HDD Radio #35: A Feel Good Mixtape About Feeling Bad

Hey friends, here's a mix of tunes. Some of it speaks to current events that are bumming everyone out, and some of it is just about feeling good and having fun. Hope you dig it. If you want to talk to me about, well, anything you can email me at thee.n.o.b at gmail or find me on Twitter at @OMG_NOB. As always, thanks for listening.

Ice Cube – We Had to Tear This Muthafucka Up
Dr. Dre - Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat
Kool G Rap – Take ‘Em to War (feat B1 & MF Grimm)
Dr. Dre – Big Ego’s (feat Hittman)
Ice Cube – Dead Homiez
Freestyle – Don’t Stop the Rock
Grace Jones – Nipple to the Bottle
Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love
Cavern – Liquid Liquid
Blondie – Rapture
Romeo Void – Never Say Never

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