Fall Art Crawl @ B.A.G. Oct. 8-10

Hipsters of Size/Sports Sunday Ma$h-Up

Mpls, MN, 9/19/10

Last night JT, Fallon & The Roots gave me a boner

Besides the New York Shitty song at the end, this is the best thing I've ever seen in my life. Also, Timberlake man-crush is officially back on!



Hibbing, MN, June 2010

the feather and the hoof

Minneapolis, MN, Fall 2010

Bemidji, MN, Summer 2010


Blew Monday: Gun$

Rooster, Dundas, MN, fall, mid 00s

$hit gets wacky

Nashwauk, MN, July, 2010

Coming soon: MPLS BIKE HATE~BNB's Rules For Biking in the Mpls

The Lay$ of the Lands

Nashwauk, MN, July, 2010


Casual Fridays: Let 'Er Rip

Northfield, MN, mid 00s


Hibbing, MN, July, 2010


Those Legendary Shack Shakers

400 Bar, Mpls, MN early-mid '00s

Photo Creeper$

Sometimes when you look back at pictures you've taken, you're smacked right in the face with a giant boner of harsh reality. That reality being that at one time not only were you a dick, but you were a super creepy dick. These two pics are from my take-pictures-of-women-eating-phallic-shaped-foods phase. Who knows what I was thinking; I was on some Larry Clarke shit or something.

I remember around this period sitting at table with this hot German girl from a nearby language camp at a party in Bemidji, MN, and she was all impressed with me because she thought I was an artist or whatever. That was until she asked me what I'd been working on lately.  "Ahhh, well, uhm, yeah, well ah, lately I've been inconspicuously taking photos of girls eating hotdogs and stuff." Yeah, she was not so impressed anymore.  Seeing as how the likelihood of having sex with her had dissipated, I decided to continue, "I think it's kind of, like, humorous.  I mean, to me, one of the funniest things you can do is to take a photo of a women fellating a ice cream cone when she least expects it."  I may as well have told her I was a Jew because I could see her repressed Nazi blood was now boiling. "I mean, that's true art, right?!" Well, she really let me have it, calling me (among other things that were said in German) a disgusting pig.  She shoved the table away from herself and tried to pour her beer on me but thankfully one of her friends stopped her.  At the time I couldn't understand why she got so upset.  I chalked it up to Nazis not having a sense of humor.

Anyway, being a little older now and looking back, I realize what a creeper move it was to take some of those pics.  For me it was honestly just about low-brow humor.  It wasn't like I derived any sexual pleasure from it.  I wasn't getting off for G's sake!  But I can see where ole Eva Braun was coming from that night in Bemidji.  The idea is pretty gross.  It's just too bad she didn't stick around long enough for me to explain to her that I ALWAYS GOT WRITTEN CONSENT.  Even though, technically, I didn't have to.


Tra$hy, Ya'll

Recent found items:

@39 St & Nokomis Ave, Mpls, MN

@Roosevelt High School, Mpls, MN

PS-Spoke cards are lame. Tattoos and strippers on the deck are awesome.

Blew Monday (Tuesday): Know$ How To Party

Mission Beach/Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA, 1999.