HDD Radio #42: Punk, Hardcore, Rap & Bullshit

Hey ballers and rat scholars, welcome back! It's yet another episode of the best radio show not on the radio, HOT DOG DAYZ RADIO. Sit back and enjoy yourself as I play some new punk and hardcore records & tapes, mostly older rap (gee, this sounds familiar doesn't it,) and ramble a bit about my social media accounts, Record Store Day, and my upcoming zine. As always, if you feel like getting in touch, please do! Twitter and Instagram are @OMG_NOB. Email is thee.n.o.b at gmail dot com. Thanks for listening!

The Cure – Six Different Ways
The Valeteens – So Thin
Love Canal – Teeth
Gag – All This Shrimp
Strutter – Forced Entry
Youth Draft – Vile Life
Contra – Fed Up
Chroma – Nuestras Vidas
Cretins – Can’t Think Like You
Quitter – Black Bile
Reptiloids – ???
Charles Brigade – Moshpit Kamakazi
Coupe George – La Haine
Mind Trap – Only Warning
Iron Boots – Who Laughs Last
The Landlords – Mountain Don’t
Ruz – Think
Ruz – Panic
Sin Motivo – Preguntales
Jeru the Damaja – The Damaja (demo)
One Plus One (Phil Da Beat & DJ Tricky) – We Got the Funk (feat Drayz of Das EFX)
3rd Bass – Soul in the Hole
EPMD – Dungeon Master (feat Nocturnal)
EPMD – U Got Shot (feat 8 Off Agallah & 215)
3rd Bass – Kick ‘Em in the Grill (feat Chubb Rock)
One Plus One (Phil Da Beat & DJ Tricky) – This is How We Do (feat Masta Ace)
Jeru the Damaja – Dirty Rotten (demo)
Dead Kennedys – Night of the Living Rednecks

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