Soda Killers Magazine #25 OUT NOW~!

Featuring reader mail, the ultimate oddball holiday mixtape, nostalgia and human connections through music, hip-hop: the gateway to a life of crime, Cop Rap Now! part two: rap tapes & CDs, and the Breakfast Nook part three: bootleg jazz tapes. Plus: revisiting old haunts, remembering when "college rock" became "alternative" and how metalheads reacted, playing fantasy basketball with straightedge kids, reviews of punk, metal, hip-hop, and noise tapes, vinyl, and CD-Rs, and more!

With written contributions from Jesse Mack, Eryn Hiscock, Clell Miller, Lars the Heathen, and Nathan G. O'Brien

28 pgs, half-size, cut 'n' paste, photocopied in black & white on colored paper. Comes w/stickers


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