) if you want a copy of my new zine. And follow me on Twitter at @OMG_NOB. I always follow back, provided you're not a robot or a total asshole. Peace!

Better Daze – Stay Right Here
1-Speed Bike – Circle-Fighting Machine
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Thunder & Lightning
Supatone – Yorulamento
Banco de Gaia – Harvey & the Old Ones
Mabi Thobejane – Sidudla (Gus Gus Mix)
LCD Soundsystem – Thrills
Brycon Games – No Puppets
Skream – 8 Bit Crazy (feat Murs)
Mick Harris - ???
Afu-Ra & Jeru the Damaja – East New York Stamp
Black Nights – Zip Code
Lordz of Brooklyn - ???
Everlast – Some Nights
Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce – It’s My Beat
Ultramagnetic MCs – Ego Trippin’

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