The Atomic Elbow #31 OUT NOW~!


Featuring a retrospective of Marvel's 1992 WCW comic book run, an interview with Sal Petersen of Sal's Mega Mix VHS pro-wrestling mixtapes, viewing MTV's The Challenge through a wrestling fan's lens, record review selections from the intersection of music and pro-wrestling, and a look back at CZW's Ultraviolent Freedom of Expression

Punk, rap, metal, NWA Wildside, the wild wild west days of tape trading, Slobby's World, the legacies of Johnny Bananas and "Sick" Nick Mondo, and more

With contributions from Scott Cobra Clutch, Wayne McCarty, Scott T. Holland, Ed Blair, and Nathan G. O'Brien

40 pages, half-size, cut 'n' paste, photocopied in black & white


Robert, who usually does The Atomic Elbow, did the new issue of Soda Killers Magazine. You can pick that up here.

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