Relatin' Dudes To Jazz #5: If You've Got the Money We Have the Time

Like sands through the hourglass so are the subcultures of our lives. Robert Newsome is the editor and publisher of The Atomic Elbow. Nathan G. O’Brien is the editor and publisher of Soda Killers Magazine. Together they are Relatin’ Dudes To Jazz.

On this episode:
We return from a lengthy hiatus to play catch up on the big zine editorial switcheroo of 2019, answer some listener emails, and talk about Lefty Frizzell's "If You've Got the Money I've Got the Time".  Other topics include: Does Pearl Jam deserve a critical reevaluation? How about late-'90s/early-'00s alternative radio? Being at a crossroads with wrestling fandom, kids wearing cowboy hats to school, remembering when every high school talent show in America was won by someone doing Garth Brooks, regional allegiances to bands, publishing online vs. creating paper waste, removing glam metal from heavy metal consideration, and more. Then we drop in on the Skate Report to see where we're at with our favorite midlife crisis activity.

Songs played on this episode are: Lefty Frizzell "If You've Got the Money I've Got the Time", a Motley Crue medley, a Garth Brooks/Billy Ray Cyrus/Georgia Satellites/ACDC medley, and Lefty Frizell "If You Can Spare the Time (I Won't Miss the Money)".


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