HDD Radio #34: KRS-One, Heady Shit, New Punk/HC, Zine Details, etc.

Hey punks, rap kids, ballers, shot callers, urban lumberjacks, subculture photographers, normies, and posers! Welcome to another episode of the best radio show not on the radio. This time around I spin a variety of tuneage for all you greaseballs and neck-snappers to freak out on: KRS-One, some heady groove shiz, and a hefty helping of new punk & hardcore. I messed up a little when running down the tracklist on the last part but that's to be expected now isn't it? If you need to get it straight, I've listed every song I played below. (UPDATE: the main fuckup is when I totally forgot to mention the last song by Video Duct, and instead incorrectly said it was Total Dicks, which was the one before that, which means the whole punk/HC set is off by one track. Fuck me!) In news, the new zine is out! The Soda Killers no. 10 is a punk, rap, and graffiti fanzine and is totally free. All you have to do is hit me up on Twitter at @OMG_NOB (I always follow back) or email me at thee.n.o.b at gmail.

Boogie Down Productions – Word From Our Sponsors
KRS-One – 2nd Quarter: Freethrows
KRS-One – Ah-Yeah
KRS-One – Forever (feat. Channel Live)
Boogie Down Productions – Stop The Violence
Yusef Lateef – Slippin’ & Sliddin’
Shirley Horn – Big City
1-Speed Bike – Why Are All the Dogs Dying of Cancer?
Beat Pharmacy – In The Sun
Lee “Scratch” Perry & Mad Professor – Dancing Boots
The Clash – Ghetto Defender
Institute – Cheerlessness
Cadaver Em Transe – Estrada Para Fes
Acousma – A Holy Tradition
Ajax – Priced
Chain Hex – ???
Concealed Blade – Don’t Get Caught
Disgusti – A Thousand Prickly Needles
Mozart – Boringer
Niegalo Todo – Vamanos a la Verga
Sonic Order – Apathy Breeds
Sunshine Ward – Surrender
Total Dicks – Overdraft
Video Duct – Channel 7

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