Circle That A-HDD T-Shirt AVAILABLE NOW~!

I have a disorder that makes me point fun at the things I believe in and care deeply about. Sometimes that disorder manifests itself in the form of convoluted art. Sometimes that art makes its way onto a sticker or a button that I give away for free. Other times that art makes its way onto a tote bag or a tee shirt that I try to trick people into buying from me. It's dumb fun.

Here's a tee shirt. It's your basic Gildan - 100% cotton. It costs $10. You can handle that right?

Order here: http://hotdogdayz.bigcartel.com/product/circle-hdd-t-shirt-pre-order


HDD Radio #61: Punk, Psych, Grind, Noise, and More

Here's a new episode of HotDogDayz Radio. I spin all the rad tunes you've come to expect and even answer some reader mail. Check it out! And if you feel like it, tell your friends.


Azna de L’Ader – Zalouma
Hibushibire – Trepanation Breakdown
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers – Furious Party
Priests – JJ
Pissed Jeans – I’m a Man
Priests – No Big Bang
Codek – Tim Toum
DJ Python - Cuidado
The Odes – Love is Like a Violence
Pissed Jeans – Activia
Deny The Cross – Gutter Kiss
Deny The Cross – Teens in the Graveyard
Garabato – Unknown (live 2/26/14)
Social Drift – Unknown
Morte Lenta – Live at Pajucara Anti-Fest 2013 (full set)
Social Drift – Unknown
Uroshitma – Unknown
Porkos Leprosos – Ciclo Comsumista / Divino Trapaceou
Social Drift – Unknown Porraloka – (Drugs)
Garabato – Unknown (live 2/26/14)
Social Drift – Unknown