Sod Killers Magazine #23 OUT NOW~!

Featuring author J.H.M. Okthos, another installment of the punk/rap-person-pretending-to-write-about-jazz column “The Breakfast Nook”, a survey of contemporary underground rap tapes, and reviews of punk, hardcore, metal, hip-hop, and noise vinyl, cassettes, and CD-Rs. Plus folk art, anarcho-primitivist bicycling, post-high school creeps that still hang around town, backpacker era memories, McPunks, tape doctoring, format fetishism, and more

With contributions from SJC, Clell Miller, and Nathan G. O’Brien 32 pages, half-size, cut ‘n’ paste, photocopied in black & white. Comes w/stickers and maybe some other stuff

International orders: please contact for mailing rates

Shipping 6/28/19


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