Soda Killers Magazine #30 OUT NOW~!

Your favorite DIY magazine is back to kick off Summer 2022 with our 30th issue! 


The Normie's Guide to Death Metal, Vol.1
Mike Dikk makes his Soda Killers debut, taking on the impossible task of auditing the Corpsegrinder era of Cannibal Corpse and making sense of it

Clell's Comix Kook Sesh
Clell Miller returns with a survey of recent Bat-Fam titles, flexing unique insight and penned in his inimitable style

Turn On, Tune In, and Sell Out
Hardcore Jherri is back with a new perspective and table-turning approach to junkin' in another installment of the "Junkin' With Jherri" saga

Editor/publisher Nathan G. O'Brien profiles the various creatures you'll find lurking behind the cash registers at suburban comicbook stores

And, and, and...
A short comic by Carl Alessi, record reviews, and the resurrection of Nathan's jazz column "The Breakfast Nook"

36 pages, half-size, cut 'n' paste, photocopied in black & white

RIYL: punk, hardcore, rap, metal, jazz, graffiti, bikes, college radio, records, zines, and more

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