HDD Radio #127: Punk/HC, Booty BPMs, Cold/Dark Wave, and More

Scram, ugly!

Bad Brains – Make a Joyful Noise
Thee Headcoates – She’s Got a Strange Attractor
Thee Mighty Caesars – I Can’t Find Pleasure
Thee Headcoatees – Headcoat Girl
Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians of The British Empire – He’s Making a Tape
Wild Billy Childish with Armitage Shanks – Shirts Off
Deafkids - Camisa de Força (Inferno ou Sem Saída?)
The Soft Pink Truth – Protest and Survive (Discharge)
Club Cab – Part 2
Criminal Practice – Let Me See You Bastard
NRRRV – The Gaze
Leeches – Don’t Want It
Murder Disco X – Pro-Life Nazi Scum
Reptiloids - Белый Фосфор.Черный Тюльпан
Busted Outlook – Life Void
Buggy – Blood Currency
Android – Evolution Letdown
Spräckta – Last Dog Alive
Nosferatu – Under the Sun
Ovens – Puke in the Sink
Ovens – Inside Your Head
Tony Molina – I’m Not Down


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