HDD Radio #120: Punk, Metal, Rap

HotDogDayz Radio is back with an hour of punk, metal, and rap. Play loud.

The Skoptzies – Dead Meat
Bene Gesserit – Funny Toy
Pisse – CO2 Bilanz
Foc – Impossibles Sentiments
Skate Death – My Parents are Disappointed
Skate Death – Better Not Snake Me
Eskupitajo – Anti Poder
Fyzical – Why Not Now?
C-4 – O-Zone
Laffing Gas – Same Cycle
Nihil Invocation – The Agony that Rots Beyond
Human Agony – Master’s Abhorrent Bleats
Undeath – Unadorned Coffin
Feretory – Ground into Pulp
Head Eruption – Red Brigade
IAMPAUL – Monday Evening
108 – Black Plague
Jazzsoon – ’84 Doctor K Home Side (excerpt)
Nems – Heavy Metal
Defame – Every Different Way of Killing
Heltah Skeltah – Understand
Shadez of Brooklyn – Wanted Men
Ghetto Concept – E-Z on the Motion
J-Live – The Best Part
The Leonard Simpson Duo – Breaking Bad


1 comment:

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