HDD Radio #138: Pretty in Stink

 Happy New Year? You tell me.

Too Short – Ain’t Nothin’ but a Word to Me (feat Ice Cube) 
IAMPAUL – Blind Individuals 
Bacon Grease – I Want to Live in a Peaceful World 
Chiaroscuro – Encore et Toujours 
Helter Skater – You Rolled Fakie Out of Love 
Skateboard – 7 
Positive Abuse – Force Fed 
Mind Block – Grinding the Surface 
Syndrome 81 – Tu Ne Me Dois Rien 
Tchernobyl – Vengeance 
Années Zéro – Revanche 
Public Acid – Spoiled by Hate 
Nuclear Spring – Death Sentence 
Nekra – Groomer 
The Soft Pink Truth – Police Bastard (Doom) 
Malandro – Creciendo en la Frontera 
Hush – Vituperative Violence 
Scalp – Domestic Extremity 
Abysmalist – Chain Ripper 
Unurnment – Autogenous Punishment 
Greying – The Rest of History 


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