HDD Radio #49: Zine Release, New Punk & Hardcore, '90s Gangsta Rap, Old Stuff, and More

HotDogDayz Radio is on the air! Hope you dig this elective mix of vinyl and tape cuts - old movie soundtrack songs, odds 'n' ends, new EDM, new punk & hardcore, '90s gangsta rap, and more.

If you have not done so already, please pick up a copy of the new issue of Soda Killers Magazine. I can't imagine you'll be disappointed.

Find me on Twitter & Instagram at @OMG_NOB.

44th Street Portable Flower Factory – Runaway Child Running Wild (Temptations cover)
Steve King – Satan is Her Name
Witch – Lazy Bones
Essaie Pas – Devotion
Baffopizza – Israel
Audion – Sicko
Shadows – Lights Out
The Brood – Sinkhol
Porvenir Oscuro – Exorcismo
Pure Pressure – Ogden
Rixe – Hexagone
Rubber Mate – Snuff Film
Sweats – ???
WC & the Maad Circle – Behind Closed Doors
415 – Lifestyle as a Gansta
The Convicts – This is for the Convicts
KMC – Psycho

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